Relevo: Chukwueze to Milan 99% done as Villarreal succumb to pressure – the figures

By Oliver Fisher -

It has been a busy Friday for AC Milan, who are now close to securing the signing of Samuel Chukwueze after agreeing a deal for Noah Okafor.

According to the latest from, Milan are closing in on a deal for Chukwueze with Okafor on the way in. Given the winger’s deal expires in June 2024, Chukwueze’s sale seems like the best option for the three parties involved.

Milan and Villarreal have become considerably closer in the last few hours in terms of offer and valuation. The Rossoneri management – who have had Chukwueze’s approval for weeks – seem to have reached an almost complete agreement with the Spanish club.

The amount they would pay is around €25-28m, bonuses included. Villarreal are aware of the player’s will and the need to sell to prevent his departure on a free transfer next year, and as a result they seem inclined to accept.

Milan’s aim is to get the deal over the line as quickly as possible and given Stefano Pioli a winger that he personally asked for, with the deal now ‘99% closed’ as per the report.

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  1. My fellow fans say he’s good af. I’m not convinced but I’m sure he’s an improvement over what we had so far.
    Now they gotta sell so milan has some cash ready for winter needs

    1. You aren’t convinced of anything so why even comment? 13 goals + 5 assists in a team that doesn’t score much and is more defensive.

      1. It’s normal though, I personally also don’t watch La Liga except el clasico.

        I think he will be good for us, certainly upgrade from what we currently have. But need to sell some players like Rebic, Messias, Ballo Toure, and Origi. To free some fund for some emergency use.

        1. Bbrapa kali nonton Villareal. Madrid kalah kandang sm Villareal, n Chuky ngegol di game itu. Chuky emng bagus mnurut sy. Kalo dibandiangkan dgn Messias/Salamaeker, msih 2 kali diatas mreka overall skill-nya. So…upgrade yg berharga utk Milan.

          1. Oke bang, makasih infonya.

            Dari beberapa orang juga bilang Chukwueze bagus. Dari highlight YT juga bagus.

            Kalau betul bagus dan kebeli, musim depan optimis bisa bersaing buat Scudetto sampai akhir musim.

      2. I don’t watch villareal. I can tell you that much..
        What is football anyway? It can barely keep my attention for 90 minutes of a Milan match.
        Anything else? Miss me with that.
        10 years ago i could watch football from dusk till dawn. It’s not 10 years ago

    2. So, you hope milan could buy player like haaland or mbappe? Open ur eyes, no one star player even to think join to milan or serie a except old player or epl outcasts. Wake up dude, we are not epl or madrid or barca. Scouting player more make sense for club like milan. Or you hope crazy rich from saudi overtakes us from cardinale

  2. Still think that he’s on the expensive side on our signings so far. But still within the current Milan’s transfer frame. Looks like we focus on players who got a year left in their contract this window. Proved to be a good strategy so far. All w well balanced as there are no outliers in transfer numbers.

  3. Well he will be our CDK this window, the most expensive player. The closest would be Reijnders.

    Hopefully he will give us more end product though, Imo 15 G/A for his first season is a good season.

    And any more addition likely won’t reach 20m, and that’s fine for me. The team has good depth right now. If we can get new Italian LB after we offload Ballo Toure it would be ideal.

  4. Yeah the signings have been decent, some I like better than others but hopefully they all do well. Really thought Villareal would cave down to 20mn … I mean the guys contract expires in a year.

    Agreed with all the comments here on the forum, gotta offload the deadwood. Origi / Rebic / Messias etc, even CDK on loan.

    But the okafor+chukwueze are promising acquisitions.

  5. Even though im still not too happy about losing tonali Im starting to become rather positive about this mercato if we actually can get both chukwuenze and okafor on top of those players already aquirred. This is starting to look like a team that can easily contend for the scudetto and a good run in cl and the coppa italia, at least if the team gels fast enough for the rough start of the season fixture its starts to look quite impressive and promising from my point of view.

    1. Hopefully so.

      The team looks good enough on paper and I’m optimistic we can get good result next season.

      But we need to get the new players gels in the team, integrating more than 5 players in a single transfer window is never easy. Just look at us 2018 season and Chelsea recently. Now Pioli already get players he wanted, what he cook with those is crucial.

      Forza Milan.

      1. We for the most part kept our base of the team, besides from Tonali leaving. It isn’t like we replaced the entire team. And many of the new signings are clear upgrades, and some are just class like Pulisic.

        1. Um, if we go to new season like this in 4-3-3 we will likely use Pulisic, Reijnders and RLC. That’s half of the midfield-attack, not counting if we get Chukwueze and Okafor, and using 4-2-3-1 we will (potentially) use 5 new players in attack :

          RLC – Reijnders
          Chukwueze – Pulisic – Leao

          They really need to gel fast man 😂

      2. Same here but you are absolutely right that buying a bunch of new players isnt necessarily always good thats also why i tend to believe in keeping core players as players simply understand eachother better after a while as its down to small margins that might decide whether they move or pass at the right time and that can take time to happen.
        Either way im also starting to be rather optimistic and excited about the upcoming season.

  6. This signing screams more 4-2-3-1 than 4-3-3


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