Sky: Why Renato Sanches chose PSG over Milan; Ziyech track remains alive

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have suffered another setback in their pursuit of a main target but they remain hopeful of signing a forward, a report claims.

Gianluca Di Marzio spoke last night during his Sky segment Calciomercato L’originale (via MilanNews) and he gave a brief update on Milan’s mercato, beginning with the situation surrounding Renato Sanches.

He claims that the Portuguese midfielder ‘waited for Milan’, but then PSG joined the race to sign him and they had a significant card to play in their favour. Their new sporting director Luis Campos is the man who brought him to Lille from Bayern Munich, and in the end Sanches preferred to go to his old mentor.

With him now heading for the French capital Milan will miss out on a concrete target, but they will now concentrate above all on defensive department and will continue to try and get a deal done for Hakim Ziyech.

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  1. I don’t know much about Botman, but for me, dis Sanches disappointment is heart-break. How long did they want Lille to keep waiting. Serious clubs don’t wait till the end of the transfer window to start scrambling for players. Poor, poor, management. Shame on Elliott n RedBird. Obviously, Maldini n Massara have no say

  2. Why everytime we will be scout for players at the long run nothing good is coming out of it. Waiting waiting till all players will go to another club this is totally rubbish. Poor management this erra of redbird or whatever u call it.

  3. Elliott were poor throughout their time at Milan and the made sure they sold to an owner who wants to make money with brand with little or no regards to the sporting area. They choose an owner that would dance to their tune and allow them keep some stake at the club.

    1. agree, Elliott Management is a U.S. hedge fund company and there goal is/was to make money for their investors, “buy low, sell high” have little regard for the fan base/soccer as does Redbird. Goal is to make money with the littlest risk and investment.

  4. I don’t think missing out on Sanches is the issue here, there’s a wider one and many of you guys have touched on it. Are Maldini and Massara refusing to renew because the budget has been taken away? We have Pobega, Adli, Bennacer and Tonali for the midfield, Sanches would have been nice but thee are still many questions around him. Bayern don’t often get things wrong.

    Traore from Sassuolo would be a better move than Sanches for me. He knows the league and is a powerful skilful player and can get goals.

    PSG seem to be finalising Scamacca too, does Leonardo hold that much of a grudge that he just wants to sign all out targets….

    It’s time to box clever, Traore for the midfield and CDK should be the priorities, and then I’d personally go for Zaniolo (controversial I know, I think he could be great) on a 2 year loan with a buyout option, you could put Ziyech in there instead of you wish. I don’t think we’ll get Asensio, Arsenal and Liverpool have shown interest and it’ll be another Botman scenario, we can’t compete with them.

    For the striker role the one that screams out to me is Icardi. With Mbappe, Neymar, Messi and perhaps Scamacca, Icardi needs to move on. We know he loves Milan….another loan to buy option perhaps.

        1. Could be. He seems to have had the intention to ruin Milan for some reason. But what can you expect from a guy who joins Inter right after retiring from Milan…

  5. I keep maintaining that this current owners are nothing but the devil himself who have come to kill still and destroy if not it must have been that they are clueless and know nothing about running a football club,how can the same people who promised to drop$300m euros for the fortification of the club before the acquisition and soon after that they quickly dropped a psaltery$40m euros, are they Yahoo Yahoo owners?

    1. No one promised any money for the transfer kitty. This was all made up. Only the media said we were linked with Botman and Sanches. There was no word from Milan except that Maldini said they’re looking at targets OTHER THAN Botman which should give u a clue despite the media forcing the story upon us so we get mad when the deals do t go through

  6. Yes, very good question. Without knowing all the details which none of us can, this seems to be the reason Maldini and Massara haven’t renewed. I would assume they are already licking their lips at Leaos potential sale value…. lol he reason I preferred Investcorp over Redbird is not the assumption that they’d throw money at the club, but history tells us Arab owners are more passionate about winning football matches, whereas American owners it’s more business orientated

    1. I agree – Arab Owners are passionate about their sport. American owners only appear to be passionate about their own sports.
      The worry is not so much failing to acquire targets, it is holding onto our gems, Leao, Theo etc.
      No wonder Maldini is wavering… His team have achieved despite Elliot, not because of. They can’t take any credit for the Scudetto..

      1. You also strengthen from a position of strength, especially in sport. Remember when we won’t the scudetto in 92 unbeaten so added Papin, Lentini, Savicevic and Boban….

        This doesn’t involve massive money to live Milan on, it involves clever scouting, which Maldini and Massara have done. Leao, Tonali, Tomori, Theo, Mike…were all plucked out of the ether to a degree, and all have performed way beyond their old teams expectations. This is where Liverpool excel. Anyone can sign Nunez, VVD or Alisson, they’re the best in their field, the clever moves are the Robertsons, Henderson’s, Milners and even Salah.

        I don’t believe Maldini and Massara would have spent 6 months into Sanches and Botman if Elliot hadn’t committed a transfer budget to them. Now somewhere since January and the takeover, something has gone awry.

        I’d sooner keep Romagnoli than spend on another CB, I think there’s a good player in there. With Kjaer, Romagnoli, Kalulu and Tomori I think we are set. If anything I’d try and get Viti from Empoli

        Midfield striker think Hamed Traore would be great.

        CDK would be a great signing for the attack. I’m not overly keen on Ziyech, he’s the wrong age for me and hasn’t proved enough to just come in and hit the ground running like a Dybala would. if somehow we could sign CDK, and then get Zaniolo on a 2 year loan with option, to assess just how good he is which is great in principle, the two years gives us scope to assess. Then Dybala would be awesome. He’s 28, knows the league, knows the champions league, he can play no10 or striker giving us options.

        In theory we would only be signing Traore and CDK this summer, which could be offset against sales.

    2. you hit the nail on the head, American owners know nothing about football/soccer, if they were passionate about it there are plenty of teams in the U.S. they could buy. It is all about making a profit for their investors, Elliot Management got lucky as hell buying A.C. and then to their surprise won the Scudetto. They still think the Scudetto is some kind of Italian shoe. And Redbird is no different.

    3. So let’s see….American owners clubs were in 2 out of the three European finals this season. Arab owners….zero. Not passionate about winning? What basis is this? Don’t get it twisted, they throw money at clubs so that they can win. Show me an Arab club that’s on a budget and winning at the same time

  7. I literally said on this very website some time back that all these articles about Botman and Sanchez were by and large garbage to make up numbers for clicks and views. None of them represented reality and in the end I couldnt wait for when the articles of them going to another club would come out….and it did. So ridiculous

    Esp Botman. Clearly the only interview that mattered was from the source ie Maldini who said there are other targets, yet they persisted with churning them out, day after day.

  8. Can someone please help me as I hear 20 different stories.

    Most importantly the biggest signing or ext is Maldini and Massara. Did they actually sign their extensions.

    Secondly I cannot blame Elliot. They are acting as they should based on the nature of their business.

    This is why Berlusconi, one guy, with resources, who has a passion and fire for winning needs to be the owner.

    To put transfer window in perspective.

    I want volunteers, not hostages. Players have to want to play here. Plus I like brining in players that want to prove themselves.

    Yes you need your core and talent. We’ll be ok.

    I have faith in Maldini.

    Sanches………we will see you in UCL and we won’t forget.

  9. Just sign warren bondo free transfer and move on to other target such as CDK and ziyech. Let this renato go to psg and end this drama. Warren bondo enough as our DMF for kessie replacement

  10. most of these links to players are all speculation and regurgitated daily. Just because we are expoloring options and dont land a player, doesnt mean it was the fault of ownership or management.
    Elliot did a fantastic job…took us from money troubles and mid table to financially sound and a scudetto win.
    We are not PSG, that simply spends money and poaches the “top names” from other teams.

    Now if Maldini doesnt sign, then we have issues. I have faith that he wont sign on, unless the conditions to successful are present.

    1. I agree with you on Elliot, they have saved the club financially.however now is the time to push on, Elliot invested cleverly in the likes of Tomori, Tonali, Leao…nobody realistically expects PsG spending, it’s abhorrent and shows a lack of management and ability.
      Yes Maldini is the pivot here….

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