Report: Kessie agrees €6m-a-year contract at Barcelona but agent wants hefty commission

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie is expected to leave AC Milan at the end of the season as his contract will expire. There is no renewal on the horizon and he has accepted an offer from Barcelona, a report claims. 

The midfielder has been an important player for Milan since he arrived from Atalanta but despite months of negotiations, common ground wasn’t found. In fact, talks are no longer ongoing as the Rossoneri’s stance is so clear.

According to the journalist Rudy Galetti, Kessie has accepted a contract offer from Barcelona worth €6m plus bonuses. It isn’t far away from Milan’s offer, it should be noted, but the main difference is the commission of the agent.

Milan are obviously very strict with the wages and they certainly have little room for a commission. Kessie’s agent, George Atangana, is asking for a very high commission from Barcelona and talks are ongoing on that front, per the journalist.

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  1. We all knew it had nothing to do with the wage for the player…it’s always the greedy agents. FIFA needs to make rules limiting their fees

    1. It is not like he locked Kessie up and he doesn’t have a say in it. He would move clubs only because his agent said he wants a fee?

      1. The bigger the fee the agent gets the less Kessie has to pay thus effectively a pay raise. Either way I’m supportive of Milan sticking to their guns. Hopefully Kessie can leave having helped Milan bag their first trophy in a decade.

    2. pretfty sure that i read that fifa recently decided to put a 10% cap or sometjing on agent fees that will become effective in the next couple of years,

  2. Whoever wants to go should go, No player or agent is bigger than milan and moreover in the history of football Barcelona is not better than Milan
    We want people who loves us
    Forza milan
    Fan Since 1982

  3. Don’t understand why the clubs have to pay the agents. It is the player matters, so the player need to pay him. It make sense.

    1. Indeed. The players pay the salary of the agents as the agents SHOULD work for them. The agents don’t work for the clubs so why on Earth should the clubs be paying the agents anything?!

  4. In North America agents get a % of the deal the player signs, and that is something that is agreed by player and agent when the player signs with the agency. That seems like a much better arrangement than this, where agent commissions are negotiated separately.

  5. Football is growing, and AC Milan know about it before now, if AC Milan had the money to pay they will pay na, is because we didn’t have that kind of money at hand, AC Milan should just let saelamakers and massias jur go.

    1. No they won’t. Football is at a level where they have to talk about salary cap and limiting agent fees, not increase paying millions. Player can pay you if you agree a good deal for him, club shouldn’t give a cent to the agents and it needs to become the football law.

  6. the reason is simple
    the agent has on 3 people under him
    and kessie is the only one valuable

    once in a lifetime for him KEK

  7. AC Milan offer5 years contract 5m in first year continue 5,5m in second year,third year 6m,last 6,5m euro in fourth and fifth year. Barca offer 6,5m euro for 4 years nett (6m + bonus 500k euro) . It is not big different if count only Wage but kessie and his agent asking 20m euro commission and that worth kessie salary 3 season . AC Milan of course refuse to give commission /signing fee for kessie

    1. That’s why agents want their clients to change clubs. No one in their right mind would give an agent big money just for the player to stay at the club. If he goes to another team that can interpret that as some kind of “transfer fee”. That’s why there is essentially no “free transfer” – at least for big time players.

  8. He accepted 6 million when Milan offered him 6.5? 🤦‍♂️

    Watch Cashie rotting in the bench or played like shit just like Dollaruma.

  9. Why am I not surprised, it all started with Mino and the rest agent learned quickly, Milan should let him go, Thus make a statement that no agent or player will hold them for ransom !!!

  10. Good riddance i say, and it would be hilarious if Farca failed to get into the top 4 and they will suffered more financially

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