Report: Milan unwilling to go beyond €30m plus bonuses for Brugge star

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere has been heavily linked with a move to AC Milan in the last few weeks. However, the operation has turned out to be quite complicated for the Rossoneri, unwilling to offer very high figures. 

Just this morning, Corriere Dello Sport (read here) reported that De Ketelaere is one of three players that Milan have in mind for the attacking trio. Whether he arrives or not, though, is a different question depending on many things.

According to the Belgian journalist Alexandre Braeckman, Milan have followed the player for a very long time and the scouting reports are all excellent. However, they are unwilling to go beyond €30m plus bonuses and an official offer is yet to be made.

Club Brugge want to get as close to €40m as possible and they are aware that this might happen, given the interest of Leeds as well as Leicester. Milan, therefore, might see another target move elsewhere this summer after Sven Botman.

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  1. Change to text to

    Cardinale not willing to pay 30M for De Ketelare”

    Total joke that we can’t even pay 30M for one of the biggest talents and we can surely sell for 60M in 2 years. Cardinale is a joke and if we keep him and act like this 3th place will be the best behind Inter and Juve

    1. Agree, this clown clearly doesn’t understand the the business of football. I think the balance is already back with inter.

    2. So you know for a fact that it is Cardinale himself who has set the limit on CDK’s price, eh? 🙂

      People are so eager to play the blame game nowadays.

  2. I’m not sure who’s running the transfer policy right now. But there’s one fact you can’t escape. And that is that the owners of Milan have some strange system of player value. “We want that player but we think he’s worth what we can pay” ! Unfortunately in the football market that’s not how things work, because there are a lot of other clubs who think differently !

    1. You can actually work like that, but those kinds of deals can’t be made late. You have to operate outside the transfer windows and sign agreements while there isn’t 5 clubs interested. If we made some offers and secured the transfers early maybe we could get players for less. I think that was the idea behind Botman and Sanchez but then we got even better owners, after a vulture fund that breathes money, not football, we got someone that doesn’t understand basics of football transfers and wages and is trying to implement the big fail called “moneyball” and US style salary caps. Just great.

  3. Ugh. Queue a 40 million bid from Newcastle/PSG or some other irrelevant club that will beat Milan to another talented player. AGAIN.

  4. Yeah, we won’t spend the right amount on anyone so don’t expect any really good signings this season. If someone is rejected at the club or has an expiring contract, that is what Milan can get with this kind of transfer policy. You can buy unknows players for amounts you make, a top talent like this is something that a club like Brugge doesn’t have every season so why would they take 10M less?

  5. You guys do not understand yet this new owner Redshit policy. Keep Milan for 3-4 years and sell it for 2.5-3 billion. He does not care for Milan or fans,only his pocket.

  6. 30 mil + bonuses is the right offer for him.
    He comes out of the Belgium league, which no offense, is not high quality league . He hasn’t proven much. He isn’t a guarantee,
    he is just a promising player.
    Every player has a value and this is the number Milan values him at.
    Take it or leave it , or good luck to him at Leeds. Not another Big club is actually interested in him. Is just low level premier league teams who have to overbid and overspend to attract players

    1. You know why? Because PSG or City can afford him to go to Leeds and spend 100M in 2 seasons when they see if he is world class. Milan can’t. This is the difference why top clubs don’t buy talents for first team, they have money and buy top players, not top talents. Milan can’t.

    2. The problem is, both of these clubs, Leeds and Leicester, can bid £30m plus easily. The last placed prem team gets more TV money than the Serie A winner. We can’t compete in a straight bidding war, not forgetting they will offer him 50% more wages.

      1. Yes, that is why we had to secure the signing a month ago, but we have Redbird and Cardinale who knows nothing about real football. They think the way they got Toulouse from Ligue 2 to Ligue 1 will work in fighting for the title in league and CL.

  7. Either way , you can’t go into a pissing contest with EPL clubs and go over your actual valuation just so you can sign a player. That’s how you end up in financial trouble.
    He is a talented player with a lot of promise but is he worth 40 mil , that would BTW be Milan highest transfer ever

    1. Yes you can, there is Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern that can compete easily with even City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea so the biggest and richest ones. If you don’t think Milan should be there I don’t consider you a real fan. Milan belongs there, not like you guys expect it to be on pair with Atalanta and Fulham because something is “sustainable”. We’ll see how many titles that wins for us, I hope but don’t expect anything really good and especially in the CL. You have Bayern as a good example, they don’t spend a 100M on a single player, but they have a top team every year. They find expiring contracts and deals more interesting, but they buy world class players, not children.

      1. Milan belongs with those clubs based on historical achievements and name but in todays football Milan is not on the level of the EPL clubs, Bayern, Psg, RMadrid, Barcelona Atletico, Juventus.
        Milan revenues are nowhere near those clubs. Not how much money the owner has but how much money the club makes from tickets, merchandise, TV rights , sponsorship, etc. Clubs are business today, not owners hobbies,
        Take the Puma deal for example, Milan just double the amount they’ll be getting, went from 15 to 30 mil a year. Arsenal, a club that hasn’t won anything of importance for decades gets 70 mil a year from Adidas.
        The last 15 years as bad Milan was run on the field , the club was even run in a worse way as a business.
        Milan has a lot of catching up to do before they can compete with the big dogs in European football. 1 scudetto doesn’t change that fact.
        I don’t like it but that is the truth.

        1. Very well put Vardar.
          People think just because Leeds is a “lower level” team in their home league that we should be (or that we can be) outspending them. ALL 20 PREMIER LEAGUE TEAMS HAVE WAY MORE MONEY than Milan.
          It’s a fact.
          If Milan threw money around like PSG or PL teams like most of these kids posting on this website would want them to have, we’d be broke and finishing mid-table in Serie A again every year and have another terrible 10 years.

      2. Enough said bro,
        Just don’t waste your energy trying to educate people who are contempted with mediocrity after winning the league.

      3. @crorosonero

        You are right, Milan will always be Milan, even Uefa is filled up with our legends and many other fifa offices are filled up with Milan legends, Ac Milan is Ac Milan and will always be on par with other heavy weight.

        The problem is not 100% Milan, it also an Italy problem, football in Italy have suffered for a decade and it is mostly down to politics than it is down to sport. Italy is highly old fashion and really do not seem willing to move with trends.

        Fashion industry in Milan can not be compared to Fashion industry in England or anywhere in the world but sport have suffered which I know that with little time, things will be gotten to its place because alot of icons have started questioning and are trying to improve it.

        Ac Milan can never be Leicester or Fulham or Atalanta…..this is far more than money!!!!

  8. Milan is not ready to invest on high profile players to bolster the squad whiles Inter Milan and Juventus are back to business. We were fortunate to get Divock Origi for free other than we could be scared with the transfer fee. That Redbird Capital owners might be dealers in citrus or Apple and not football because they dont understand the game.

    Renato Sanchez is gone, Sven Botman is off and they just want to buy those inexperienced and cheap Italians that cannot stand the ways of Man City, Real Madrid etc.

    Milan’s culture had always been players who are from Brazil Cafu, Dida, Serginho, Ronaldinho, Pato etc, Netherlands such as Clarence Seedorf, Marco Van Basten, Guilit etc, other strong Italians such as the legendary Maldini, Nesta, Gattuso, Portuguese players like Rui Costa and so on and so forth but today what do we see? Im Afriyie Kwaku Boachie from Ghana, you could join our Milan WhatsApp chat by messaging me on WhatsApp on +233248637248. Thank you

  9. Can’t buy players
    Can’t sell players
    Waiting for free outcast with 4 M wages max or “ young talents” from out of nowhere.
    Meanwhile we’ll be facing City, Liverpool, PSG,Madrid, Barca, Munich next season.

    Thought it would be different being Serie A champion and bought over by new owner,
    but same shit different owner

  10. This transfer of a thing has become a problem to this honorable club call Ac milan, having problem with poor investors who cannot spend money on the club why club like inter milan, juventus,man city,real madrid,PSG,bayern m,chelsea, are spending money to rebuild they own team for new season our own owner who pretend to be a good fake busines man from America who knows nothing about football is distroyin milan for us.give us good players with creativity in they body not lazy players that will play 20mins and gas out on pitch.Redbird or redchair bring out d money n spend fr Milan

  11. Sad state of affairs, having to watch Milan being trumped by Mid tier EPL teams for mid tier players. Why a free agent like Dybala doesn’t even get a toe in is beyond me. Not that we should sign him, just making a point because that is the caliber players ( if fit enough) we should be squabbling over. Difficult to accept that even after winning the Scudetto does not bring us the allure to attract half decent players.

  12. I would go in for Zaniolo on a Loan to buy. I know many don’t rate him but I think there’s a player in there. There doesn’t seem to be competition, Roma need him gone, and this way we get 1 or 2 years to assess him. Spend what we have (no idea why that is) but if its 45m then we are in the realms of a good young midfielder like Hamed Traore. If somehow we could cobble together Zaniolo on Loan, Hamed Traore and Dybala I think that’s a good Mercato. That doesn’t factor in player sales.

    Another pending issue is that nobody seems to know what Origi actually is..

    I don’t think we are realistically in the running for CDK, remember Julian Alvarez, he was strongly linked to us then City came along, got it done and sent him back on loan 🙄

  13. He is indeed a real star player prospect, but you never know what might happen… I believe that something around 35M would be a good offer… an offer that Club Brugge would eventually accept with some ease, indeed. Well, we’ll see, now w/ Maldini & Massara fully engaged again on the proceedings.

    In any case, I remain hopeful: no one believed in us last season, many even said that maybe Milan wouldn’t even qualify for the CL, and yet we were champions in a brilliant way.

    In other words: keep the faith, men. Things will sort it out in a good way.

    1. and once in 11 years we became a serie-a champions, also the last time we won champions league was 15 years ago?
      oh, i’m calm

      1. You think any team is entitled to the CL trophy? This is proof you belong as a fan of Madrid or maybe Man City or PSG. Barcelona spent 140m for Coutinho, how’d that go? How many CL trophies does PSG have after laying out 222m for Neymar and 145m for Mbappe? It takes time and patience and a lot of luck to become champions of any sport. You simply do not throw money away to buy them. This team was built with wit and guile and thanks be to the directors who made such smart deals…bringing a trophy and staying the right side of FFP. If you want instant gratification go play FIFA. And by the way I’ve been watching Milan since I am 12 years old in 1997. I saw good times and bad. Be patient and support the club or else be off.

  14. Not willing to pay high wage
    Not willing to pay high transfer fee
    Not willing to pay high agent fee
    Not willing to pay high for directors
    But want to win every match. Hate losing.
    Want to buy world class players and complete skillful players.

  15. 30 Million plus bonuses is quite fair for CDK as much as I would love him wearing the Milan shirt, and specially considering our rumored budget and the financial situation of clubs in Italy. If we were to sign CDK for 40M it would become by far the most expensive transfer in the history of Jupiler League, way above Jonathan David to Lille. Both David and Yaremchuk were transferred to Lille and Benfica respectively for way less than 40M and had better stats than CDK, particularly in terms of goals. David is quite young and promising too. Yaremchuk only scored 6 goals with Benfica this season after having scored 20 in the Jupiler League. Wesley to Aston Villa is one of the most expensive transfers in the history of Jupiler League and how did that turn out?? Deniz Undav is 25 years old and had much better stats playing for a much smaller team than Brugge and was sold to Brighton for about 8M. I understand the kid is a great player and a fantastic prospect but as a serious club, serious I mean about the financial stability and future of the club, we can’t just pay Belgian teams whatever price they ask for their players without thinking. I’m guessing they slap a 40M label on him because they know premier league teams are after him and they can pay that. But we cannot pay premier league prices being in Serie A, can we?? Cause we’re gonna end up like we did with the Chinese property a lot of people here seem to dearly miss. Juventus can pay higher salaries because the Agnellis can carelessly inject cash from other businesses into the team, and even so, to fund the Vlahovic signing they did have to sell Kulusevski and Betancourt. Their top signings are all coming on a free, like Pogba and Di Maria. Inter got Lukaku on a loan, but there is no team in Seria A that will pay 40M for a player like CDK right now without selling a top player first, because that’s the reality of the league, so why would we?? We have a model that’s financially sustainable and has been working like a charm for a team that was on the verge on bankruptcy not long ago, if the model is working, and it is because Milan is full of players who have doubled and tripled their value after joining the team and we just won an scudetto and qualified to the UCL while Juventus and their big salaries have struggled the past couple years, why change it. If we hadn’t had good results this past season it might be a good time to consider making changes to the model, but it’s not the case. We do need to be able to pay higher salaries to our best players in order to keep them, for example, I think that’s very important right now but buying a prospect from the Belgian league on a record transfer that would be completely out of the market looking at the price of other transfers in the Jupiler League, some of which were of young players with amazing stats, that would be irresponsible at this point. I think 40M for CDK is a price for premier league teams and just a handful of other teams, and we’ll never get financially closer to those handful of other teams by spending 40M on CDK’s. I believe we’ll get there over time but not like this. The player is amazing but we have to think before acting.

    1. I concur with you bros, most of the people that are talking here I think they are still yet to understand what is happening now in football especially in Italy and Ac Milan. I commend Eliott for their good job under the guidance of Maldini and Massara, they have done very well with their ideas, I think fans need to be very patient at this time because the new owners are yet to takeover club, Eliott are still running the club untill 1st September that when the transaction will be completed.

  16. So many kids on this forum who have 0 understanding of business and finance, and they confuse reality with video games. Milan has a very outdated stadium they don’t even own, and Serie A’s marketing is a million miles behind the EPL and even behind La Liga and Bundesliga. Milan was Berlusconi’s toy for decades and he used it to boost his political career. You can see how the spending went up each time he decided to run for prime minister. He never made it into a sustainable business, then when he was kicked out of politics he sold the club. It will take many years to make Milan a top European club again.

  17. If you unwilling to pay player 30m euro then just sell leao to highest bid 80m euro minimum . With that money buy CDK 35m euro and noa lang 20m euro ,with this you can cover AMF and LW for leao replacement. The rest 25m euro use it to buy diallo to cover CB and LB ,pay junior & florenzi transfer fee ,pay ziyech loan . Dont make it too hard thinking

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