Report: Milan will have option to buy Barcelona defender for €20m and will cover full salary

By Oliver Fisher -

More details are emerging about the deal that should see Sergino Dest join AC Milan on loan from FC Barcelona, according to a report.

Fabrizio Romano broke the news earlier this evening that Milan are in ‘advanced talks’ to sign Sergiño Dest from Barcelona with negotiations very much concrete over what will be a loan with an option to buy and not an obligation.

According to what is being reported by Barcelona reporter Gerard Romero (via AC Milan France), the option to buy figure will be €20m. Not only that, but Milan will cover the full salary of the USA international which is €3.8m net per season.

With the change of ownership having formally taken place today and questions over the future of the internal salary ceiling imposed by Elliott Management, it could well be a sign that RedBird Capital are willing to push the boat out a bit more.

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  1. Surprised Milan would pay 3M a season for someone who is coming in as a back up (may fight as a starter depending on form though)

    1. It’ll be ridiculous to bench a player with that amount of pay check. He might as well be our 3rd highest earner, below Theo and Divock. Hope that he can be stationed at the right wing post. As it’ll be odd to see our captain sitting on the bench as well.

      1. Since you were the only one interested in registration issue 🍿, I’ll post it in your comment.

        I just found out that the article published by Gds which was translated by SempreMilan was a bit incorrect. Four years ago FIGC raise the exemption of Serie A squad registration from U21 to U22.

        It means Dest will also be exempt. Adli and Kalulu are also still U22 so they too are exempt (along with Thiaw, Vranckx, CDK, and Lazetic). Tonali is also U22 but Milan have excess Italian homegrown slot available for him so it does not matter.

        It also means even if Zlatan return early and Bakayoko fail to be removed, they can be registered using the 17 unrestricted slots (including them, Milan have exactly 17 players who are not homegrown or U22)

        By signings 3-4 U22 players this season, Maldini is able to increase the squad size ahead of busy schedule. On the other hand, signing player over 22 years old will require removal of other player in the 17 unrestricted slots which result in no increase.

        Still, my prediction that at least one of the new CB/DM will be either homegrown or U21 ended up correct… 🤣 even if I should have said U22 😅

        The registration will close this midnight, but can be changed for this 4 exceptions:
        1. GK replacement
        2. International players whose registration was delayed due to some issues
        3. Free players (only if there is available existing slot)
        4. Maximum 2 replacement (non-GK)

    1. He is fast ,technically like theo on right side. Can deploy in RB or RW. If use him as RB then we can use lord saladmaker as defensive winger to cover dest position in field if dest marching forward, if we use calabria as RB then dest can be used as RW that make calabria focus on defense

  2. I have a strong feeling that Maldini and Pioli will convert him to RW…

    I am one of those who thought Thiaw will be the last signing after CDK.. well my Maldini gives me wonders again.

  3. I was just going to sayd he might be converted to a rw… He plays either as a lb or a winger. He has the potential especially for serie a. So at least its a decent signature

  4. Bravo M&M – they wanted this player for a long time. Maldini always liked him. Considering this late in the market we were stuck with limited players of who was avail on loan. So all things considered it was a great get on loan w no obligation. He can play RB (maybe even RW) and cover LB as well. 3M is a large salary for our standards lol but like I said beggars can’t be choosers. Wish Salad or Messias went down yesterday instead of Florenzi so we could have gotten a new RW LOL (JK) Little worried all of our mids we signed lack experience and are very young – may hurt us this season for CL – but future is bright it seems.

    1. Wish Milan didn’t resign Florenzi and Messias.
      Milan paid 3 mil for Florenzi transfer plus he makes 3 mil a year in salary till 2025.
      They paid 4.5 mil for Messias .
      Those money could have been used better for someone else

    2. I think Milan is simply doing the best business we can especially from salary point of view. Older players in their prime want a lot of money that we can’t afford to pay so it’s better to sign young players that can grow into stars at the club.
      As for UCL, this year the aim is to make it out of the group.. in Serie A I want to win again but a top 3 finish is ok.

  5. it could well be a sign that RedBird Capital are willing to push the boat out a bit more. good i hope this is not just a lie

  6. He’s a very interesting player. Strangely underrated and underutilized by Barcelona. I hope he can be adapted to the RW, though because that’s where we need him the most.

    1. Barca are very particular tho and sometimes don’t utilise some of their giant talents so hopefully he’ll explode like Theo in that RB position in his case

  7. People here compaining about his salary.. he will get a lot of minutes coz we have many games to play and we must have as deep a squad as possible.
    He is American… So that is a big factor as well given our new ownership.
    He is quick and young and eager to play… Let’s see what he does.
    I wanted us to add a RW but the market is too expensive so I guess we’ll have to wait till January.

    1. One more greedy American, eh? I’ve been told they don’t understand anything about “soccer” and are only in it for the money. 🙂

  8. Hope its not because RedBird Capital wants a USA player for market more there.
    I liked him when he first joined Barcelona but didn’t see him since then that much

  9. Good move; Fast RB/RWB with defensive work to be done (like Theo back then). Florenzis injury is worst than expected? probably.
    We take a player from Barca payroll to help them pay for Kessie salary, its a plus.

  10. That salary wouldn’t have been agreed on without upper management giving it the OK. It’s a lot to show out for a new comer and on that basis I think Red Bird are willing to raise the salary ceiling and thus Leao and Bennacer will get the pay rises they want, which would be great.

    I too think that Dest will have been considered as RW as well as RB; signing Thiaw and keeping Gabbia means CB can be covered where Kalulu has to go RB. (And remember how good Kalulu is at RB – his prominance at CB only came AFTER how much he shone at RB.)

    I’m glad Milan kept Messias and Florenzi permanently. Messias is good when he plays well and I think Florenzi is a good player, albeit past his best years. The keeping of Saelemaekers on the other hand is awful.

    1. Of course it’s not a coincidence! Duh! When you don’t OWN a company yet, you can’t make those decisions; and when you’re the “on the way out owner”, you shouldn’t make decisions (and probably can’t).

  11. Since I hear he can play LB as well, could be. Cover for Ballo Toure who may leave. He can also hopefully play as RW. Let’s see

  12. This is a GREAT signing. He’s a talented player and he should start at RW so we can sit terrible Messias and terrible Saelemakers on the bench.
    Also, of course, as people mentioned, the Florenzi injury means we need depth at RB too and so if Calabria needs a rest, he can rotate into RB as well. Personally, I think it’s crazy not to start him at RW and actually we should start Kalulu at RB so Tomori and Kjaer are our two CBs. That’s our best 11 there.

  13. ……………..GIROUD


  14. Wow you guys are happy we signed a RB with huge salary when we already have 3 in squad???

    This is the STUPIDIEST TRANSFER OF MALDINI ERA, this is utter rubbish, what kind of transfer is this……some of you are even saying that Dest should play RW? You guys guys are in drugs, I can’t stand any of you, this mediocre management is affecting you all.

    We getting a RB with hug salary when we clearly need a quality midfeilder and a good RW? This pure nonsense

    1. Kossy,
      You clearly haven’t watched him play at Barca — while yes he played outside back there, he also played as a winger. He also has for USMNT. He is more than capable of playing RW.

      You’re such an expert I guess though — you think Messias or Saelemakers are better options than a Dutch trained pressing RW like Dest who was good enough to play at Barcelona? WHO IS ON DRUGS???

    2. Your comments are usually nauseating. How difficult can it be to state your opinion without insulting others? It’s embarrassing that someone your age has no Internet courtesy and your flagrant disregard of others just shows how puerile you are. I wonder why its called a forum or maybe its a word you’ve never heard of.
      I like Rossoneri blog because every comment is usually screened before approval and I wish the same can be done here.

      1. every chance. Calabria is average asf. I’d bench him for Kalulu. And with Dest I think He will easily topple Calabria over.

  15. Already done deal . He can play RW too . His weakness are bad in defending ,thats why xavi choose sergi roberto than him . But on AC Milan with high defense line he can be useful for RB or RW or RWB ( if switch to 352 ) . I apreciate this new owner sign new player with 3,8m euro nett . With this Squad we already full on depth for this season , the only home work for maldini now are terminate bakayoko loan to save money from his salary

  16. For everyone saying too bad he’s an RB and not an RW: maybe, just maybe, this means we may be thinking about getting rid of RW altogether. What if a 3-4-1-2 is on the cards? Dest is quick, no? So he’d be the Theo of the right side. Doesn’t have to be a permanent formation change, but it gives us even more options. Let’s see what happens. LWB Theo, LCB Tomori, CB Thiaw (finally some height!!!), RCB Kalulu, RWB Dest, CM Bennacer, CM Tonali, CAM CDK, ST Leao, ST Giroud.

  17. 3,8 milion eu Dest salary, and 3 milion eu for Tonali after his pay rise? Is somebody crazy? How Barsa sub, can have bigger salary in Milan than Tonali, Tomori, Benacer, Rebic, Giru, De Catelare, Leao? 🤔 What will this players think about that?

  18. Dest is more of a wing back. He absolutely has the qualities to be a successful pressing winger. I don’t see much of Barca but I watch every USMNT game and he is at his best when he is forward on the pitch. I think the idea is to have him play as a winger.

  19. Are we gonna try to use him as a Right Winger? it does not make much sense to have yet another right back that earns more than the starter one, also does not make sense to have him as a Theo substitute having in mind he has not played on the left that much, but as a winger I can see him getting a place in the starter 11, he used to play in that position at Ajax if I’m not mistaken, also he has good pace and dribbling which is something we lack on the right wing, IDK about his finishing though, but it could be a good experiment, I trust both Massara and Maldini.

  20. nyr2k2, that HAS to be the idea — you are right.

    Anyone who has two eyes and has watched Milan play this year can see so obviously what our weakest position is. Everyone has been saying it on our message boards (I certainly have since January/February 2022!!); even the CBS Sports people Matteo Bonetti, Marco, etc. are talking about how RW is an obvious hole for us. It’s all just so obvious that our RW position is by far the BIGGEST GAPING HOLE on our team — and Maldini/Massara are not stupid. Of course they’re bringing him in to play there… and also, after Florenzi injury, having someone who is versatile like Dest (he has even played on the left side of the field) is an asset so he can backup Calabria/Kalulu there.

    Pioli likes versatile players like Rebic who can play wing or striker or Krunic who can play DM, wing, outside back. Kalulu who can play CB or RB. It just makes perfect sense and Pioli loves to press too — it’s a perfect signing. Fills multiple needs for Milan. Fits the profile of young, pressing player, versatile player.

  21. I feel like he might be a similar case with Dalot. He’ll do go, everyone doubted Dalot only to fail getting because united realize they were about to make a mistake. Seems like M&M learned and included that option to buy. According to Fabrizio it can become permanent if certain requirements are met. I like his pace, will provide much needed support to the attacking aspect

  22. Kossy was the wise clairvoyant who repeatedly stated that signing CDK was an absurd decision as he was a mediocre player… Well, I guess that sums up everything one needs to know about this moron…

    1. I said this at other comment section but big chance kossy is an inter fans. That’s why we never see him talk something positive in here cause the guy is inter troll.

  23. Well if can play anywhere in the flank, especially RW, then it is a good steal. You can cover RB actually with Kalulu (which is his natural position is RB, and had better crossing than Calabria IMO). We have thiaw which is a CB, Kjaer is also in the disposal. With this tight budget that management have, it is necessary to have player that can cover multiple position. For me it is a steal, if he can live up the expectation

  24. Clearly management realized they mad a huge mistake in signing both florenzi and Messias, they are old and past it, Messias is technically and tactically not Milan quality, he is a one trick pony, florenzi has lost his drive, and is injury prone ..

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