Report: Nottingham Forest looking to break Origi’s loan deal, sending him back to Milan

By Euan Burns -

Premier League side Nottingham Forest would like to end Divock Origi’s loan deal which would mean sending him back to AC Milan, a report claims.

As has been reported by Sacha Tavolieri (via Sport Witness), the Premier League team are not pleased with the contribution that Origi has made in his eight appearances so far.

They have just sacked Steve Cooper and will be replacing him with Nuno Espirito Santo but even with a change of coach, there seems little chance of Origi getting a new lease of life in the East Midlands.

With main striker Taiwo Awoniyi currently injured, Forest want to buy a striker in the January transfer window but need Origi off of the books to make room for that.

They do actually have an option to buy Origi permanently at the end of that loan but it seems far from likely that that will be happening.

Milan will then need to find a new home for Origi, be that a permanent deal or another loan.

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    1. Correction, where’s the “Maldini the technical director’s along with Massara, Pioli and Moncrapa who approved this transfer” fan boys?

      1. Don’t forget Foolani and the owners who has to sign off on the transfer, just like they did for CDK, Chukuweze, Romero,and anyone who are in a negative light right now.
        Ofc, forget all the positives while in you’re at it

    2. I knew it someone would say this. I don’t really understand why you guys use the word “Maldini fanboys”, it’s nothing wrong to support a club legend against injustice done to him by our current management, isn’t it?

    3. Maldini did phenomenal. But not everyone works out. Your post says more about you not understanding basic statistics and fundamental life laws than it does about our previous management.

      And if this post is a joke, great work!

    4. haha the fake Milanista & stupid director who beg to buy real striker after low budget scudetto & the super genius president who think injury prone freebee is a bargain, hiding behind BALANCING THE BOOK & algoritm

    5. You will cry tire on this Maldini issue.
      Since you fail to understand how a managerial structure and life works.

      Please keep letting a legend whom you will never amount to half his worth, keep living rent free in your head. I mean it must be hard having to take anti depressants everyday just thinking about Maldini. And refusing to acknowledge the positives he brought to the club.

    6. Haha triggered (because you know it’s true) are we? All you experts got nothing but insults. As someone who watched him play many times I can he was great and absolute gem but as he was an average at best director who couldn’t sign his own name let alone any player worth anything. Furlani saved the summer transfer window from his arrogance and you all know it.

      1. I’m also enjoying how you all tried to roast me for not understanding statistics but failed to present any backing your claims. I challenge you all to give me one stat that shows Maldini is a better than average director?

          1. Lol the best stat 😂 so simple yet so effective. I’m also 95% certain we’re not making close to a UCL semis any time soon. But yea he can let the hate continue. Got a bunch of players in the summer only to do worst than last year

        1. “Furlani saved the summer transfer window from his arrogance and you all know it.”

          What summer transfer saved mate? Did crash out from UCL group stage counts as ‘saved’?

        2. Oh Negative Nelli…’s very simple. As Director he increased the value of the club by 35% since he was there (based on player valuation). Its a much higher figure for club valuation…where we went from 0.6 bn at the end of 2018/19 to 1.4bn by the end of 22/23 ie more than doubled. Name another director or set of management team that achieved something like that.

    7. Here are we

      Maldivian signed leao maignan Malik thaiw and he wanted pirlo as a coach but you all didn’t want to
      He knew pioli isn’t the right coach cuz he’s not trying he’s players leao struggled 2 seasons or so and then he’s growing as a star it’s not Maldinis fault it’s pioli stop acting as if it was maldinis fault

  1. Send him to a mid table lower tabelled serie a team and then hope he do so well to hopefully create a minute amount of buzz a round him and then skip him out to someone who actually can afford his wages.

  2. Yep – looks like this guy is going to be hanging around like a bad smell until the end of his contract;unless someone can market him to the Saudi’s..

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