Report: UEFA confirms 12 Super League clubs will face consequences – “They will live with shame”

By Oliver Fisher -

It appears as though the 12 clubs who agreed to launch the Super League are set to face consequences from UEFA.

On Sunday night it was confirmed that 12 of Europe’s top clubs had launched the creation of a new ‘Super League’ which would be governed by the teams and would replace their participation in the Champions League.

Milan, Juventus and Inter were all involved from Italy as were Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from Spain. Premier League sides Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Spurs were the other six.

However, yesterday things began to unfurl as Manchester City were the first to say goodbye, then all the other English clubs followed, while statements from Inter, Atletico Madrid, Milan and also Juventus arrived.

According to the latest from Mohamed Bouhfasi on Twitter, UEFA says the 12 founding clubs face consequences. The first will be “they will live with shame” with proper sanctions to come, as per the Vice President. Several big clubs are asking the UEFA for sanctions for the 12.

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  1. Major says:

    Sanction them that’s when u will know that u are done for

  2. Gbenga AJOSE says:

    Because fans fought for you and the clubs changed their minds, now you want to saction them ??? Its you that will end in shame.

  3. Samsonite says:

    UEFA Mafia. Sanction to whom and for what. Football does not belong only to FIFA or UEFA. No need of sanctions.

  4. Joe101 says:

    and is for this kind of hypocritical behavior that I wanted UEFA and FIFA to get a taste of their own medicine and have the Super League actually happen

    1. Regina says:

      Totally agree with you, UEFA and FIFA are the most corrupt organisations on earth.

  5. HOBNAIL 😡 says:

    ‘football’….is being kicked around like a football.uefa & fifa are also ‘bad apples’..
    ….would be nice if fans could give them a kicking for once.
    Also agree with joe101….👍

    1. Joe101 says:

      it is a rare opportunity that us fans, in theory, have gotten with this war waged between the 2 mafias
      UEFA has been using us as shields so it might be time for us to actually test them a bit
      they say they care for their fans? then let us make our demands and see how they will stand by us (highly unlikely, but at least it will reveal their true character)

      FFP was a noble idea, but corrupt organizations don’t house noble thoughts. We could start by asking for wage/budget caps (NBA is a good example of that), more regulations on ticketing pricing (I remember the days when with 25000 liras you would get a nice seat in San Siro to even as late as – whenever Ryanair started flying to Bergamo – when you could still get tickets with 35-40 euros) and broadcast monopolies and independent supervision to increase transparency

  6. Regina says:

    This super league would have been a good thing in the long run, of course it needs fixing ( everything needs fixing in the beginning even the world cup needed Fixing) but it would have been good for football to take some of the power from UEFA. Have the British forgotten when UEFA banned ALL English teams from European football because of Liverpool hooligans.

  7. Marius says:

    Sanctions even if superliga never occurs? This would be unfair and would push these 12 teams to go all the way with their plan. You don’t replay fire with fire… Where are the diplomats?

  8. Sila says:

    Live with shame and the damage done is enough for years. What punish for? For creating a friendly tournament? 😂

  9. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    Do that and you will only push them to finish what they started,if u’ve won keep it so then win them back

  10. joseph tomasello says:

    Fifa and uefa are scum bags. Simple as that. If they weren’t teams wouldn’t want to break away.

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