Reports: Atletico Madrid and Barcelona interested as Milan set €20m asking price for defender

By Oliver Fisher -

Two LaLiga clubs are interested in signing Alessio Romagnoli from Milan as the situation regarding his renewal seems precarious, a report claims.

According to, Romagnoli’s future is a matter that the management want to have resolved within a few months given that his contract deadline expires in 2022. His future is increasingly uncertain as his starting spot is no longer solid after the exploits of Fikayo Tomori. Raiola’s goal is a pay rise from the current salary of €3.5m net per season, but the stance of the club is a cap of €4m net per year.

That is why his future may be far from Milan, and Barcelona are thinking of a move for the Italy international as they want a left-sided centre-back due to concerns over Umtiti and Lenglet. The valuation of Milan, six years after signing him and with his transfer fee completely amortised, is €20m.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Jacobone is reporting that Atletico Madrid have also made enquiries about the 26-year-old with agent Raiola in recent days. He has been on their wish list for some time, and now the Rojiblancos directors want to understand if there is room to make an offer.

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  1. Ahmed Mohammed says:

    They should come with $50m

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      Under normal circumstances i’d agree at minimum as roma would have to get paid a third that exceeds the initial price we paid them (25mil) which would mean that if we sold him for 50 we would only get 41,66mil and 8,33 going romas way. As his contract is expiring its difficult to demand in the vicinity of 50 though and by selling him for 20 mil will mean that the romans wont see a dime as it doesnt exceed the price we paid. In the end though yesterday this same site said that we hadnt even started negotiating with raiola in regard of romagnoli so frankly i have my doubts in regard of this story as he will most likely endup renewing with the club regardless of what the media makes up of stories.

      1. Bright says:

        Savagery to say Roma won’t see a dime at 20mil !!
        At 3.5 m cap salary,,, no wonder dude stopped developing in his 21..
        He needs a bigger package of 5m cap in other to activate the remaining part of his development as a player and a formidable left CB.

        1. Martin Bernhard says:

          you completely misunderstood what i said because if milan sells the player for 20 mil as stipulated by the article then AS Roma wont get anything and that is because to get any futher the player will have to exceed the initial price we paid them at 25 mil so no savagery here its simple facts drawn up in the deal with AS Roma. You thought i meant the player romagnoli instead by saying roma ! we paid as roma 25 mil so as i explained if sold for 50 mil they would get 8,3 mil of that sum. If we sold him for 30 the roman club would be entitled to roughly 1,63 mil so nothing about romagnoli the player. Im all for keeping romagnoli though if we can make him sign a new deal and besides of this season has been one of the most consistantly well playeing cbs of serie a for several years but as a captain of the team he should also show some comitment besides of cash so the ball is in his court as i see it.

        2. Go Away Raiola says:

          He isnt a special talent anymore….

          20-30 mill is good business at these times and only a year left on his contract…

          1. Martin Bernhard says:

            He is still fairly young for a defender at 26 so its highly likely that his best years are ahead of him rather than behind him and to dismiss his talent just because of one bad season is not wise to say the least. If we had followed fans opinions on whos perfoming previously or currently we would have sold kessie, calabria and i even remember a lot of people wanting us to sell benacer at the early parts of his time with us and that just proves that form isnt permanent and choices shouldnt be done hastily. On the other hand im not very happy about having to deal with raiola as you seem as well and has been saying for the last decade it would be in the interest of all clubs to buycot that parasite and when signing players force them to accept not to hire him as their agent down the road when with us. Anyways im of the view that romagnoli should settle for a new contract at max 4-4,5 mil a year at a 5 year duration and show some loyalty towards his club that he represents as captain and not his or his agents money hunger.
            If we do lose both romagnoli and donnarumma this summer due to extreme wage demands and sign-on fees hopefully the club will take such stance in a years time when ibra is likely to retire. I doubt though that either donnarumma or romagnoli will leave this summer.

  2. Zumblim says:

    Let him go and get tomori. Lees problem with raiola

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