Reports: Colombo to stay at Milan as Furlani prepares contract renewal

By Isak Möller -

Lorenzo Colombo has been at the centre of many rumours this summer as his future was rather uncertain a few weeks ago. Now, however, AC Milan have more or less decided what his future will be. 

As we reported back on Monday, Stefano Pioli is happy with what he has seen from Colombo during the pre-season so far. Therefore, Milan are now included to keep the youngster as the third-choice striker.

MilanNews and Daniele Longo have added that Colombo is expected to renew his contract with Milan as well, which will expire in 2025. It has not been widely reported but the 21-year-old renewed his contract before he moved to Lecce on loan.

The likes of Atalanta, Cagliari and Genoa have expressed their interest in the striker, per the MilanNews report, but Milan would like to keep him for the upcoming season. The decision is not final but it seems very likely that Colombo will remain.

The renewal makes sense as Milan don’t want the player to have just one year left of his contract next summer, which could hurt them on the mercato.

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  1. The only way colombo will perform is if pioli will trust him to lead the attack, coming of the bench is not going to give the young man the boost mentally he needs, if he can get the confidence he has the technique to back it off

    1. “coming of the bench is not going to give the young man the boost mentally he needs, if he can get the confidence he has the technique to back it off”

      Nope. Young striker needs to make every single minute count. He needs to FIGHT for his time. You play 5-10 minutes and you do everything you can to score. That’s how you eventually win the starting position. Strikers need to earn to spot. Otherwise it’s CDK all over again.

      1. If a striker lacks the killer instinct he’s not a real striker. Technique? Overrated if there is no desire to perform. I’d rather take a clumsy Lukaku-type of player who scores than a primadonna with fancy skills like CDK anyday.

      2. In Serie A a young player has to produce twice the performance of a new signing even though there should be more pressure on the new signing that the club spent money on.

        See Brahim v Maldini, any of the 4/5 strikers that Cutrone had to outscore, even Romagnoli v Gabbia (where the former was given so many second chances when his form started to nosedive – same with Tomori).

    2. In rugby when they’re bringing in young players they give them back to back games to get them settled.

      In Serie A especially they love hauling off young players at half time even if they aren’t the worst player on the pitch.

      1. Other leagues and top teams also prefer more experienced people leading the attack, genius. Not some 20 year old that struggled to score 6 goals last season in a lower rank team.

    1. Well given he’s in the top 0.001% of footballers on the planet…

      He’s made it this far which means he’s got more ability in his little toe than most footballers.

      The question is can he push on.

      Now given we have success rate for converting top youth strikers to first team strikers of well, 0%, I don’t fancy his chances but that it is not his failing.

      1. Lollllll this logic. Kevin Constant, Andrea Petagna, Alessandro Matri… you could make all the same argument for them. No they aren’t playing in the Serie D, but they weren’t cut out for Milan.

        Your logic is laughable. And nonexistent.

    1. It’s Giroud – Okafor – Colombo. Origi won’t even be registered for the season, which is a form to force him to leave.

  2. Columbo leading the line???? LOLOLOLO. Let’s be real. He is not good enough yet and likely never will be. He’s at best a 3rd option on a big team and he’s not even there yet. Best if he is loaned out again for more PT. There is a reason we were after Veliz but we’re again too slow to make an offer. Giroud goes down we are in trouble. We need another #9 and it’s not Columbo. Okafor can play there in a pinch but he’s a winger not a #9. Fine to renew Columbo – but a loan is what should happen and we bring in a better player

  3. Homegrown players requirement force us to keep colombo, and good striker left is only taremi who is non-eu, if origi leaves the club

  4. What an absolute embarrassment of an article. This is supposed to be evidence of the potency of Milam’s midfield and attack? Seven players scoring a combined 70 goals?

  5. We should loan him and i hope he will be ready next season. We still have Origi, he should be transfer soon and Taremi

  6. Sometimes I don’t seem to understand you fans ..
    We have got a great set of players ,new players ,and the making of a better team than last season ,and indeed the season before ..yet we won the scuddeto two seasons ago ..that man Olivier Giroud was one of the main reasons we did that …Yes we need a back up for Olivier , but not a replacement as yet ..Giroud is simply still the best in Europe as a real old type centre foward ..He is simply so physically strong and his technical ability inside and around the 18 yard area are second to none ..We should be so thankful we such a man …He will score goals this season ,I feel certain of that ,,yes he will score around 20 goals in all competitions this season ..Now that’s not a bad return at all …The squad we have now ( once we have gelled ) together will score lots of goals ..just think back the scuddeto title two seasons ago ,the champions league semi final last season..We have a better squad now than then …so why should we not challenge for honours again this season ..I have complete faith in out team ,in Olivier Giroud and our manager Stefano pioli ..Just wake up and start believing…A great season should lay ahead ..AC MILAN FOR ME

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