Reports: Conceicao and Fonseca the top two candidates for Milan – the situation

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are evaluating which manager to hire for the post-Stefano Pioli era and there are two key candidates for the job, reports claim. In addition to Sergio Conceicao, Paulo Fonseca is also still very much in the running. 

Conceicao has been linked heavily with the Rossoneri in the last 24 hours, seeing as he now appears inclined to leave Porto, and the directors are indeed evaluating him. However, as reported by Sky Italia (via MilanNews), Fonseca remains in the background.

SportItalia’s Gianluigi Longari adds that while Milan are evaluating Conceicao, Fonseca’s profile has gathered steam in recent hours and could overtake the Porto manager. However, no final decision has been made and we will simply have to wait and see.

Comparing the two, it’s clear that Conceicao has a more defensive approach than Fonseca, even if the formations tend to be rather similar. These are things that Milan must factor in when looking at the squad they have today, and the signings they would like to make this summer.

In the meantime, however, Milan are focused on finishing in second place and you can read our preview for the game against Genoa to get into the mood. The latter will still be difficult, though, as Curva Sud and other fan clubs have decided to not cheer tomorrow.

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  1. With Fonseca the obvious question is why not just keep Pioli, Fonseca‘s outing in Serie A is nothing that would paint him as an upgrade over Pioli.
    Pioli had pretty much the same performance with Lazio that Fonseca achieved with Roma and developed more in recent years.

    1. Same for Conceicao to be honest, he’s doing worse in Portugal than Pioli is doing in Italy. Last league he won, Pioli won one the same year.

      Fonseca’s apparently doing well in France and is interesting a lot of clubs but I don’t see he’ll be a guarantee of success.

      Just keep Pioli if there’s no better available, he’s a solid known quantity and none of these names are going to magically overcome Inter’s payroll and squad build.

    2. Pioli lost his mentality and ability to inspire the team – or maybe he did not have it from the start and it was all Ibra’s doing? But seems like Pioli doesn’t have any more ideas on how to work with that team, and terrible performances against Roma and Inter showed that. But also I partially agree with fact that I wouldn’t like to see Fonseca, this guy never really achieved more than expected with any team he had, hard to believe he would do anything more with Milan.

      1. Maybe Pioli´s mojo comes back with a new season, maybe not, but that doesn’t make it a sound decision to gamble on Fonseca, especially since top 4 finish was never in danger this season.

        Conceicao at least is a proper alternative and shouldn’t be put on the same list as Fonseca. Getting Fonseca over Pioli is like burning down the house because one doesn’t like the color it is painted in.

    3. In no universe is keeping pioli a good idea. Idk what you people watch when you look at Milan games, but I’d definitely isn’t something we want for another year

      1. New year, fresh start. This is made a bigger problam than it really is.

        Give me a better coach ok, but someone like Fonseca … Pioli still made us second best team in Serie A.
        No need to go to pure changing for change sake, that‘s justified after a season like Napoli had, but not ours.

        1. It’s not that we are good It’s that everyone else is just that poor.. lazio and napoli who were strong last year are nowhere to be seen. So yeah. We need change, we needed it the second the team reached the peak( scudeto)

          I really can’t understand how people can watch ac milan and say we’re fine. We’re second.. It’s fine…. the games are horrible. Just horrible . We win if we are lucky. Players are like headless chickens.. the S0S.. pioli in December, useless stuck up príck that he is..

    4. Maybe it’s not all about seeking a better coach than Pioli, but it’s just a needed change to begin with. You can see from several recent matches, and this season in general, Pioli has lost his motivation. His drive. And he has no support in that area with the likes of Maldini and co. That kind of decreased motivation surely can affect on how players perform on the field.

      But true, if it comes donw to only 2 options, then Conceicao should be the logical choice. Experienced in European level. He has higher ppg in UCL than Pioli, with much higher games played. And just remember how Porto made us clueless when we played againts them with their collective and high pressing game.

  2. If it’s to these two, then it’s a no brainer, Sergio Conceicao it is.

    I would pick him all day, he has a well drilled system, exactly what we need.

  3. How many would keep pioli for one more season if it means we could get a top tier coach after that. By top tier I mean someone maybe like guardiola or his category.
    I’m just thinking – if management maybe need one more year to build a squad that can attract a better coach maybe they will do that. On the comments I read almost everybody wants to settle with motta or maybe de zerbi and they will need time to be able to fight for titles. Do yourselfes a favor and dont expect titles for with these coaches that media are pulling out the hat every day.

    1. What kind of players would Gerry give to Guardiola? Would Gerry say yes if he asked for Bellingham? I understand they tried their best to defend Pioli because Pioli is not considered a demanding coach. But at the same time, if you ask for a well-established coach like Guardiola you MUST also give him top-tier players in return. Be realistic bro. You cannot date an expensive girl while making $5k per month after tax. You gotta multiply that figure by 10.

  4. Axing Pioli was already scheduled last summer but they kept him because they made one too many changes – sacking of the management, selling fan favourite, buying 11 new players. It would be too much if they replaced the coach as well.

    But like for other decisions they’ve taken, this matter too was approached badly. No proper strategy, bad timing… But what can one expect when the club is ran by bankers and such, people who have no knowledge of running a football club from sports perspective. They should at least hire a better PR team to handle these situations for them.

    1. We always try to give excuses for everything.
      In 2021/2022 when Inter Milan hired Inzaghi, they changed almost their entire starting lineup.
      They signed:
      Di Marco

      Imagine after loosing your star coach Conte, then your star striker Lukaku, and your star right back Hakimi, and also left back Ashley Young, one would have thought they would struggle to gel as a team. However, despite making about 10 new additions and a new coach, they won the Supercoppa and the Coppa Italia and narrowly lost out on the Scudetto with two points.

      They genuinely wanted to give Pioli a chance last, even though I felt that was an emotional decision as I strongly felt that without some bit of fortune, we wouldn’t have been playing in the Champions League amid some horrible showings from the team.

  5. I’m just saying it could be worth waiting a season to get a coach that can get us to the top if he is not avaliable right now. You want titles and chl trophies but are scared to dream of a big coach. You think motta or any of theese budget coaches will give you that seriously???

    1. When have you ever seen a big coach coaching in Italy in the last years? People really need to wake up and smell the roses.

      Best we can do is find an arteta that will slowly build a team up. Motta is the closest to that you can find. And where 5 years away from competing consistently. Forget the one lucky season.

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