Reports: De Ketelaere’s move to Atalanta could collapse due to new hefty demands

By Isak Möller -

Charles De Ketelaere appeared to be just one step away from Atalanta, with an agreement more in less in place between the player and the club. However, new hefty demands have put the deal at risk, reports claim. 

Milan and Atalanta already have an agreement for a €3m paid loan, a €23m buy-out option, €4m in bonuses and a 10% resale clause. However, it’s been more difficult to convince the player to accept the move.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio and Gazzetta Dello Sport (see photo below), De Ketelaere’s entourage presented new hefty demands in yesterday’s meeting with Atalanta. These demands do not concern the upcoming season, but rather in the event of a redemption.

Per the reports, they made a new salary demand and also demanded a high commission for the deal. Atalanta have already made their counter-offer and the coming hours will be decisive to understand if the deal can go ahead.

De Ketelaere was excluded from the game against Monza last night precisely for the negotiations. If it were to collapse, then Milan surely wouldn’t be too happy with the player.

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  1. The windfall from hjlound sale should suffice to meet his demands after all you are the ones who wanted him ,he isn’t the one who wanted you Atalanta, he has opportunity to play champions league football at Milan ….so if you wanted him so bad pay up and get him…. Or else go look for some cheap buys to sell again at huge fee…you stingy bergamo greedy clubs

      1. I love how people jump to conclusion with no actual research. He has an actual agent and his parents are rich, they don’t need to “squeeze” him for money like some people seem to imply in the comments.

        It’s clear he doesn’t want to leave Milan, and why would he take a pay cut for a move he doesn’t really want? When he already took a pay cut, so we can pay Club Brugge.

        1. I have learned that being rich has never stopped anybody from wanting to become richer!!

          Of course he has and agent good for him, the agent is obviously doing his job and monetising the move as much as he can.

          But I do agree he wants to stay and my heart and mind are conflicted in relation to him staying or going.

    1. Maybe that’s exactly the reason. They know this might the very last chance to squeeze the kid into the very last cent. As they realize the talent is not as good as they initially thought, so it shrinks down their chance to get other hefty commission in the future.

      1. If he fail again in atalanta , no club are willing to give him salary 2m euro nett / years or hefty commission anymore . So yeah this is maybe last chance to get hefty commission .His agent probably already realize that this kid talent only good on belgium league and not good enough in top 3 european league like EPL,La liga & serie A

        1. I sincerely hope that he’ll be doin fine at Atalanta, for his own sake and for Milan’s sake. Imagine if he fails at Atalanta, he’d come back to Milan where he’s no longer needed and with much lower market value.

          That’s why from the very beginning, this loan with option to buy is not really an advantage for us. Loan with obligation to buy / straight permanent transfer is surely better so we can move on and this thing not dragging us ’till next season.

  2. It could simply be that they now have a new target, they are not really in a position to talk about “hefty demands, the words ‘kettle’ and ‘black’ scream to mind

    This could be a blessing in disguise for us, me CDK will now buck up his ideas and become the player he was supposed to be.

  3. This might be a blessing in disguise. If only West Ham will bid for him outright. Milan should know when to cut their loss. CDK has not shown anything to suggest he ‘ll be good in the future. now is the time to let go.

  4. A school example of how agents are ready to ruin their client’s career for his own interest. UEFA must take some measures against these agents.

  5. I am afraid a combination of entourage and bad season, and this guy will pay the ultimate price. Right now is about getting the right environment for him to bounce back, is fo everyone gets paid. As it stands I think they will all end up losing

  6. We cant score from open play. Combine him with Reynders and the goals will come for sure.

    Everybody is optimistic but we have:

    two bench players from Chelsea, one of them injury prone
    a striker who is not a striker but a left wing

    I’m happy with Chucky and Musah tough.

    But for all of that we lost Tonali and one of the hottest prospects in Europe CDK

    dont know if we did good

    1. He lost himself. Nobody, but absolutely nobody it is to blame for his dreadful performances last year and the preseason.

    2. What does combine him with reinders mean?
      Cdk in midfield? As mezzala? You must be dreaming brah… in a 433 there is no place for cdk. Unless, if by some miracle, he becomes a winger but we have plenty of those already…

    3. Lollllll CDK is NOT good. And then you turn around and bash two players we got from Chelsea? You have no idea what you’re talking about. CDK has one of the worst mentalities.

      I can’t believe Maldini spent all the money he did on him. Catastrophic really.

    4. Yeah Tonali was going to help Milan score goals

      and CDK with his 1 F**KING ASSIST is hottest prospect in Europe

      at this point you are just looking for things to be mad about

  7. Remember Paqueta? He was in a similar situation as CdK now
    Guardiola is about to buy this Milan ,,flop” for about 70 mil :))))

    I hope CdK moves from Milan so that he can shine elswhere and proove his quality

    Then these internet heroes here will again look dumb

    1. This is an old story in football, where players become successful elsewhere.

      Milan examples:
      Gio Elber (failed to break into Milan team, is a Bayern legend)
      Auba (Dortmund legend, never got a chance at Milan)
      Viera Arsenal legend , only played in Coppa Italia for Milan
      Edgar David’s & Patrick Kluivert (Juve and Barcelona legends failed at Milan
      The list goes on…….not just for us but for every club across every league in the world….

      So I don’t believe in having regrets over Paqueta and it should not bother us it’s part and parcel of supporting a club like AC Milan

  8. When CDK plays, he tends to play it safe by often returning the ball back.
    Maybe he can be the 5th choice for the CB position. And Mr. Pioli can bring out his best in that position…
    Who knows 😂

  9. The only one looking dumb here is you. By the way, go gush about Rovella too (another nobody). Aren’t you a Juventus fan lmao? You’re still trying to say that CDK will be the next Paqueta… bruh you’re smoking something serious.

    Don’t post nonsense.

    1. I am trying to say that CdK can be much better than Paqueta you donkey fart.
      All he and especially Milan needs is a good coach who can work with talents. After all isn’t this now the Milan way? Relying on talents

      And yeah Rovella will be good I am pretty sure about that. But ofc in your mind, if someone has respect for other players or teams then he is autmatically a fan of them. By your stupid posts, you must he as intelligent as Lakaka. I can’t imagine someone that stupid

  10. CDK had a really bad season but I believe he will come good. Loan him out let him rediscover his form then bring him back.
    Pioli won’t stay forever and if we get someone in who knows how to develop and guide young players. Which would make sense in this project

  11. The best signing of the season after this one will be a a new coach, pioli needs to go, his player development skills are shit, he just has favorites.

  12. This idiot kid is going to singlehandedly destroy his entire career. He has a chance to go to Atalanta with a good coach in a good system where he may be a better fit. Instead he is going to stay here where there is no spot for him and he will not play. Who’s going to want him after that?

  13. I don’t know why him or his agent are trying to tank this deal… Atalanta is an opportunity to revive his career – something that clearly won’t happen at Milan at this point…


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