Reports: European Super League ready to relaunch with 10 key principles

By Oliver Fisher -

The European Super League project might not have died back in April as some originally thought, with a remodelled version seemingly ready to launch.

Six months ago it was confirmed that 12 of Europe’s top clubs had launched the creation of a new ‘Super League’ which would be governed by the teams and would replace their participation in the Champions League.

Milan, Juventus and Inter were all involved from Italy as were Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from Spain. Premier League sides Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Spurs were the other six. However, they nearly all pulled out within 48 hours with the exception of Real, Barca and Juve.

According to Marca, the European Super League made a return on Tuesday as a leaked document showed the creators pushing to try and launch the competition for the second time. In the document, there were reassurances that the creators ‘do not break away from football’s current structure’, but instead wish to ‘continue in the current ecosystem’.

The new Super League’s attempt is built on 10 key points, which are as follows:

  1. The Super League will not break the established football ecosystem.
  2. There will be no permanent members.
  3. The Super League is recognition of a broken system.
  4. UEFA’s role creates structural conflict.
  5. UEFA have close ties with club owners.
  6. There is a lack of high-level matches in the Champions League.
  7. Inadequate financial control.
  8. There’s a lack of transparency in accounting matters.
  9. The European Union is losing control in football.
  10. Clubs from big cities in smaller countries cannot compete in UEFA’s current model.

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  1. Would love it if Milan become part of it…UEFA is a disgrace… the only way for clubs like Milan & others to survive and compete who are( not run by countries, for these clubs, FFP doesn’t apply) is through this kind of competition. F… all the small clubs who say it’s not good for football (But they can charge more money for selling players), Leagues that puppets in the hands of UEFA, and players who talk about Good of football but when they want money like greedy then they don’t remember about anything else. sports channels do 24*7 on how to destroy the super league by showing how the clubs and owners are greedy until they get Telecast rights…All act as good people until they get their share into their pockets. I Hope Milan will have balls to stand like Real, Barca, and Juve

  2. UEFA is mafia, corrupt. For example look for Cekir case. Go for ESL. Do you think football for fans now? No, football for UEFA right now.

  3. Well people can say that UEFA is corrupt and thats fine but who controls and governs the Super League? The club owners? That means they can do whatever they want and whenever they want to.

  4. For everybody bashing UEFA, won’t the Super League just be a body that replaces a body? Why wouldn’t it end up being just as corrupt? Putting aside what UEFA is and isn’t, this Super League will be the end of European football no matter what they say. It will be the NFL of European football. The few clubs playing in it will concentrate the wealth even more, make it even harder for other clubs to compete, and will end up raising transfer fees and wages further. These clubs complain about finances, but Milan is currently reducing their debt while also being in 2nd place in Serie A with no losses. Why can’t Juventus and Inter do the same? Or Barcelona and Madrid in La Liga? Barcelona became a juggernaut thanks to their cantera (from where Messi came, by the way). It’s really about self-discipline.

    As to UEFA, why not reform it? The the member associations elect the president, right? So elect someone who runs on a platform of change. UEFA = UNION of European Football Associations. Did the big leagues elect someone that they don’t agree with? How does this happen? Hmm, maybe it’s because a majority of the smaller associations voted for Ceferin. The reasons probably lie in the fact that he wants to get them a bigger slice of the pie because certain leagues have been increasingly dominant. If you’re a Ajax, Steaua Bucharest or Red Star Belgrade fan (remember these former big clubs?) this is fair. If you’re a Juventus or Madrid fan this is corruption. The Super League is just another move to consolidate power in the hands of an even smaller group of clubs.

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