Reports: Fenerbahce look into alternatives as Krunic will not force Milan exit

By Oliver Fisher -

There continues to be a number of stories linking Fenerbahce with a late move for Rade Krunic, but the player will not force an exit. have provided a round-up on the latest regarding Krunic, starting with the confirmation that Milan want €12-13m in order to sell the Bosnia international while no offer has come close to that yet.

According to Sabah, this could change in the next few hours because a bid of €8m is ready. Krunic has already said yes to a four-year contract worth over €3m net per season, but he has no intention of forcing his hand.

He knows that owes a lot to Milan and to Pioli, who will start him tomorrow in their first game of the season at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara against Bologna.

However, from England they are talking about Thomas Partey from Arsenal being a potential alternative for Fener but it seems a very unlikely possibility.

Then, L’Equipe state that Antoine Makoumbou of Cagliari is an option for them. The French source even speak of a bid of €5m which is about to be made, but Claudio Ranieri is unlikely to allow him to leave.

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  1. As long as Pioli remains we are stuck with him. You do not want to sound mean to a guy that given Milan his all but the management must realize that he is limited and if they want a more technical Milan as they keep talking about then Krunic don’t fit and he never will.

    1. These persistent insinuations that Krunic and Pioli have a homosexual love affair is extremely childish and disrespectful.

      Krunic is married to beautiful Ivana since May 2022. Pioli is married to the very elegant Barbara and it is reportedly a very happy marriage. They’ve been together since school. They have two children, Gianmarco and Carlotta.

      Yes, Pioli likes Krunic as a footballer. What people don’t realize is that he doesn’t have an alternative right now. We don’t really have a DM that is better than Krunic and available right now, due to Bennacer’s injury. Maybe Musah can do it but this is unproven.

      Is Krunic limited? Yes, but he isn’t as horrible as people here say. He is a hardworking, flexible player. He is the only player left from the previous midfield and it’s best to keep him for now, until the new signings gel. Pioli is absolutely right about this.

      Stop the nonsense. Krunic is what we have now. It will be a different story once Bennacer recovers. For the first half of the season, it’s way more prudent to keep Krunic. If we were to sell him ten days before the end of the summer window, it would be difficult to replace him. Beware of what you ask for!

      And come on, man. Stop the elementary school-level homosexual taunts. Fans can express their opinions on the quality of a player and the coach’s choices but it is best to keep it classy and respectful.

        1. Hahahahaha!!! Agreed! One of the absolute worst players to wear the red/black = Bonera. Close second was Antonini lol. Can’t recall how many TV sets I broke watching that guy Bonera play

          1. Just to be clear my comment is directed at Bonera and how IMO – terrible a player he was. Could care less about anyone’s sexual orientation . It’s irrelevant. I just hated Bonera as a PLAYER with a passion lol.

            Krunic is what he is – a great versatile backup player capable of playing multiple positions in the mid in a pinch. He’s not a starter – but that is Pioli and managements fault for. Or replacing him with a better player. We spent 80M on mids yet none for Krunic or a striker????? Not wise IMO

      1. Thanks for this piece. I know there are frustration amongst the fans who doesn’t seem to respect nor value Krunic, but keep reading about those kind of despicable insults is just getting annoying all the same.

      2. @Luigi thank your for this. this is actually the prevailing thought among most fans. The comments tend to attract the fringe and then incorrectly make it out as if it was what most ppl think. Krunic is what we have now. We don’t have anyone to fill the role. He’s one of the best squad/utility player of a high level meaning he can fill a role for a starter without losing alot of quality. Every squad needs these types of players to be successful

      3. Don’t take any comments on these threads too seriously. A lot of users just come here to vent and channel their frustrations from RL. There’s usually not a whole lot of objectivity or any common sense 🙂

        Read these comments and treat them like a bus accident.

  2. Fene forked out 15mil for Fred. If they have as hard of a boner for Krunic as the claim to, then another 12-15mil should be easy. Otherwise they need to STFU and move on.

    It’s funny that most of these news come out of Turkey anyway.

  3. Krunic dont want to forcing his exit but many super expert here want to forcing krunic out. There is reason why coach always use one player even if super expert hate . Example : conte with bakayoko in chelsea,conte with gagli in IM,alegri with matuidi in jupe,klopp with henderson in liverpool ( henderson decide accept big money from saudi club, not klopp want to sell him) .Fener can pay fred 10m euro but only willing to pay 7m euro for krunic ? And ppl comment here just accept that 7m euro ?? If you want that 7m euro just sell saladmaker ( he is surplus in RW )and use that money buy DMF

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