Reports: Florenzi exit a ‘concrete’ possibility as Champions League side initiate contact

By Oliver Fisher -

There is a concrete possibility that Alessandro Florenzi could leave AC Milan this summer with a club having already expressed interest, a report claims.

According to Corriere dello Sport (via Radio Rossonera), the first contacts have taken place between the Bologna management and Florenzi. The Rossoblù are looking for a profile like his to increase the level of European experience in view of the next participation in the Champions League.

Sartori and the other leaders at Bologna admire the Italian for his experience, quality and flexibility. Milan’s request in terms of transfer fee should be low too because of his age (33), and they could even let him go for nothing one year before his contract expires.

Evaluations are in progress and much will also depend on the opinion of the new coach Vincenzo Italiano. Florenzi arrived on loan from Roma in 2021 and was bought permanently the following season, signing a contract until 2025.

Meanwhile, Alessandro Jacobone has suggested similar on social media: “After the preview last January, the possibility of the departure of Florenzi is becoming more and more concrete.

“The departure of the full-back would further damage the % of experience and leadership present in the dressing room, it will therefore be necessary to fill this void with profiles capable of doing so.”

Another factor to consider is that Paulo Fonseca is expected to become the new head coach, and the pair did not exactly see eye to eye at Roma.

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  1. While he is getting older and not a starter, we’re talking about yet again another experienced player leader”ish” figure leaving. Also offensively wise, he is our best right back at the moment.

    1. I agree. Florenzi is one of the few experienced leaders we have in the dressing room at the moment. Why let him go?

      1. Because we don’t have room for an expensive cheerleader. He’s no more experienced than Zlatan. And while we can, we need to look into offloading him.

        Thank You and Good Luck.

    2. Don’t know what to say about the experience bit, but as to an offensive RB, it’s clear the club is looking in that direction. It seems that moving Florenzi on is part of the plan to bring in another RB who will likely be an “offensive RB”. Calabria will remain as the “defensive RB”. Looks like Kalulu is set for yet another year at CB. 🙄

      1. The problem is all the RBs we’ve been linked to so far (Emerson and Santos) are nothing special.
        I’ve said it before, but if they want a fifth or sixth RB on top of the ones we already have, at least bring a good one.

        1. Florenzi gave 7 assists this season with very limited minutes. He’s the only leader left in the squad. So… Getting rid of him sounds like a f’ng masterplan, eh?

          If he goes, Milan will be in a chaos next season. Let’s see how Leao & Calabria lead by example, right? FFS… It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    3. It’s a stupid decision and the club is working hard to actively undermine the club captain.

      Good times.

  2. Yeah they would let still good Florenzi go for free (Bologna won’t pay anything of value for 33yrs old with year of contract), and when they would sell Theo to Bayern Milan would be left with just Calabria to cover 4 places.

      1. Fonseca too was just a wild rumour. I learned not to take anything for granted. So I’ll just keep quiet and won’t speculate on such rumours until the end of mercato.

      2. I won’t be so sure unfortunately. Should the direction fail to listen to his demands, he won’t have a reason to stay with us. He was brought into Elliot’s Milan and convinced by Maldini’s project, and now none of the mentionned is present.
        Either Bayern or Real Madrid can certainly meet his demands and are more likely than us to win either a domestic title or even the UCL (especially the later) and should they present an offer about 80M I don’t see Theo refusing it and I certainly don’t see the management trying to keep him here.

  3. Our RB needs an upgrade. Calabria should go next this season. Milan need to sign 2 players Tiago Santos and Emerson Royal. Emerson should be the starter next season due to his experience.

    Milan hold onto players too long and should already have players like Giroud, Kjaer and Florenzi out of the team a season ago.

    1. We don’t need two players brought in to have 4 players covering the same position.

      Calabria can play better if he has good competition. Kalulu hasn’t been able to give him that. Hopefully one new arrival will.

  4. “Milan hold onto players too long and should already have players like Giroud, Kjaer and Florenzi out of the team a season ago.”

    How to say one doesn’t understand team sports without saying one doesn’t understand team sports. Yes, get rid out everyone over 30 because youth and speed is aaaaaall you ever need. F*** experience! F*** leadership! Let’s promote the whole Primavera team because they’re young & fast.

    1. In theory, yes you’re right. We do need experience. But have you not seen enough games with Florenzi on the pitch where he couldn’t keep up with the opposing player due to his lack of speed and age?

      So what do you want to do with him? keep him on the bench, barking “experience” out at his team mates? Because more often than not he doesn’t have enough quality to start.


  5. I like keeping him because he can be used in a pinch at RB, LB, midfield, or wingback. He takes up one spot in the squad and provides depth at 3 spots, plus he’s one of our homegrowns.

  6. He’s not really in good relations with Fonseca. He was forced to leave his childhood club when Fonseca came to Roma. Valencia, PSG and then Milan. That’s why he’s leaving.

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