Reports: Juventus set to beat Milan and others to signing of Valencia defender

By Oliver Fisher -

After links with AC Mlan and other clubs in Serie A, it is Juventus who seem to have won the race to sign Facundo Gonzalez from Valencia.

According to what is being reported by, there were positive talks between Juve and Valencia today and the deal should be definitively closed at the beginning of next week.

It remains to be seen whether Gonzalez will be a signing for their first team or will be loaned out, but the latter appears to be the most probable option at the moment.

Milan monitored the Uruguay U20 star, while there was interest also shown by Monza and Salernitana  In the end Juventus had the upper hand and will secure a player with big potential.

Gianluca Di Marzio is also reporting that the Bianconeri have practically closed the signing of the 20-year-old after a ‘blitz’ that took place today involving sporting director Giuntoli.

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  1. It’s a shame, if it’s a preference thing not sure why he’d choose Juve over Milan considering their track record with youngsters but it seems to be similar to the Okafor deal where Juve accelerated while Milan were merely just watching him

    1. I don’t think Milan was ever interested in this guy. And this is probably Juve’s last signing for the summer. They only signed Timothy Weah. So that’s it. Their squad only signed two players.

      Milan has stable finances, and has budgeted well.

      Juventus is in a financial crisis right now and had a 200 million euro loss.

      1. Also it actually gets worse with Juventus.

        They redeemed Locatelli paying 30 million for him (oh my!), and 30 million for redeeming Moise Kean. 60 million euros down the drain on players that clearly aren’t worth half that. I believe they were obligated to buy them after agreeing to obligations.

        And you thought we had problems a few years ago.

        1. I’m a little gutted we missed out on him if he really is available for 5mn euros. It’s only a small feeling but he looked really good in the recent world youth Cup, and a bit like Kalulu or Thiaw I see he has the attributes to be a v good defender in future.

          Also he’s left footed, which we are lacking in the squad. Plus definitely not bashing Kjaer here, who has been a reliable CB in the last couple years but the brother is 34, we all know he doesn’t have much time left at the top level. Gonzalez could have learned well taken under Kjaers wing for a year or two.

          Bit like if you remember, a young (22?) Thiago Silva came and learned for 6 months before breaking into the first team. Anyway, hard to complain as in general we’ve had a good mercato, squad looks stronger.

          Forza Milan

          1. I’m more interested in Simic and how he’ll turn out, rather than trying for someone in a different league. We have other priorities.

    1. I know you are pretty much bashing those 3 players but as much as i like gabbia and always has spoken well of him you simply cant put kjær in the samesentence as gabbia and caldara. Kjær has been pretty instrumental for milans resurgence in recent years, the guy is an international captain for denmark who are close to becoming the player who has played the most international games ever for denmark, Despite a recent bad world cup, denmark pretty much hadnt lost for years except for a few times beforehand the WC and im saying this as a dane who has known the player since he played in midtjylland before he arrived in palermo,. He will aklways be class and milan rarely loses with him onfield and even though he is getting older at 34 he has never really been as dependandt on his pseed as much as his positioning and long passes and the fact that he is a general.

    2. Gabbia left. And you know what? I always respected the guy and he doesn’t deserve the flack he’s getting. Neither does Kjaer, who did great the first season and half for us. Gabbia wasn’t perfect, but he was solid enough. And upon leaving on loan, he was nothing but respectful to Milan.

  2. Surprised Juventus were able to sign anyone because they had a 200 million Euro loss and they said their market was frozen. They were barely able to sign Timothy Weah. This is like their second signing lol.

    Valencia is probably doing this out of spite for the issues with Musah lol! We were busy dealing with Villarreal anyways.

  3. giancarlo and martin do you really want players apart from milan in general speaking that playing from lets say 50 games every season they played like 10 games only and then get injured for the rest of the season without provide help , rest and not dropping any form because its weird for me that milan has 31 players that for gk for now u are ok for cb caldara not even relieable enough thats why the loans tomori very good thiaw and kalulu too but kalulu is short (piolis thoughts) and kjaer gets injured for long period leaving cb position with not enough depth because pioli dont want to put kalulu too much because he wants to have tall cbs so is there anything wrong here ? next lb ballo toure lost his position in piolis plans so they need new lb rb you have calabria with not consisted form and florenzi getting injured again for long period what u would u do for that? cm / cdm pobega gets injured then he needs time to recover tonali is gone krunic is only rotation player rlc we have to see if he can be solid same as reijndeirs and musah bennacer got injured and we will see him i think next year soo only four if pobega stays fit cdk adli not using them properly or at all leao is the best no real lw backup messias and sala doesnt score enough or close to leao lets hope chuk can help with that pulisic gonna be cam and maybe lw to help leao to rest rebic origi cant be trusted one is mostly injured and with bad attitude and the other one cant score okafor has to prove himself he got too injured for long period last yr giroud is getting old with no replecement lazetic doesnt get any chance is it gonna be the same for romero ? staight to loan ? is it gonna be the same for chaka traore too? so that leaves us with players decreasing because they getting injured every season not only one and with less time resting so yh we need depth new cb lb rb st one more cm (musah ? or someone else?) thats all low cost i dont mean 20 25 30m backups no just have players that can be fit for most of the season so first team 11 doesnt dropped their form . even from academy if u dont wanna spend at all simic bozzolan or bakoune zeroli victor eletu

    1. it wasnt my intention to step on your toes by the way by my phrasing but yeah i would absolutely keep kjær for the remainder of hs contract he still offers a lot when fielded and and stats proves it they fairly rarely lost with him on field. in regard of gabbia he might have a great season where he plays a lot and teams also needs bit part players just as a watch needs cogs wheels and springs, Obviously kjær wont stay for the long run but often he has been our best deffensive defender and he is also good for the dresssing room and if he plays 10-15 matches in serie a iand some european or cup matches i can live with it at least in regard for ac milan,
      Overall the squad depth and quality has improved from my view point even though i havent agreed with every decision taken we overall look far better as i see it now but the team, is still pretty young so having players ike kjær is beneficial for coherency and leadership.

  4. We dont need him , he use non EU slot . You can find many good defender in EU . Better use non EU slot for striker

  5. Of course he is not coming he has to beat Tomori Kalulu Thiaw and also even Kjaer for a stsrting spot. Our defence is good enough if our midfield does their duties aswell.
    I dont now the situation in Juventus.
    But Milan cant promise him game time.

  6. He is good from what I’ve seen but we also have good young CDs.

    Tomori still 25
    Kalulu 23
    Gabbia 23
    Thiaw 21
    And Simic 18

    They all have big future ahead of them. I think better use Simic than buying other young defender, Simic can play in primavera and when we need him, he can play in senior team as 5th choice.

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