Reports: Krunic has two admirers with Milan poised to move for replacement

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic was not named in the squad for last night’s win over Cagliari due to back issues, but there continues to be speculating swirling regarding a potential January sale.

As Tuttosport (via MilanNews) reports this morning, Fenerbahçe are pushing hard to bring Krunic to Istanbul. The Turkish side have offered him the same deal as they did in the summer, a three-year contract worth €3.5m net per year, so €10.5m overall.

The problem is that now they will have to find an agreement with Milan, but it won’t be easy given that Fenerbahce do not seem to want to pay the asking price that has been set by the Rossoneri directors.

The same thing happened in the summer when Krunic had given his approval to the idea of joining Fenerbahce, but the two clubs could not reach an agreement because the transfer fee offered was too low. There is the risk that this could happen again this month.

Meanwhile, Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) also confirm that the Bosnian could depart in the January window with Fenerbahce joined by Lyon in holding an interest.

If Krunic’s departure were to materialise, a new addition will be needed in the middle of the pitch given that Pioli will have to do without Tommaso Pobega for several months and with Ismael Bennacer involved in the African Cup of Nations with Algeria.

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  1. More business for business sake…

    If only we could recreate the line up that lead us to the top of the table at the beginning of the season.

    We must have won those games with 9 men (also discounting Calabria).

    1. I think Krunic himself very much wanted to leave … so much so that our Mister suddenly is no longer considering him for the squad. The last person to get such treatment from the Mister is Adli. But now even Adli is ahead …

    2. He wants to leave!
      This is his last chance for a big contract to support his family.
      That’s why he is not playing

      We need players who are happy to be at Milan

    3. Krunic has been awful all season and even fell out of favor with Pioli. Adli is playing more because of that. I don’t get why you’re so upset about that.

      Also we got hit by several injuries.

      We will be lucky to get 3 million now for Krunic. Should have took the 10 million last summer.

      1. Umm no he hasn’t. Krunic was great in the early part of the season when we were winning and top of the table. You might be confusing dislike for his style of play for effectiveness and ability. He got injured and as is the case with most players who get rushed back from injuries got poor form afterwards. And it was since then, his form went down. But specifically, after that 2 hour meeting where I’m guessing management told Pioli not to play him, he hasn’t played. His replacement during his injury spell Adli did great in a passing sense but was/is a defensive liability so much so that he’s not even a starter either and didn’t do well enough to comfortably steal that spot for himself. Reijnders or even Musah are preferred over him which says alot.

        1. That’s incorrect. We were on top of the table because of other players and got hit with injuries of those players. Krunic was never playing great this season. I’ll admit he may have been good for a game or two, but that form was never going to last. And when he came back, he was terrible.

          Pioli cut him out of the squad entirely. Adli has improved greatly as time has gone on. Defensive liability? I doubt that.

          I don’t see what people see in Krunic that’s so good. He just isn’t a good player. He never has been that great. And we should have took what we were offered last summer.

          1. I agree with you on Krunic but Adli is 100% a liability on defense. Cagliari wasn’t trying to attack, score or win. The last game Adli played in against a good club he was roasted for a goal and it was pretty bad. At the end I’d prefer Adli as the 5th midfielder in the rotation and Krunic can leave.

          2. I disagree. Krunic was playing well, doing his job effectively. Nothung flashy but he was crucial for our rise to the top at the beginning of the season.

          3. “We were on top of the table because of other players”. So lemme see….only the players that YOU like contributed to the success early on and the ones you didn’t like didn’t contribute to the success. Take your biased glasses off for a sec. You play as a team. If the team wins it’s a collective effort including the players you don’t like. The fact of the matter is our most successful run of form was with him in the lineup.

            Now I didn’t say they shouldn’t hv sold him in the summer but it’s not his fault management and Pioli didn’t have a proper DM for a change in tactics and formation that required a DM that was central to the tactics. Dude did what he was supposed to with minimal fuss. He was a squad player and great utility player in past seasons. Yet management spent 130million and wanted a squad player to start somehow …..that’s not his fault. They asked him to be a starter over a prolonged period of time and did well only until he got injured.

            pS yes Adli is a defensive liability. Go look at the Udinese and PSG games . And why even he also got benched by Pioli haha 😂

        2. I believe in those early games there were a couple Krunic mistakes that lead to goals. I’m remembering an errant pass and some poor marking.

          1. 🤣🤣🤣what?? Lololol 😂😂 u guys are so biased in your hate that your memory would so love to have him make mistakes that it tricks itself into making stuff up now??? “I’m remembering an errant pass and some poor marking” oh you did? Tell me when? Because he had zero errors prior to his injury. Its only the deflection in the Juve game that I recall he had an “error” but it’s a deflection and he just came back from an injury and never looked the same after. Then Adli took over and we’ve been more porous at the back than last year so far.
            Name the game before his injury, I’ll wait. Torino? He wasn’t nowhere near that goal. Roma? He’s potentially MOTM that match after Tomori red card, dude cleaned up like a mofo, Calabria costed us that one on poor marking. Inter? They spanked the whole team, most of those goals were due to Theo and Thiaw. Apart from those the rest were mostly clean sheets (another thing we don’t give credit for either but I’ll let u guys go on lol). Stop inventing and making stuff up to suit ur biases.

          2. Show me the error on a goal scored then bb. Name the game and goal before his injury where he made an error and I’ll go watch it. Otherwise go kick rocks. I’m not even a fan boy. I just tired of people hating on dude. And he should have never been put in the position he was in if management and Pioli had a proper plan. Dude became a scapegoat and because he’s not your style..

            PS there are only about 3 or 4 games where we conceded with him prior to the Verona game: Roma (Calabria’s fault), Torino (no one’s fault), Inter (Theo/Thiaw had a sh!t show).
            Yea that’s it, those were all the goals smh 🤦‍♂️

        3. I’m not convinced that Mister Pioli would have heed the management’s ‘advice’ and not play Krunic. Cos the same Pioli refused to sell Krunic in the summer although the management received offers for him. The same Pioli also refused to ‘remove’ Osti and his band of brothers when the management wanted someone answerable for the dire state of injuries. So yes, our Mister Pioli does have a ‘say’. In fact, I think I saw a piece of news saying Krunic ‘did not want’ to come on as a substitute for the Sassuolo match, citing some ‘back discomfort’. Guess what, Krunic was then entirely omitted from the squad in the next Cagliari match. Something amiss? Perhaps Krunic is so unhappy with the club/coach for not accepting his transfer request in the summer. So he is showing his disgruntled side in trainings to force a move this January. As such, Pioli who once adore Krunic so much has also given up on him. Maybe I am second-guessing like many others here do. But we never know what’s really behind the scene, do we? I’m saying Krunic is an unhappy soul in Milan right now. So why insists keeping him if he so badly wants to leave …

          1. Those points are exactly why I say he was told to do so. He’s stubborn. Still keeps the same physios (Osti…and he will keep him until upper management tells him otherwise) even after all these injuries, still plays the same players over and over, still plays Krunic, still doesn’t play Adli properly, still plays Giroud, runs players into the ground. Its how he is. Until he absolutely HAS to, otherwise he’ll stick with the same ol’ (not a bad thing sometimes though). Its why I believe he was told. It was so abrupt given how frequently he relied on Krunic it’s why I suspect someone knocked on his shoulders and said hey bud u like being employed don’t u? …

  2. Adli is playing well lately and thats because
    Krunic doesn’t play. This isn’t rocket science. Krunic needs to exit. We should have sold him last summer.

    While I like management’s moves during the summer, this was a mistake in not taking 10 million. I’d be surprised if we even get half that… more likely a third.

    1. Adli? Lately? Dude hasn’t started a match since end of November . Dude’s seen the bench more than I’ve seen my kids

        1. And Where have you been all this time?? I’m sure you’ll disappear once the transfer window ends 😂😂😂
          You don’t even watch matches or else you’d know Adli doesn’t even play so I know you’re trolling

          1. Wasn’t he a starter against Cagliari? Maybe we all were just dreaming while you were the only one who knows eeeverything, right? 🙂

          2. @bb Hahaha he started vs Cagliari. Yea and before that? His last start was like November 28 I think. 20mins here, 20 mins there, and alot of benches. In over a month Pioli hasn’t started him, then starts him in a game where we don’t REALLY care that much. ok ‘great job’ .He’s been “playing recently” lol 😂
            You of all ppl who I know actually watch games should know Pioli prefers Reijnders over Adli even at DM

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