Reports: Milan expected to raise offer for De Ketelaere in a ‘last effort’

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s attempts to sign Charles De Ketelaere from Club Brugge are far from over as an improved offer is ready, a report claims.

According to what was stated by the Belgian broadcaster RTL Sport (via, the chances of seeing De Ketelaere at Milan are not over as the Rossoneri have a new offer ready worth €33m plus a percentage on the player’s future resale.

After the last refusal from the Belgian champions, Milan are now confident that with this offer the green light will finally arrive that could see De Ketelaere become a new Rossoneri player as early as this week.

The percentage on the player’s potential future resale could represent the right addition to receive the long-awaited yes from Belgium. Meanwhile, an agreement has already been reached with the 21-year-old playmaker over personal terms, and he will earn €2.5 net per season at Milan for the next five years if he were to join. reporter Daniele Longo claims that after an afternoon of reflections, Milan are evaluating a raise to €32m fixed base plus a percentage on future resale for De Keteleare as a ‘last effort’. The player is doing what he can to convince his club.

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    1. I agree totally with Gigi. The offer is more than fair and of market value. If they reject, keep him and lose him to free transfer when his contract is up. The money we save we can go for Ziyech and N’Dicka or Tanganga!

      1. @Flossonero – didn’t you say we wouldn’t increase the offer from 32M??? And that we should all tha k you for predicting we would stay at 32M??Hahahahahaha. Price was always 35M pal. All your rants were just hot air lol. I hope we get him but we were always paying more than 32M – whether it’s in bonuses or worse now a percentage of resale value – which will be much MORE than 3M. Ya great “line in the sand” lol.

    1. Do you expect Redbird who has not close the deal to buy Milan and which deal is still subject to court battle to pay for it? This summer window is still on Elliot even if Redbird already has influence on the direction.

    2. Elliot Management is a hedge fund company, they buy low , evaluate, make improvemants and then sell high, they could care less about the fans,Italy, Milan.etc. And by the luck of the universe we win the Scudetto…..and Elliott Mgnt. hit the jackpot. Redbird knows even less about Italian soccer,big talkers,yada this ,yada that, they are now sucking big wind with empty pockets, welcome to Serie A

  1. The contrast with the way my English club (Ipswich) does business is incredible. You rarely hear about their interest in a player until a concrete offer has been made, usually for the amount the selling team is looking for – and the player is then usually signed within 48 hours. They almost never miss out on their targets. OK, it’s a totally different level money-wise (under £1.5m), but SO much more professional and decisive than Milan’s idiotic owners.

    1. Because there are no media outlets who can generate any interest speculating on the transfer business of Ipswich Town. It’s the media creating this circus, not the club.

      1. Yes there are. If you look on news aggregators like News Now, you’ll see that there are plenty of stories speculating about Ipswich Town transfer targets and summer business. Not as many as Milan, obviously, but Ipswich’s owners also have a large fanbase and a media circus of sorts to manage.

    2. Ipswich? I never heard of it. How many EPL and Champions League trophies they’ve won? 😂😂😂

      And why are you here and not in Ipswich fansite?

      1. There is competition and discussion about professional players at all levels. I don’t know why everyone is so defensive about Milan’s dreadful mercato. I still love the club, but their summer business has been shockingly bad.

  2. This week are last offer for brugge . Just switch to ziyech if brugge dont want accept AC Milan final offer. 32m euro + bonus 3m euro + resale 10 percent already fair for brugge,that already over leeds offer for CDK.

  3. I don’t think Milan will offer more than 33m bonus included and also a % of a future sale. That would be a non-sense and M%M know better

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    This management is a complete Joke!!!

    I saw Milan increased their offer, I thought they decided to pay 35m plus bonuses but they added 1m……..the deal have always had future sale, club brugge is not 5hat stupid to sell a prospect without future sell, 1m was what was added.

    CDK is already skipping matches and training like ac Milan have already signed him, he better becareful, he should ask botman how it all ended in A flash

  5. Just go for Ziyech. We missed dybala already due to circus with brugge over a player who inflated a lot by media. Yes he is talented for sure, but media overhyped it, 40mil euro for a very young player who never been in a high end club is too much. You want to compare this 21 year old kid UCL experience against Ziyech and Dybala? Come on, Ziyech is a beast along with Tadic and De Ligt in Ajax under Ten Hag. He just get a bad year at chelsea, just like Kaka in Real Madrid, and Sheva in Chelsea.

  6. Serie A is far behind, among the top three leagues in Europe. What a luck that Gasperini with Atalanta many years ago has already gone away from catenaccio. Milan has refused to adapt until the 5-0 against Atalanta! For almost 10 years, any progress the rest of Europe made was simply not accepted in Milanelo. Back to M&M, Balo Toure and Baka nothing to add…

    1. “Back to M&M, Balo Toure and Baka nothing to add…”
      – Nothing to add? LOL! OK then… I’ll add Theo, Bennacer, Kalulu, Tomori, Tonali. There. You’re welcome. 🙂

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