Reports: Milan in talks with Bundesliga side over Hauge with asking price set

By Oliver Fisher -

VfL Wolfsburg do indeed have interest in signing AC Milan winger Jens Petter Hauge this summer, a journalist has confirmed.

According to Kicker in Germany, Hauge is a player on the radar of the Bundesliga side who they believe ‘fits perfectly into their scheme’. His agent Aneke Atta posted a picture of himself at the VfL Center on Thursday with the caption “Visiting clubs” and it is believed that he was there to talk about Hauge.

According to Daniele Longo of, confirmation has arrived regarding the indiscretion of Kicker as Wolfsburg are indeed pursuing Hauge. There have been no offers at the moment and several other German clubs are interested in the 21-year-old, who has a valuation of €15m and could be sold.

Meanwhile, Ekrem Konur writes that Milan have informed Hauge’s agent of their intention to loan him to a team where he can get a chance to play more regularly, with talks between Wolfsburg and Milan underway. Burnley and Aston Villa are keeping a close eye on the situation too, he adds.

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  1. it will be a dumb decision to sell him. All because of the manager. This guy has so much potential and he is very young. It’s better to sell Leao, lazy guy

    1. Hard to disagree here. Sell Leao and give Hauge a proper chance. Leao has had enough of chances and he’s wasted them all.

    2. This is all to do with Pioli. When he will mess the season and will be sacked, better to recall hauge from loan. Don’t sell him!!

    3. Lot of comments about how he shouldn’t be sold (and I agree, he looks a good prospect), but there’s a huge difference between him and Leao; residual value.

      For Milan to break even in FFP terms with Leao, he’d need to be sold for approximately €23m. This is just to get a ‘0’ on the balance sheet. Meanwhile, in Hauge’s case, a €15m sale would add €10m to the income sheet (even though a percentage of that would likely go to his previous club).

      Milan need to increase profits from player sales; unfortunately, this might be the easiest way to do it this summer.

  2. Loan is fine, it’ll give him much needed playtime and development under a coach that actually knows and wants to utilize him. Just dont sell the kid, it would be a huge mistake.

    1. The problem is…Pioli does not like Hauge. He will use Krunic and lose every game, before he plays Hauge.
      Pioli hates Hauge.

  3. Do the management of Milan even get to hear or read the comments of their fans.
    About 80% of fans will agree that Hauge should be given more playing time as was given to Leao. This guy has much potential of a world class. We made a mistake with Locatelli and we want to repeat same again.
    In my opinion Hauge is not for sale. He is an embodiment of Kaka if you have foresight. Forza Milan

  4. I wrote many times that hauge seems having problem with pioli,starting from being excluded in europa league till zero minutes after amazing performance against sampdoria. Let’s tell me truth, what make krunic or castillejo even leao better than Hauge…?. I wrote this comment and never get feedback from editors…..

    1. Maldini, are you even listening to the fans? DONT EVER SELL HAUGE. Its just Poli’s opinion of him. Nevertheless, Poli will not be at Milan forever so there will come a time when a coach will appreciate his talent. If you have to let him grow, loan him with no option to buy……

      Recall him back if a new manager comes on board and you will see how Poli has messed up big time.

    2. That’s the sad part… we are not even sure our comments matter.. Still watching and hoping they make the right decisions

  5. Hauge has had almost as my goals as Leao with only 10% of the playing time. Sell Leao for 25-30 million and let Hauge be Rebic deputy. They have similar characteristics and Hauge has very high workrate unlike Leao. I also think Hauge has more potential of being a world class player than Leao but I hope that is not the case if we sell him.

  6. I think pioli hate hauge because fans love him, and pioli simply is saying am in charge of decision making as to who play and who doesn’t not the fans; actions speak louder than words

  7. FFS just sack pioli and other manager will treat him right. Pioli is a mediocre and he almost sell calabria, our best RB, he also judge kessie wrong before. So, tell me whats good about pioli

    1. Bro, Pioli got us back into the Champions League after 7 years by defeating Juventus and Atalanta in the last 4 games of the season without conceding a single goal. I can understand that people say he has preferences for players such as krunic but he is not a mediocre coach. I dont care if he starts krunic next season all 38 games of serie A, as long as he gets the results and fights for ambitious goals he can do whatever he wants.

  8. Most of you have been saying the entire season how bad Pioli is and he loses everything, but Milan finished second in the league. He has proven he can get results out of this group. Hauge wouldn’t have made Milan win Serie A. I have seen him play and enjoyed it by times as well, especially in the Europa league, but you have to be honest and say that every game he started in Serie A he was too light, eg. he was nowhere in the first game against Juventus. The great thing about Hauge is that when he comes in 20 minutes before the end, he gives a spark to the team and scores easily. It did help Milan but I do not see him as a starting player. None of us are there to watch training, but I guess Hauge is too light there as well to earn a starting spot. He has had several chances until the end of January but there was no growth so I understand why he doesn’t get a starting place for now. I also prefer Milan will loan him instead of selling him, but if we win 10million by doing so than that’s not a bad thing.

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