Reports: Milan at risk of missing out on Sanches as PSG submit superior offer

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are expected to miss out on what seemed like a done deal just a few days ago. Paris Saint-Germain have accelerated their pursuit of Renato Sanches and the total agreement is now just one step away. 

It’s been suggested in the last few days, but now we are clearly seeing the negative effects of the lack of renewals for Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara. It’s a situation that RedBird and Elliott must solve as soon as possible before more damage is done.

As stated by Daniele Longo, PSG ready to put €30m on the table and have already initiated contacts with the agent of Sanches. Milan, despite having an agreement with the player, have offered just €18m to Lille. Therefore, they are likely to miss out now.

Update: Longo now adds that Milan have been informed of the matter, and if PSG were to offer €30m, then the decision will go to the player. Milan are still in the running, albeit without the total ‘ok’ from the ownership.

Antonio Vitiello adds that a nearly done deal has turned into a complicated one for Milan, who will have to solve the situation of Maldini and Massara as soon as possible. On the market, you must be fast and the Rossoneri failed in this case.

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    1. If you wanna blame someone for this it should be Elliott. They decided to sell in June during transfer market. And they are the ones that didn’t extend Maldini and Massara prior to the sale even though they were doing outstanding job with literally no money to spend. RedBird just bought a huge club for a billion Euros. They need time to set their club structure before start throwing money around. The Chinese owner start throwing money without a plan and we saw how that turned out.

        1. I agree with you, the guy contributed to the fall of Arsenal in England, now he is trying the same with us. Maldini is the only pillar here , if let him leave then Acmilan will be exactly like Arsenal

      1. That is nonsense lol. what owner buys a club for a BILLION dollars without without setting up their club structure FIRST???? LOL. That’s the first thing you do buddy. What are u talking about??? You think Amazon spends a billion dollars buying another company without doing their due diligence BEFORE and knowing how they want to take over and run their new business BEFORE they buy???? LOL. Sorry buddy you have Zero clue what you are talking about. M&M not signed and no indication they will. That should tell you all you need to know buddy

        1. They have a plan what to do with the club they purchased long term but they need time to set that up personal wise. If you remember, since I have no clue, Maldini complained to the media about his contract and budget prior to the new owner arrived and the sale was completed

        2. @Juro, Redbirds negotiations with Milan started at least a month and a half before Serie A finished. A company that spends a billion dollars should already have prepared their business plan and structure. You cannot throw down the toilet a summer transfer window so Redbird can figure out their business with Milan. Summer transfer window is 90% of a club’s success.
          What worries me the most is what Commisso said: Cardinale is a manager of other people’s money…….

  1. It is Better to Miss out,Acmilan instead of Zanchez we sign Ricci of Empoli and Enzo Fenendez of River-Plate.
    They will earn leas than of R Senchez and they are Good Palyers with Beight Future

    1. To be fair if we sign Enzo Fernandez for around 10 Mil I’ll forget about this Renato Sanches mishap because he seems like a really good talent as well

  2. LOL. And there are some dip$hits on this chat that said it was better to have Redbird as owners over Investcorp! LMAO. Those were the same losers on this chat that said Leao was lazy and should be sold for 30m! What a fkn disaster it would seem. M&M not going to sign; Sanches off to PSG; Botman to Newcastle; Bremer to Tottenham; Zaniolo staying put; CDK out of reach $$$ – LOLOLO. What a fkn disgrace. Snails and mirrors boys smoke and mirrors. If you think Pioli can pull off another scudetto w this team without significant reinforcements – you all will be in for an extremely long and disappointing season IMO.

  3. Where are those guys who answered to me (while I was complaining about Redbirds delay and suspicious denial to cash in money for transfers) telling me that transfers need months of negotiations……
    The truth is one: No money,no honey.

    1. Biggest bullshit, nobody was talking about psg and sanches and we are talking for months with him. They come in 1 day and they are in advanced talks..

  4. Ah I see what’s happened here…

    Elliot – we have sold the club so WON’T invest anymore
    Redbird – we don’t technically own the club till September so CAN’T invest
    Both – Lets play the blame game where no one is to blame

    Folks – it’ may be hard to admit but we have been fooled!

    In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

    Maldini should walk with his dignity

  5. The real thing complicating this deal is Milan squad structure.

    Only 25 players over 21 years old can be registered (U-21 do not need registration). 8 of those 25 players must be homegrown players (spent at least 3 seasons in Italy at age 15-21). 4 of those 8 homegrown players must be academy products (spent at least 3 seasons in the club at age 15-21). It means only 17 spots available for non-homegrown players over 21 years old.

    Kalulu was U-21 last season but now that he is not, he will take one of the 17 spots available for non-homegrown players over 21 years old. This put Milan in difficult situation as Kessie who will leave and Romagnoli who can leave are actually homegrown players.

    Replacing Romagnoli-Kessie with Botman-Sanches does not make any sense unless Milan solve the squad structure issue, there are several options to solve it:
    1. Replace Tatarusanu with Italian goalkeeper
    2. Replace Balo-Toure with Italian left back
    3. Cut Bakayoko’s loan spell
    4. Cut Brahim Diaz’s loan spell
    5. Send Adli on loan
    6. Replace Saelemaekers or Messias with Italian right winger

    Keep in mind that center back and center midfielder is not priority. Attacking midfielder is Milan’s weakest position.

    1. What if Botman-Sanches is actually just rumours started by the media and now they are backtracking because it turn out to be false?

  6. So it turns out that it has nothing to do with Maldini renewal at all.

    Milan and Lille simply never reach agreement regarding the fee as Lille want more than 18m + bonus that Milan offered.

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