Reports: Milan reach total agreement over Taremi with Porto – the details

By Euan Burns -

Multiple reports have claimed that AC Milan have reached a total agreement for the transfer of Mehdi Taremi from Porto.

As has been reported by the likes of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sacha Tavolieri and Milan News, the full deal for the Iranian striker has now been secured and he should soon become a Milan player.

A €15m fee plus bonuses was agreed overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday but the talks then focused on the structure of the payment, with Porto presumably wanting the money to be paid in full sooner than Milan were offering.

That issue has now been resolved by the clubs and personal terms have already been agreed on by Taremi and Milan. He will sign a three-year deal worth €3m per season.

He should fly to Milan soon to begin the formal process of signing, which will need to be done quickly as he is a non-EU player and there is not much time to confirm the deal before the 20:00 CEST on Friday.

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  1. Well, wouldn’t have been top of my list but will look forward to seeing him and no doubt be incredibly relieved he’s here if Giroud gets injured. Fee plus gross wages will probably equate to roughly €10m per year.

    Bit of a shame to limit Okafor’s opportunities even further and I just hope he doesn’t become another Origi on the books.

    1. Taremi is anything but an Origi, the man has scored +80 goals over the past 3 seasons, Origi scored less than 20 league goals during his entire time at Liverpool

      1. Okafor I mean – if we hardly use him for a season

        Taremi certainly risks that – he’s got a great scoring record but who knows if he’ll fit the style of play (I think he will) or how he’ll adapt to getting fewer minutes and opportunities than at Porto. But every signing is a risk.

        1. His injury record is clean. He is rarely injured, and Giroud will not be able to play every game. We have Copa Italia, Champions League Football and Seria Fixtures, so he will get plenty of minutes here. I just hope we will not get placed in the group of death like we did 2 years ago. Many predicted this group- City-Madrid-Milan-Galatasaray, which seems plenty plausible to me.

    2. Okafor has always been to be Leâo’s backup, not Giroud. Pioli was exploring the idea of inserting him into the CF role because of lack of alternative. Okafor is for the left wing

    1. not really most arab fans including me hate this deal , if you mean iran then yeah sure , but the whole middle east trust me its not the case !

        1. its a football site , so i will keep my answer as short as possible “iran is the worst neighbor a country could have ” aka politics …

          1. Ahhh, don’t like when people involve Politics into Football, but it will be nice seeing Pulisic, Musah and Taremi on the same time lol.

          2. Ahhh, don’t like when people involve Politics into Football, but it will be nice seeing Pulisic, Musah and Taremi on the same time lol.

          3. doki ,i understand your point view and i actually agree with it , politics and football should not mix but sometimes u cant control your feelings .

          4. as an ideal yes it should be seperated but it would be naive to think it can be done or for that matter that decisions made in sports isnt highly politcal to begin with.

      1. Why people call Persians , arab??
        We are not arab for god sake !
        And Milan have many many fans here even before Taremi joining !

  2. Taremi is a class player. Not fancy striker, but rather unorthodox who knows how to create a lot of chances for the team.

  3. Now we have a proper and complete team with a goal scoring striker.
    I love Okafor even before Milan signed him but for a team to be among the best in the world, there has to be strong competition in every positions so he has to fight for his place and this includes Rafa Leao who has increased his work rate this season seeing that he’s no longer irreplaceable!
    Just look at man City or Psg, any substitute is mostly usually an upgrade during games unlike during Maldini who always brought in inferior players not to upset the starters even though they were terrible. Let’s go Milan

  4. As you can see it, the Milan management has not missed any of their major targets. Where are all the people in here who were saying Redbird is here to sell everyone to make money and not invest?
    They granted Milan with the best and smartest transfer in more than than years. Now it’s up to Pioli to do his part because he asked for that and he got his wish.
    The new players are all upgrade to the ones we have last seasons except for Theo, Maignan and Leâo

    1. With this deal and the start to the season, looks like a good job. So far so good.

      I am one of the most vocal critics and even so, it is undeniable, they handled this summer well.

      If everything continues to go well, there is nothing else to say besides nice work.

      1. “I am one of the most vocal critics…” Yeh, we noticed. At least you’re coming around finally, unlike some still incessantly whining.

        1. The question marks have affirmed themselves as positive answers, RLC, Pulisic, Santa’s helper have been remarkable, Musah, Chuk and Okafor haven’t been required to date. With more time they should be fine. I knew Pulisic was a sure thing performance wise as l9ng as he stayed healthy.

          As long as everyone is healthy and we keep improving, there is absolutely no reason to continue bashing. We needed more speed in the middle and upfront to keep up. Those extra split seconds we were missing to finish chances we created last year are being found against clubs we played poorly against. No reason to not be optimistic

  5. Gradually he will be the main striker, he is younger than Giroud and more aggressive, the club did not spend this kind of money for a bench warmer

  6. For 15 he’s a steal. In other news:

    “According to the report, Napoli could now make an offer to sign the Moroccan (Amrabat) on loan with an obligation to buy. This formula would satisfy club Presidents Aurelio De Laurentiis and Rocco Commisso who are said to be on good terms.”

    Also a steal.

    1. Amrabat’s contract is up next year, so either that story was made up by a clueless journalist or they’d have to have Amrabat sign an extension with Fiorentina prior to the loan move happening. Seems unlikely to me.

      1. fiorentina has an option to extend his contract for a year according to english media , if the reports are correct then its doable

    1. He will be employed as a backup for Rafa. Is recovering from an injury as well so the depth option will benefit him for now while he finds his optimal fitness levels and rhythm in his game. Leao played a lot the last years and is prone to fatigue. I believe Noah will get his fair share of opportunities this season. With 5 subs, it also helps to rotate during compact schedules.

  7. I was disappointed to see Maldini being sacked because he was an icon for Milan and probably one of the best left backs ever played. However, his interference in selection and signing new players did cost Milan a great deal in terms of quality and salaries. It is clear, he really didn’t have any business sense.

    1. Before you get too excited this new mob need to deliver a scudetto, back to back champions league qualifications and a semi-finals of the champions league before they’ve achieved what Maldini & Co achieved.

      We’re two games in to the new project. Let’s see what happens.

      PS What business changes 50% of its workforce???

  8. Perfect transfer market,one of the best since the 90s and Papi Silvio era.

    “Lucky for us” Kruninho is staying with but every other move by the management was perfect,.They sold the trash that Maldini guild up and all the new players are young,hunger and motivated and talented,finally i will probably watch all the games ,not the just the highlights like in many other seasons before..

    Forza Milan

    1. Erm the best transfer window since we probably signed the two Dutch men was January 2020 when we signed Kjaer and Ibra and turned Milan from a mid-table side to champions.

      It’s also an excellent example of how high impact, targeted signings generally are better than a scatter gun approach like we’ve seen this summer (that’s not to say a scatter gun approach can’t be effective).

  9. He’s not my first choice but he certainly adds quality. If he can bring his Porto form to San Siro then he should do well.

    I agree with the first post from R about it being a shame on Okafor, I’d like to see him in that east mobile front three with Rafa and Pulisic/Chuk.

    Welcome Taremi

  10. I guess first ever iran striker to ever play for sempremilan i wish you more win more goals more trophy froza taremi froza milan

  11. Guess what I’m going to say…..

    A new striker would be great. I mean we may as well have given the Okafor money to charity but I’ll never say no to a striker (which is lucky as we’ve signed at least one new striker every year for 15 years).

    Strikers are difference makers. You get a striker who scored 20+ goals and you’re set. Of course nothings guaranteed and there are far more flops than successes but it’s worth a pop with an ageing Giroud.

  12. Taremi I think is the missing price neededp to complete d center forward fr nw.and okafor was bought fr d leftwing position to give leao a rest and I bet u, watch okafor again playing as a leftwinger he is untouchable.

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