Reports: Moncada present for Monza’s clash against Lazio – potential targets

By Isak Möller -

Geoffrey Moncada is present at U-Power Stadium for Monza’s clash against Lazio this evening, as confirmed by various outlets. As Daniel Maldini is injured, the AC Milan director is clearly there to watch other players. 

According to the journalist Giorgio Musso, then confirmed by Daniele Longo, Moncada arrived at the stadium before the kick-off between Monza and Lazio. Granted that the Rossoneri’s technical director always likes to watch players, he mainly makes these trips when there is concrete interest.

Milan have been linked with Monza goalkeeper Michele Di Gregorio in the past, evaluating the sale of Mike Maignan, and Moncada will surely keep an eye on him. Warren Bondo and Andrea Colpani have also been linked with the club, with the former very close to joining before he went to Monza.

Milan will surely also keep an eye on Maldini until the end of the season, albeit not tonight as he’s injured. The loanee has scored four goals since he joined Raffaele Palladino’s side in January, which is impressive. Lorenzo Colombo shouldn’t be forgotten either, but he’s on the bench tonight.

For now, however, we can only speculate about the potential targets. Names will likely emerge in the upcoming days/weeks as we get closer to the summer mercato. But the fact that Moncada has made the trip himself is indeed a signal.

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  1. Well im putting a bet on him scouting Di Gregorio. With Mike getting injured a lot, i think managment is considering cashing in on Maignan and I think they should. Di Gregorio is a great GK, we can get him for probably around 30mil and for Mike we can easily get 60+mil.

  2. It blows my mind how people like “Moneyball Moncada” get so much sh*t from a portion of the fan base when they’re only working in the best interests of the club. Maybe we should just let him get on with his job and Trust the Plan….

    1. Moncada has been good. If we had gotten the players we wanted to get it, he would have been better. Enzo Fernandez for example.

        1. What poor decisions? Given d budget and d conditions, no one could have done better.. people keep shouting about missing Enzo, since d world cup, what spectacular thing has Enzo done? Has Enzo stood out in any way? Enzo is an over hyped spoilt brat….. So as far as I am concerned not signing Enzo was not an error… We needed an AM more than Enzo at d time, he used his budget for CDK, yes CDK flopped but so can any other player… The same Maldini got Theo, leao, maignan, Adli, and many others but people choose to focus on not getting Enzo….there is no DS who has not had a miss in his make una move on…at least Furlani don spend 130m to build an average team coached by a mediocre playing patterless football

          1. Don’t waste your time.
            Maldini haters will never agree or see the good he did. Every good done was the club, and every fault was Maldini and his alone.

            Like he had unfettered powers that were not vetoed by those above him.

            Maybe he would have worked magic with his own money to make up for the payment of salaries for the players who left, or for the budget he asked for but was not given.

            The blind objectivity Maldini detractors lack is always amusing.

    2. Haters gonna hate. They enjoyed the transfer campaigns of Galliani during the banter years so much so that they can’t comprehend what anything other than that looks like.

          1. Gee, let’s see… signing Kessie, Bennacer, Leao, etc. flying out to convince Theo, locker room presence, etc etc. I wonder why criticizing Maldini means you must “hate” Maldini with you guys….

  3. Moncada has gotten it wrong what will need is an attacking midfielder we don’t need a central midfielder we have a central midfield so all we need is an attacking midfield 2 and 2 wingers (leao deputy and chukwueze deputy) that’s all

    1. 😂 no way u think we don’t need a DM. We have RLC, Reijnders, Pulisic all options AM. We also don’t know what formation it will be next season so we need the DM more than AM

  4. Moncada works within the parameters given by the owners. Yes, he is looking for bargins because he can’t buy 60mil player.

  5. You guys gotta keep it a buck. Can’t attribute all the good ones to Moncada, all the bad ones to Maldini. If Deers, Kalulu and Theo are “his” then so too are Romero, CDK and Vranckx. The science isn’t exact.
    They both (Moncada and Maldini) chose the players we had before this season and for this season it was moreso Moncada and Furlani. What I’d to see is Moncada sticking to his choices instead of sending them away after one season or less.

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