Reports: Pobega set for new loan as Milan identify €10m+ deputy to Bennacer

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are expected to loan Tommaso Pobega out as they look to seal a couple more signings, according to a report. reports that after the signing of Alessandro Florenzi, the Rossoneri management will focus on signing a fourth midfielder for the rotations. Pobega is seen as more of a deputy to Franck Kessie, as well as Tonali, but he could leave on loan. It will not be a permanent exit because Maldini and Massara strongly believe in him and want to give him the opportunity to find more playing time than Pioli can guarantee him at the moment.

If Pobega leaves, that slot in midfield will be free for a deputy to Bennacer. More specifically, Milan are looking for a technically gifted midfield profile who is young and in line with the now well-known club strategy. Yacine Adli of Bordeaux is the target, and the Girondins are asking for a sum of just over €10m plus a percentage on future resale, which makes things affordable for Milan.

MilanNews confirm the news that Adli as seen as more of a player for the double pivot than someone who would come in and be the new attacking midfielder.

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  1. I agree with this move Pobega wasn’t a good fit next to Tonali in the double pivot. This seems to be a good move to advance Pobega’s development.

  2. Nelli, it’s a solution for now, but the thing is: where does Pobega fit in in the long run? Regardless of how much he improves in the next season, if he’s not the type to play in the double pivot or as a trequartista, he doesn’t have a role in Milan’s midfield. It does not seem likely that Pioli will change formation to a 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 to accommodate a mezzala. Therefore, does Pobega actually have any future at Milan? This could just be another season on loan to butter him up before a sale. People will go crazy if this happens and point to Locatelli, Cristante, and Pessina, but in this case this may be a player that just doesn’t fit into the puzzle.

    1. Pioli is at his last year contract. Contracts extentions just depends on his performance. He could go earlier or later. You’re assuming like Pioli will be at helm forever. Coach changes and new coach will have different idea. Therefore loaning out the players Pioli doesn’t need is better solution rather than selling him just like Hauge.

      1. Perhaps, or perhaps we will challenge for the title and at least make it to the CL knockouts. What would be the reason to replace the coach? Ancelotti spent 8 years at Milan and “only” won 2 CLs and 1 league title. With that squad he should have won more. We don’t know what will happen in the medium to long term. What we do know is that we’re in the CL for the first time in 8 years, Inter is shredding itself, and Juve has not strengthened. Milan NEEDS stability more than anything. So if players show progression, and we’re at least in the top 4 by season’s end I can’t see why Pioli wouldn’t get extended.

  3. instead of loan, why don’t sell him outright? he is not suited to the system pioli implement right? and its a tradition to feel upset later on, when they play well elsewhere

    1. he is loaned cause milan wants him to play more, if he stays here he will be 4th choice mid

      which means milan think he will be top player if few years. so milan rather put other player for few years to play as 4th

      my personal opinion, i rather put pobega as 4, so that milan can proper invest in striker. might be because i dont believe pobega will be top player like milan do

  4. Is florenzi really a done deal?
    Based on recent rumors and their aftermath it is hard to believe anything until the official announcement

  5. Hahaa ok, so the kid has worked his tail off this preseason and is already adapting and playing well in a 2 man pivot (which we all pre-judged him and said he couldn’t do it based off of nothing) with minimal time suggesting he will become much better with more time, yet what’s his reward? Leave Milan so we can bring in more french children. AC France is our new name. Pioli is a bum, Elliot is only about money, and Maldini hates his own nation. Cool. Our only saving grace this season is the other teams have weakened too.

    1. OR because he’s behind Bennacer and Kessie he should be loaned out to continue the growth, as opposed to stagnating on the bench, and in a year maybe they sell Kessie or Bennacer to generate funds for needier positions and Pobega will take his place? But then you’d cry about how we sell our top players right? The only children I see are the ones that: A. Don’t know what fiscal responsibility is; B. Cry when top players are sold and replaced by promising players because “the club as no ambition”; or C. Cry when the promising players are sold to keep the more expensive “top” players because the club has “no loyalty”. WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT? There are only 11 places on the pitch FFS.

      1. Sorry Vero, but when all you think about is money the meaning is gone, the romance of the game dies. Merit should always prevail in sport and Pobega deserves to stay. Alas, this is the modern heartless penny pinching Milan so he wont.

        1. zoro caloro. you are the most negative cunt ive ever read! im so glad you are an inter fan. ive probably read 30 comments written by you on ths site, and everything is wrong for you! fuck italians. theres almost no talent in italy players nowaday, and the talented ones are way over our budget. keep dreaming in the past, eith all the failures. we are looking to the future.

        2. Pobega won’t get any playing time under Pioli and harm his own development. Same goes for Plizzari. Both should leave for their own good. (On a Dry Loan)

        3. I mean I sympathize with your sentiment, but the reality is that football like anything else is a business. Sure, I wish Donnarumma had been a Milan player for life, but the kid got offered a massive salary and he’s looking out for himself and his family. It’s like this for everyone in the world. Barcelona went broke because of romance. Now they ended up losing Messi anyway, plus they are in a dire economic position. Best to have parted ways before the prior 150mm per year contract. How absurd is that number? Where was his romance for the club when he requested that in order to stay? And then he cries in a press conference? (Tax evasion is also not romantic. You rob society of funds for schools, transportation, infrastructure, etc. Filthy rich and still wanting a few dollars more.) This is what we’ve got…

    2. Why are you do negative? France players are cheap. Pioli got us to the champions league since a decade or so. Lets hope we get a good AM at least and maybe next year we can make some real money on transfers.

  6. I believe in buying a young player and giving them the trust and time to play at that very young age. Kaka was just 21 years old when we bought him, won trophies with us and left at the age of 27. You won’t expect me to mention his achievements on a personal level and as a good leader and team player. All this was just between 6 years. If maldini and the Coach believes in the French young attacking midfielder they should get him. Why I mention the coach is that if the coach is support of buying the player he will give him he (the player) necessary playing time and encourage to grow. Look at kessie and bennacer now.

    1. Yeah, this is not reality. You get played when you are the best (or the best of what is left when the best is injured or rested). Name a top team that does it your way. Pobega can be loaned to a team where he is the best in his position and get playing time. Kessie and Bennacer were always the best of what we had even when they were not that good.

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