Reports: Turning point arrives in Botman saga – he will join Newcastle as Milan miss out

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan appear to have missed out on Sven Botman as he has decided to accept the offer of Newcastle United, according to a report.

According to what is being reported by Sportitalia (via MilanNews), a decisive moment has arrived in the Botman saga and it is not good news for Milan. The Dutch player decided to accept Newcastle’s offer and will join the Premier League side, having finally given up on waiting for Milan.

The Magpies made a higher bid and Milan never raised theirs and now Paolo Maldini has resigned himself to losing Botman, so the Rossoneri must now turn to alternative targets, whomever they might end up being.

Daniele Longo of meanwhile is reporting that Newcastle have had a €40m offer accepted and Lille have got their wish as they wanted to sell to the highest bidder, while the player has now accepted the move.

Maldini and Massara – amid corporate delays due to the change of ownership and uncertainty over their own contracts – did everything that they could, even flying to Lille before Milan’s 2-0 win over Atalanta towards the end of last season, but in the end they have missed out.

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    1. They’re a football club and they’ve received a much better offer, they’d be foolish not to take it. They’re not greedy, you’re just bitter.

  1. All thanks to the management 👏 Perhaps a blessing in disguise… Let’s go for Bremer if true. He’s a proven Serie A player

  2. Wow. What a surprise – not. Milan will miss out on all their summer targets, because the owners are a bunch of unprofessional cheapskates.

    1. I think it’s fair they got outbid by the nation of Saudi Arabia. It’s not ‘cheap’ to have a maximum valuation of a player.

  3. Similar to all the other overdiscussed cases, it ends up not happening. Donna, Calha, Kessie, Simakan, now Botman etc.
    Same story, same result. The rule seems to be that every case which takes more than a month (or so) to happen, will not happen at all. Renato, Leao renewal (will be the worst of all if doesn’t happen) will have the same fate probably…
    Contrary, cases like Tonali, Tomori, Theo renewal finished so easily, quietly.

  4. Kjaer returning from injury, Roma leaving… With only Tomori and Kalulu as DC playing on multiple fronts is huge problem. Most likely will come low cost player with potential and that is all… No chance for Bremer or that type of players… Looks like Milan will buy 1 player or maybe two if they sell Samu, Sale and Rebic… To miss primary target who wants to join the club is not only because of Lille requests. On this football market plus new big spender In New Castle either you pay what you want or someone else buys it , you can’t negotiate to long… Last year’s title I want to be rule not exception… And now we hear again that Milan fights for CL spot this year again… the message sent that afelter more then 6 months negotiations Milan can’t close the deal is terrible… Maybe even message to Massara and Maldini…

    1. Of course he won’t reach his potential at oil money fc, he’s just going to waste the early stages of his career at a mediocre club with for the most part to keep it blunt, below par players, at Milan he’d be getting UCL football and the chance at winning trophies, the only trophies I see coming for Newcastle are in another decade

      1. Did you really say “ he won’t reach his potential at oil money fc”?? Are you a racist idiot or what? Wake up buddy. This is 2022 not 1972

        1. Are you serious clown? You have to be pretty damn stupid to think that “oil money” is a race, if you actually had some brain cells and some common sense you’d know that I’m implying that the only reason Newcastle is on the rise is because of their rich owners but then again common sense isn’t too common for you mate

        2. Also for everyone who sees this message, this “Juro” guy is the same guy who went onto multiple articles stating how “pathetic” Milan are and ended them all off with saying “embarrassing” and then in other cases was just being completely negative about Milan. Please mate I really hope that you aren’t a Milan fan because you don’t deserve to be one, and if you aren’t please get out of here because your constant negative comments along with you copying and pasting the same negative messages into multiple articles are not needed:) once again I do genuinely hope you’re not a Milan fan because you don’t seem to be a supporter if anything you seem to be a hater because every messages this guy posts is negative about Milan, when we literally just won the Scudetto, you’re also arguing with multiple milanisti in the comments so I do hope you’re not a Milan fan because from what has been said it seems to be you’re an inter fan

      2. Milan have champions league football lol, there’s about as much chance as the next pope being a frog then Milan winning the champions league, to call Newcastle a mediocre club is just daft, they have an absolutely outstanding fan base, great stadium and are definitely a club on the up and will be top 6 in the premier league within the next 2-3 years, after that the sky is the limit due to there unlimited funds, if you can’t see Newcastle will be very very good in the not so distant future your very short sighted to say the least.

    2. Mrme, a better club than ac milan ? are you freaking kidding. I have by the way always liked newcastle utd as they played great football in the mid 90ies but they havent even won a championship since 1926-27 and has only won it 4 times in their entire club history and you have the audacity to even compare your team with ac milans who has won 19 championships and 7 cl trophies amongst a bunch of other ones.
      The only clubs from the epl that are evn remotely comparable to ac milan are liverpool and man utd. Oh yeah ive also had a fondness for wolverhampton and that club also are well ahead of your club so grow up and read the writing on the wall.

    3. Also “in a better league” the defending standards are usually higher in Serie A (I must admit though a lot of the attackers in Serie A are quite mediocre besides a few bunch like Leão, Vlahovic, Chiesa, Lautaro etc…) But when it comes to the defense, Serie A has extremely high standards, standards that are higher than those in the TV Revenue League, also where do you think is better for him? Newcastle where he won’t win trophies unless he sits there for another decade? Or Milan who are in the UCL and fighting for trophies with the competition of other top defenders in the squad and with maldini watching him? Please do tell

      1. “TVRevenue League”?? What kind of idiot are you lol. EPL is a better league than Serie A that is a fact. Has been for a long time. Why? Because like everything else in life they have the most $$ to attract the best players. Italy used to be like that in the 90’s but now it’s the EPL. We cannot compete. You sound like a proper fool with your comments about “oil money” and “TV Revenue league” What league wouldn’t want the TV money the EPL generates lol. Geez bro

        1. Firstly no need to deep it, I watch the prem a bit less than Serie A but I enjoy it so if you didn’t deep you’d understand I’m just joking and secondly I’m not exactly wrong, before the government backing and all the TV Revenue where were the good players? Oh yea in Serie A dumbass I have no problem saying the prem is a the better league currently overall 🙂 but due to your stupidity you can’t read comments. Please don’t come back to this website with all your absurd assumptions like me being racist because I think twitter is the right place for you. We don’t want you here 🙂

    4. He won’t play in Europe for years too come. Newcastle can’t compete with Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea for at least 3-4 years and that if their lucky, maybe more. By the time they make it to CL his contract will be done and he will be gone.

      And with the new FPP rules coming in without Europe they will be in negative and be forced to sell like Inter. If all he cares about its money good for him, but if he wanted to prove his worth he could have gone to a spot where he played in CL.

  5. Lol. What a joke this new management is… I don’t even think we need Botman but it’s pathetic that we lost out when the players wanted it so badly and Maldini was pushing too.

    Not a good sign guys…!

  6. Good luck to him.
    No reason to be upset or blame the management or ownership.
    Milan valued him at around 30 mil , Newcastle just like the other EPL clubs cane in and over spent on him.
    This is not one of those where management waited too long to close the deal and Newcastle swooped in and stole the player from under our noses. Newcastle has been after Botman and offering more money for him since January.
    Yes Botman wanted Milan and Milan wanted Botman but his price was above what Milan valued him at.
    On to the next one
    Ps. He reminded me a lot of Romagnoli anyway

  7. He is not a necessity. Our defense is already the best in the league. We need RW and AM desperately! CDK and/or Dybala must be signed. We should also get a younger CF since Ibra is finished and Giroud is 36.

  8. It is hard to compete in auction with oil money club. Just move on guys. No need to comment hate speech. Bremer or arthur theatre are good target too. I only know newcastle when alan shearer play there, but for now they will hard to finish top 4 compete with manc city,liverpool,chelsea,totenham,arsenal,manc united

    1. @Juro so everyone here who said referred to Newcastle as an oil money club is racist now eh? Your logic really fits in with Twitter:)

  9. Some of the comments on this site that NUFC is better than Milan, what is Kevin Keegan playing for them again? The people asserting NUFC are better than Milan cannot have ever played football at any level to make this sort of ridiculous assertion, and as for the EPL being the ‘best league’, is it? Maybe not. Germany & Italy have 8 World Cups between them, England has a big fat 1.

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