Reports: Two clubs interested in Daniel Maldini but renewal is needed first

By Oliver Fisher -

After spending last season with Spezia, Daniel Maldini could be set for a new loan spell in Serie A as AC Milan ponder his future.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky (via MilanNews), the growth path of Daniel Maldini could continue with another loan spell for 2023-24. He finished his loan year at Spezia with two goals – against Milan and Inter – and that has attracted Empoli’s interest.

The Tuscan club appear to be keen on securing the services of the attacking midfielder for the season ahead but it is not clear if they are willing to take him on loan or if they might aim to secure a permanent deal.

Meanwhile, this morning’s edition of Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) writes how Empoli and Salernitana are in a head-to-head battle to try and sign the 21-year-old.

Maldini’s contract with the Rossoneri expires in June 2024, so he will first have to renew his agreement with the club if he is to leave on loan.

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  1. What’s the point of renewing?

    They clearly have no intention of ever using him. Otherwise they stop trying to sign players in his position.

    If we’re going to sign 6-7 players each transfer window, how exactly are we then also ever going to introduce youth players?

    We’re already changing nearly a third of the squad every season, there just isn’t the bandwidth.

    So these youth players just keep getting loaned out.

    It’s absolutely hopeless.

    1. Are you really said that, knowing how the boy fare last season? Or only because he have ‘Maldini’ in his name so we should keep playing him?

      The boy can’t even lock starting position at Spezia which got relegated and you want us to depend on him?

      If the boys have quality then he will play. Even Pioli keep playing youngsters like Brahim, Kalulu, Theo and Leao when they first came here – and they showed clear improvement and be starting position.

      But the sad truth is, our current primavera isn’t that good yet they can supply us with constant new quality blood – and harsh truth is Maldini is quite limited in quality and potential – he is almost 22 but showed little sign of improvement from the first time he showed for us.

      We signing 6-7 players each season because we still lack in quality and depth – especially because last summer gamble didn’t work out. The other team can be satisfied with signing 2-3 players each season because they already have quality team, or because they don’t have high ambition so can wait for the players to develop slowly – but that isn’t the case for us.

      1. What about el-hilali and chaka traire?
        Chaka even played in Serie A way before he join Milan. But we never play him stleadt against small teams.

      2. It’s not about “quality” (whatever that means).

        He’s already in the top 0.0001% of footballers on the planet by virtue of the fact that he played for Milan’s youth team and broke through to the first team.

        The issue is that there is this constant, unrelenting need to keep moving players around like it’s some kind of coked up game of chess.

        These players that go onto on loan are not actually intended to play. They’re just intended to be “flipped”. They arrive at their host club with no long term future there so just make up the numbers.

        Also youth players have to perform at about twice the level of expensive signings: a) because the expensive signings are expensive and b) because the youth players are just seen as sources of “profit” as the club makes losses on expensive signings that far outweigh any profit from flipping youth players.

        Look at Cutrone at Milan. He kept outscoring every new signing they threw at him from Higuaín to Silva, and even then they still got rid of him.

        Then having been uprooted and changing clubs like a barman changed bars, he lost confidence and form.

        This is constantly happening in modern football.

        Italy hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to play football. All that’s happened is that we have non-existent system for developing players. Worse – we have a system that specifically works against them.

    1. Would that make the Ac Maldini fan base at least a little bit happy?
      We were used to losing our best players for free under his father, why not him too, right?
      At least he isn’t worth a damn, unlike the ones that his father lost who were worth over 100 million combined.

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