Reports: West Ham agree €60m deal for Paqueta – what it means for Milan

By Isak Möller -

West Ham have reached an agreement with Lyon for the transfer of Lucas Paqueta, as reported by several credible sources this afternoon. Good news for AC Milan, who are entitled to part of the transfer fee. 

When the Rossoneri sold Paqueta to Lyon for a transfer fee of €20m two years ago, they also included a 15% resale clause. It was a very smart decision as the Brazilian is now on the verge of completing a €60m move to West Ham.

According to Sky UK, West Ham have agreed to a deal worth over £50m with Lyon, which is €59m. The Athletic also confirmed that an agreement has been reached between the club, with only the official documents missing to conclude the move.

As reported earlier today by Daniele Longo, Milan are not entitled to 15% of the entire transfer fee, but rather the profit. Since Lyon paid €20m for Paqueta, that means the Rossoneri will get 15% of €40m (which is €6m).

It’s money that Milan could use to reinforce either the defence or the midfield before the window closes.

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  1. What about money from CL participating (20+ mil €) ,and for serie A winners (25 mil €) ?
    Our owners did not even invest that money ,not to speak about boosting us with some extra money from them which is only dream.

      1. If we can sell Leaoao for 120M ++ and get all full ticket sold during this season then it would be half the debt paid. Maybe next year we could be the true elite club that we used to be more than a decade ago.

    1. Money from CL participation (€20 million), scudetto (€24 million) already used for:
      – bought CDK (€35 million)
      – permanent Florenzi & Messias (€6-7 million)
      – renew Mirante

      And then there’s also money to:

      – clean up some debt
      – daily operational cost like pre-season, training, transportation, etc
      – renew Maldini & Masara
      – renew Tomori, Ibra, Pobega
      – bringin new players for Primavera and Women team

      Now you know it’s not cheap and easy to manage club like Milan!

      1. Other clubs also pay their own dues so stop acting like it is only Milan that have something to do with Money……our management sucks big time, the scudetto is the only light shinning in this club, out management is trash.

        Keesie, Hakan, donarruma = almost 200m and we didn’t get a dime. We won the scudetto and yet we are crying every over 1m and ended up with no transfer but one, took 100hrs to renew Maldini, no transfer in last year January and yet nothing to show for it this mecato, a hedge fund sold to another hedge fund…….

        Milan management sucks bro, Maldini is just here for the love, the club is run like cocoa factory

        1. So are the owners at fault for Kessie, Hakan, Donnaruma, Romagnoli leaving for free without Milan getting a dime or the man responsible for buying and selling players?
          You can possibly blame the owners for not providing more money for buying players, but when it comes to losing players for free, you should look at the guy who is here “for the love of the club” who also negotiated his “love” for a whole month in his renewal

          1. @coco the management are responsible for renewals, who then is at fault? Me? We can not lose over 200m without nobody being responsible for that, so yes the management failed woefully in that aspect, those players were not underperforming, they were at their peak and lost all without a dime, yesssssss, it is the management fault

        2. 1. “out management is trash”

          This management put Milan back in the champions league after been absent for 8-9 years, a scudetto after 11 years, and much healthier financial. If it’s not for this management, Milan already been bankrupt years ago.

          2. “Keesie, Hakan, donarruma = almost 200m and we didn’t get a dime”

          – Dollaruma: doesn’t want to renew if Milan didn’t pay him €12 million /year, €20 million fee for Raiola, a couple of million for his father, and keeps hiring his useless brother as the 2nd GK which cost €1 million /year. Dollaruma cost more than his market value and it’s clear his passion isn’t with Milan anymore.

          – Hakan: the guy is a snake. He demands €5 million /year despite he knows his performance doesn’t worth that much. He also have problems with Ibra who scolded him because he plays badly. Not worth to keep him after he mocked Milan fans and players in last season derby.

          – Kessie: same as Hakan but at least he left in a good note.

          All these three players doesn’t want to renew their careers with Milan so can’t blame the management who already tried their best to negotiate.

          1. You do realize that a player can be sold when he doesn’t want to renew because he wants more money or for whatever reason.
            Napoli’ Fabian Ruiz doesn’t want to renew, has 1 year left on his contract, about to be sold to PSG for 25 mil. They did the same thing with Milik couple years ago.
            Lille sold Renato Sanches who didn’t want to renew with a year left on his contract for 15 mil.
            Tottenham sold Eriksen to Inter for 20 mil and the guy had
            5 months left on his contract
            There are 100 examples of players that don’t want to renew get sold for profit if you have a Sporting director that is proactive and good at his job.
            Donnarumma, Hakan had 2 years left on their contracts when Maldini became SD.
            Kessie, Romagnoli had 3 years left when he became SD.
            For 2 and 3 years he couldn’t negotiate contract extension or realize that can’t afford to keep those players and sell them.
            Can’t just blame the players and called them greedy. They wanna get paid based on their market value. Milan can’t afford that as of yet.
            Donnarumma was top 3 GK and wanted to get paid as that
            Kessie top 3 DMs in Europe and wanted to get paid as that
            Romagnoli didn’t fit Pioli style of defense
            Hakan just made a fool out of Maldini. Wait until I come back from the Euros and I’ll sign. He got of the plane and went straight to inter’s HQ.
            We are literally seeing the same thing happening with Leao and Bennacer.
            We all love Maldini but he is at fault for the low transfer budget because those 4 players, not 200 mil but would have certainly brought 125-150 mil

          2. @Coco

            Did you even follow the news? The problem is those three players doesn’t want to renew nor sell to other club and Maldini already asked them a year before the contract expired.

            Look at Leao. His contract still left 2 years and Maldini already asked him for a renew. The same for Bennacer, Tonali, Kalulu, Tomori, Kjaer, Pobega.

            In Hakan, Dollar, and Cashie case, the blame is on them, NOT on Maldini.

            And how the fvck you defend Dollaruma demands? No top Europe GK have the salary like Dollaruma demands, not even Neuer who already won many titles including World Cup and Champions League. Not just Milan but no clubs granted Dollaruma demands until PSG came and only offered him €8 million /year or he will be without club for a year.

            I’m glad the snake kebab is left. No one missed him out, not even Maldini, after he mocked Milan fans and players at the derby only to found himself as a joke because Milan won the scudetto lmao 🤣

            Seriously, the more i read your post the more i’m convince your not a Milan fans. No Milan fans defends Dollaruma or snake kebab with how disrespectful their attitude towards Milan and Maldini.

          3. @forza Milan
            These are lies, they all wanted to renew but the management submitted an offer at the wrong Times while also trying to underpay them, those players are human, you can not force someone to take 3m when he already have 6m waiting, unless you approach them ontime, they are correcting the mistake now though by trying to renew some players early…..the management did not bring us back, it was Maldini and Ibrahimovic that brought the team back, those owners doesn’t even know anything about football, they are just here for profits, that how hedge fund operates……over 200m can not just move off and someone won’t take responsibility

        3. @Kossy
          I disagree because u are blaming the owners and letting Maldini off the hook. Outside of the sale of the club Elliot doesn’t really make money off Milan because the club still runs losses at the end of the year.
          Elliot sets the budget available, Maldini knows the budget and he needs to work in the framework of the budget set. If he knew that based on the budget , he wont be able to resign the players because their demands are too high , those players need to be put up for sale.
          You can’t tell me Elliot told him, Nah just let them leave for free, we don’t need the 125-150 mil that those players can bring us on the market, we’ll just make that up by being cheap with the players that are still under contract, and being cheap and nickle and dime every transfer negotiations.

      2. Money from cl is participation is 48 million not 20 million get it + u also never mentioned money from sponsorship that’s almost 120 million these Elliott thugs buckets almost 200 million profits

    2. “Our owners did not even invest that money”

      How do you know that? CDK’s 32M€ + bonuses must have been paid somehow. Was it paid with the money from spectators from home matches, money from sponsors, prize money from scudetto or what?

  2. This FFP rules is something plainly absurd, surrealist and in the end absolutely hypocritical in terms of a 111% capitalist business. I mean, this is simply ridiculous, so an eventual new owner, if he was passionate or flamboyant enough to do it, couldn’t just make a capital injection of, say, a billion euros in the club, because the business needs to be ‘self-sustainable’… And this determined by one of the most corrupt entities in the galaxy… oh go to hell!

    1. I totally agree except for “capitalism” part. In capitalism no stupid rule like that would exist. It is pure corrupt socialism, as socialism usually is.

  3. We have to be patient boys. Next year will be the year Milan hopefully can bring a few more players in. Klopp also used many years to get Liverpool back. Its not done in a year or two. Patience is the key. Meanwhile we can watch our team grow

  4. Oh yeeeeeeeeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Milan now have 6m, we can now buy onyedika and mbappe and also renew Leao and benaceer, this 6m that came from a player we threw away will go along away!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Milan is now as pathetic as their fans, we are here talking of 6m acquired as if we are lecce or Padova, please stop this trashy news and report something more meaningful.

  5. I guess you are right. Most of our board’s decisions went in that direction, by the way. Unfortunately, however, that was not the case with Paquetá, with whom we may not have had enough patience… as someone pointed out in another topic here on the site, today he would be perfect for Pioli’s tactical scheme. But anyway…

    1. But the same pioli granted his exit.milan is already in patience with Leao,but Milan is in bad situations during those day.
      Maybe today we can be patient for more players

    2. Paqueta was sold because he didn’t fit Pioli’s system 4231 with a lot of pressing and quickly moving the ball when in possession .
      Paqueta is best suited to play as a mezzala in a 3 man midfield as he did under Gattuso. He couldn’t play in double pivot because of his poor defensive awareness and couldn’t play at 10, because he is not a 10 & because he holds on to the ball too long

      1. So what is he playing in Lyon? 9 or 7 or 11 or what?? Isnt paqueta Lyon AMF?

        Someone we threw away just to train Diaz for Madrid, we are doing the same thing again, training Diaz instead of playing our own Adli

        Sometimes I wonder what people smoke before coming here to comment

        1. He played mostly as a False 9 last season, basically Depay spot, this year he has been mostly a mezzala in the midfield of 3. He isn’t a n10 never was , never will be.
          Neither Gattuso, nor Giampaolo or Pioli wanted him at CAM.
          I wish pioli tried him at rw but saelemakers was performing well at the time

        2. Holy f, did you even watch how Paquetta struggles to play in Pioli formation?! Clearly he doesn’t fit and that’s why he sold. Period.

          Diaz is a Milan player. He deserves a chance to proof himself.

          Adli just arrived and the season started for two match but you act like Pioli not gonna let him play lol.

          Stay clueless af kossy 🤦‍♂️

  6. Milan isn’t in debt anymore wtf do you Elliot cleared up all the debt for new owner to come and they find them . Also between Bahrain and USA of course they are gonna go with the Americans . Now Idk if they have money Redbird but we’re gonna see . Paqueta didn’t suit pioli’s tactics so they sold him . Also you guys think an investor would buy a company with that much of debt (300M)? I wonder why

  7. @ForzaMilan
    Oh God forbid someone criticize Maldini the SD without his Milan Fandom being questioned.
    You need to push past your emotions and start using reason and logic.
    I gave u examples of players that refused to resign and still got sold. Milik situation got so bad he was banned from training with the team and even went to court. Napoli still found a way to sell him.
    Maldini lost not 1 but 4 players in 12 months span for nothing, zero, zilch, nada, 0.
    Donnarumma got his 12 mil from PSG. One of the reason they don’t want to resign is because they have higher offer somewhere else. A man is as loyal as the options he has.
    Couldn’t care less about Hakan but I care about the fee Milan could have used in replacing him. Same with Kessie and Romagnoli
    You wanna tell me Romagnoli would have turned down being sold to Lazio last summer, the club he roots for?
    And your comparison of Giggio and Neuer can’t be taken seriously. Giggio was 21 and top 3 GK in the world, Never is pushing 40. Maldini lost the best young GK for nothing while Kepa and Allison went for 80-90 mil
    If you are among the best at your professional field then you wanna get paid as the best in that field. That’s not greed , that’s valuing yourself

    1. @coco you are a very intelligent person, do not mind these delusional fans.

      4 players in 4months, players at their peak, over 200m missed and you tell something is not wrong with this Management.

    2. Are you stupid?

      Neuer has been a main GK for Munchen since 2011 and his salary was €4-5 million /year back when he won Euro in 2012, Champions League in 2013, and World Cup in 2014. That salary was below Dollaruma who earned €6 million + bonus /year in his final season with Milan and the boi didn’t give Milan any scudetto or champions league trophy.

      Gigio top 3 GK in the world my ass lmao. He’s not better than Maignan, Neuer, Navas, or Courtois. Your overrated player not even in top 5 GK in the world and he wants €12 million /year + millions for his agent, father, and brother? Fvck outta here!

      I don’t need to read the rest of your bullcrap

      You loves to see players with greed acting like they irreplaceable and can control the club just show how fvcked up you are 👎

      1. LOL. This is crazy
        You are allowing your emotions and hatred for the players that left to cloud your judgment.
        Players today make more money than they did 5 or 10 years ago.
        Neuer was part of a great Bayern team and one of the best generations of German football. He wasn’t the main reason they won UCL and WC as you wanna make it seem
        Gigio played at the worst period of Milan history, not his fault, and like it to admit or not he was the only bright spot until Pioli and Ibra came in.
        When he was leaving Milan he was top 3 GK in the world. Was MVP of the Euros, main reason Italy won the tournament.
        Do I think Maignan is overall better GK than Gigio, absolutely, but he wasn’t at the time. Just wait until his contract gets up for renewal. Hopefully you won’t hate on him if he asks to get paid as the top 3 GK, since you say he is ( and I agree)
        Gigio got his 12 mil , so some club thought he is worth that. And that same club is shipping out Navas for Gigio . I guess they disagree with you on who is better of the 2.
        Enjoy the players while they play for Milan and if /when they leave you don’t have to trash them. Their job is to play football. In the real world people often change place of employment and go where they get paid better.
        It ain’t that serious
        Forza Milan

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