Repubblica: Council prepare €300m San Siro plan to convince Milan and Inter

By Oliver Fisher -

There could well be a curveball thrown in AC Milan’s new stadium project as a plan is being prepared which would see San Siro renovated in a bid to keep the clubs there.

The Milanese edition of La Repubblica (via PianetaMilan) talks about the possible new plan to convince both Milan and Inter to stay at the San Siro, starting with the fact that the council will try everything to ensure that the two teams remain in the city.

On January 31st, we read, a renovation project for San Siro will be presented which will cost €300m and which would not force the two teams to find a new place to play during the time in which the works are ongoing.

It is a proposal which was signed by the Arco Associati studio and which was presented to Mayor Sala by the opposition. It includes a 75,000-seater stadium, thus ensuring the capacity remains fairly consistent.

The access methods would also change with the entrance to the stadium and the surrounding area which would be modified to be greener and more accessible.

As mentioned, this appears to be a pressure tactic to get the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri to pump the brakes on their plans to build new homes outside the council’s realm of influence.

As a reminder, Milan’s plan is to build in San Donato which is in the south-east of the city, and we gave an update on our Substack late last year.


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  1. I vote a big YES to this project. Stay connected to the beautiful history of San Siro, and upgrade it through renovation. That is the way to go. More sustainable more authentic more connected to the city. What is not to like? 😉

      1. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

        Perhaps if the council pump in 300m and Milan/Inter cover the rest it could be viable. The council will need to agree to hand over ownership to the clubs.
        Then at least the City still benefits from all the visitors the stadium attracts

        Wembley wasn’t demolished nor the Bernebeu or the Maracana etc

        1. Wembley and Marcana were knocked down and rebuilt making a better stadium. Ask Bayern if they prefer their old stadium with so much history or their new modern stadium.

        2. The councile will not gave up the ownership if they pour in 300m. Redbird want integrated entertainment complex. Staying at San Siro is just a fantasy.

    1. The San Siro is unique! I’d love to see them stay if it could be worked out.
      I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like it anywhere else. Players from other teams and indeed other fans always comment on how amazing it is

  2. The only reason to stay at San Siro would be if Milan bought it for themselves. The club needs proper revenue from their stadium and they will only get that if they own it.

  3. So they want the teams to pay to renovate the stadium they own.It’s like a landlord telling you to completely upgrade the house he owns and rents out to you.

  4. Too little, too late and still paying rent. Have any of you been to San Siro? It just isn’t built for contemporary amenities. No renovation can change that which isn’t one that breaks the monument rule, and that’s not happening. I’m not interested in just new seats and toilets, a change to the gates and a paint job. It won’t improve a pitch that sees 50 games per year between two teams and has to be re-laid mid season because it’s been trashed. No other top club on the planet shares its stadium with another club.

    1. Roma & Lazio

      I have been San Siro multiple times. It’s amazing! Best atmosphere you will find anywhere, will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

      It’s a football cathedral!
      As you say this protected status is a problem for a revamp.
      Still it’s primarily a football pitch and one that indimidates the hell out of opposition teams (see Newcastle game 1 of CL )

      1. I’ve been to San Siro multiple times as well. I’ve seen a CL match, two games against Juventus, the derby, and a couple of other games. I’ve been to a Derby della Capitale as well. I get it. But I want a new modern stadium that will propel us into a century we’re already a quarter of the way into. I want to be able to hold on to Tonalis, not sell them to fund other players. A 300m “facelift” of San Siro isn’t going to accomplish this. Sorry.

        1. 1st time I was there my father took me, George Weah, Baggio and Savecevic were playing!
          V’s Fiorentina – we won 3-1 I think and that secured us the league title victory.
          Simone broke his arm during celebrations!
          What a buzz!

      2. “I have been San Siro multiple times. It’s amazing! Best atmosphere you will find anywhere, will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

        It’s a football cathedral!”

        Yep. The atmosphere is unbelievable. But thing is… It’s not the stadium. It’s the fans. The fans will be at the new stadium too. And the new stadium is a MUST if Milan were to compete in UCL. We cannot afford to lose out on 100M€ each year by not having an own stadium. Like it or not.

  5. for crying out loud, this two great clubs need their stadiums in order to obtain more revenue,flex muscle with the so called richest clubs, and attract and expand their fan base across the globe. this is 21st century, we should be moving forward, monuments and cultural arts(san siro) wont get you to your desired level in modern football – is a fact.

  6. AC should continue full steam ahead with their own project in San Donato.

    If (which is questionable) Sala does sign up and proceed with the “renovation” then continued use of the Stadio San Siro (after renovation) should only be acceptable to AC and Inter on grant of a 199 year lease.

  7. I don’t actually mind sharing. In a world where we co owned it you get 100% of revenue for home games and half the cost of maintenance.

    I’m torn on the state of it as well. Yes it’s falling down and needs some money spent, but then do stadiums have to be like a day at a shiny new fun fair? I take my Man City fan son to The Etihad a few times a year and while Man City fans are fantastic to be fair, the place itself is sterile and the noise doesn’t travel well at all. San Siro feels like it’s moving when it’s full – and it probably is :D.

    But for whatever stupid Italian political reason they would never sell anyway. So we have to go.

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