Repubblica: From dismantling to disposal – how San Siro will be demolished

By Oliver Fisher -

The updated plans that AC Milan and Inter presented to the Council foresee a very important development: the complete demolition of San Siro.

According to La Repubblica (via, the disassembly phases of the stadium will be studied including the environmental impacts such as dust and vibrations.

The dismantling phases will be different, starting with the ‘soft strip out’ which will see existing systems and accessories taken out such as doors, false ceilings, floors and partition walls to leave only building material.

Then they will get to the heart of the deconstruction of the three rings. The first stage of the demolition will be carried out using short-arm machines positioned on the ground, equipped with a tool on the working arm – called the crusher – whose gauge is calibrated according to the maximum thickness of the areas to be crushed and the hardness of the concrete.

They will proceed from the bottom up and once the first ring has been demolished, they will move on to the second : ” The crushed materials, once on the ground, will be accumulated at the base of the second ring, creating a pile of rubble that allows the machines to position oneself at a higher level for the demolition of the second ring for which long-arm machines will be used instead.

Once the second ring has also been demolished, the 11 main and secondary towers that support the roof and the steps of the third ring will remain standing. On the third ring the operations are much more complex and involve the progressive disassembly of all the components with the cranes placed on the ground. The towers are then demolished and the roof removed.

Using water spray will help reduce dust, the study explains. It will be spray rather than a simple water jet to minimise the use of water and to have a high degree of dust reduction.

Finally, approximately 125,000 cubic meters of concrete, approximately 8,800 tons of iron from the reinforcement plus another 20,000 tons of the metal roof are expected. The number of trips that the trucks will have to make to manage the dispose of the inert material sees estimates range from 10,500 to 11,300.

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    1. The stadium is old and can’t be upgraded
      The stadium maintenance cost is high
      there’s no more land in the area (sesto is like different district)

      So if Milan and Inter want a new stadium and they want it in the same district, the most obvious choice is to destroy San Siro and build a new one on site.

      I still prefer we take Sesto and build our own stadium without Inter, though

  1. Redbird and dumb ass Italian journalists have lied previously state that Redbird’s first preference is building New Stadium apart of Inter! Redbird has no f…. Money to buy a pamper as well as they had not money to buy Milan’s whole stakes!

    1. OK. Thanks for revealing us. Have you talked with the press about this inside knowledge you have? They might be reeeeally interested in hearing the facts from you. LOL.

      PS. You did forget to take the meds last night, didn’t you? 🙂

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