Repubblica: Furlani informed Maldini of €35m summer budget last week

By Oliver Fisher -

Giorgio Furlani informed Paolo Maldini of the summer transfer budget last week and it is highly likely that it did not go down well, a report claims.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the budget for Milan’s summer transfer window, and La Repubblica (via MilanNews) writes the CEO Furlani was tasked with informing Maldini of the funds he has to work with.

Last week, he announced to the now former technical director that the summer budget will be €35m plus any revenues derived from sales.

Quantifying the budget available is always a complicated process but it was probably expected by Maldini to be higher than last summer, which produced a €42.45m net spend and €56m total spent on signings.

Therefore, the news that there would be even less margin to operate within this summer is likely to have not been received well by the director and perhaps raised tensions further.

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  1. And still some people around here are still keeping faith in this ownership and are hopefull of a new direction and upcoming mercato.
    ‘Pathetic cardinale #CardinaleOut

    1. Republica not reliable source bro. Dont just believe news from low reliable source like this or GDS/CDS/Calciomercato. I trust antovitiello,Di marzio and fabrizio romano . Yes agree , i dont believe this RedBird too , but i like AC Milan since child , so i will wait what happen in mercato , of course i dont have high hope only hoping they still finish 1-4 at the end of serie A get to round 16 CL

      1. Im generally always critical of media rumors so i dont just buy into everything but at this point im left with only questionmarks in regard of this ownership so it wouldnt come as a great surprise to me if the miser is limiting our transfer kit to this extent.

      2. Same here bro, I love AC Milan since childhood and I supported the team through the highs and lows, now I only care about us being in the top 4 in the league and at least round of 16 in the UCL

    1. Fulani wanted to sign him and was even negotitiating with his entourage the transfer
      But Maldini and Massara insisted in CDK

      1. How much Furlani want to pay Dybala? Is’t Dybala earn from roma higher that our highest earner? Won’t it break the wage ceiling?

          1. Fabrizio Romano
            Dybala: “Future? I’m under contract here at Roma for two more years”
            Release clauses:
            €20m for ltalian clubs
            Roma have option to cancel’ it by activating SALARY RISE FROM €3.8m to €6m.
            €12m for clubs from abroad
            In this case

          2. That clause is funny, if I were Dybala agent, I would have asked a club to trigger it so Dybala got pay raise 🤣

          3. Oh wait, I misunderstod your answer, so the 3.8m is his wage at roma, but it come with cheap release clause and chance to work under Mourinho.

            And what Furlani offered? A cheap release clause too?

          4. @Yelnats24
            According to Fabrizio, Dybala earns 3.8 mil at Roma plus bonuses.
            If another team comes and activates his clause, Roma can just renew his contract by giving him 6 mil per year or selling him for 20 to Italian clubs or 12 to foreign clubs.
            You said he makes more than our highest paid player. According to Fab , that’s not true

          5. That is a lie, he earned 4.5 plus 1.5 in bonuses on the initial deal, with a 20 million release clause. To remove the release clause Roma had to re-sign him to a 6 million euro salary. Hence, them opting for Origi, Maldini couldn’t justify bringing Dybala for twice as much as Bennacer, 4 times more than Leao, twice as much as Giroud, as much as Theo, the same amount he was not allowed to offer Kessie, without changing the entire wage structure of the team. The upper management would not be on board with salary increases across the board obviously because they didn’t offer those players 6 million in the first place when market value clearly shows they can be worth that plus much more. So to say Furliani wanted to make an exception, sure he is a suit. Maldini ‘s reputation and good will with the players he convinced to accept less wages on the basis of necessity takes a hit. So they can come out and prance around saying they were willing to sign him. Without providing the entire context and repercussions of doing so. You sign him at 6, the entire core of your team comes knocking at the door and says we want as much if not more, or else sell me to another club that will pay me that.

          6. @crisp I just posted what Fab said. I don’t know how much Dybala makes , but u would think that Fab knows more than all of us.
            Whatever he makes, it isn’t that much more than what we pay origi or dest

          7. That just can’t be true. Dybala didn’t sign for Juventus because they went back on their 12m offer to propose something like, 9m a year.

            That just has to be bs.

  2. Reminds me of the last years under Berlusconi, when there was no money available and that Milan went after free agents players with affordable salaries. In other words, average players. The difference is that Milan was far from profitable at the time.

    This is good news for the shareholders though. It warms my heart so much.

  3. If this is true, what a joke we are becoming. And this money is to be spent on more players that will immediately rise the quality of the team. What a joke.
    He wasn’t perfect, but people forget Maldini was a rookie in this role and he was learning. And with the chaos after Le and limited funds with Elliot , we won the championship, before we were mid-table, and got 1/2 in UCL, the last decade playing in UCL was impossible. Milan will become team that will be happy playing in UCL, with no bigger ambition.

  4. So Maldini was afraid to try next season with slim number of euros in disposal ?

    They should only listened to Moncada and put ego on the side.

    Next season Ac Milan team could be in much bigger problem if our players continue be unhappy by Maldini leaving the club.
    Some people should realise that Milan today is club for struggling and battling in Serie A to reach Champions League spot. Even Maldini subconsciously knew that team is not prepared to compete in 2 competition.
    Focus on serie a only, and in champions league just collect the money !!!

    1. Pretty sure it’s not about fright or bravery. The budget says a lot about the level of motivation of the owner. And if you don’t have the same motivation, well..

      Good luck for Moncada and Furlani with such budget then.

  5. Last year we got elimited from UCL group stage, this year we reach semifinal, so how do the transfer budget decrease???

    1. Players salaries went up. Still amortisation is very high comparing revenue. And owner must be realistic, in next season Milan can’t reach semifinal and collect again 120 million from champions league.

      1. But the profit from reaching UCL semifinal should have been invested. If we don’t make it to semifinal again, it will just be next summer budget not as high as this summer.

        1. It shouldn’t be invested easily cause that doesn’t guarantee again success both in champions league and serie a. Than you have next season when you must sell assets because of failure.
          Planning budget is much more important than idea that team will reach higher success by easily spending money.

          1. So what they plan on using the prize money? Stored it in bank and use it after player price get further inflated?

        2. Profit from CL is used to pay interest to Elliot and shareholders of Redbird. You think those guys think about trophy? No, they are interested only for money.

  6. lol lol hey POLI this is your beloved csrdinasucks can offer lol..pioli wants SMS,how the hell can he get SMS with that budget lol even Tare would feel confused with this budget

  7. The funny thing is that today, through Gazzetta, Furlani talks about strategies, competitiveness at international level, development, strengthening of the project. Empty words, vague concepts. Don’t let these people fool you. #boycottACM

    1. The genius @Poli; according to whom: every player is sellable, as long as they don’t, leave for free and gives us transfer fees!🙂🤣

        1. I am a stoic person, and not driven my emotions! Are you mad, because your girlfriend Cardinale, isn’t offering you the role, of technical director? 🤣😭

          1. mad at you? For what?
            For being obsessed and only talking about me in all of your comments you post?
            No sir. I know that’s your “stoic” way of coping Maldini getting fired. It’s understandable

          2. @Poli.. Why I would be, obsessed with you? Likewise, I know how do you cope, with your girlfriends Donnarumma and Calhanoglu leaving you! And BTW, what’s about my original comment? You can’t even, refute my original comment! See who is mad..

        2. None. You’re just a buffoon. Maldini fighting for more money and calling out ownership is why he’s gone. Not because of CDK or Origi. 35 million. Who you bringing in wise one?

          Also don’t forget you now have to also replace Theo, Maignan. Because they ain’t gonna stay. So 35 million. You need to replace a top 3 LB and also the best keeper in the world.

          Go ahead yoda

  8. Well if this is true then we becomes a new Atalanta,Brighton or Union Berlin with only top 4 as a goal and no need to win trophies, buy young nurtures them and sell like Ajax. this is what happens when you let a yankee running a football club.

  9. 35mil to spend when they made over 80 mil.this seasom from cl and seria a. What a joke these new owners are. Im not for.big spending our glory days but is needed to stay at least where we are. Who the hell are we goimg to get for 35 mil when we desperately need a rw, cf, am plus back up. What kind of algorithm is cardinale and company want to use to come up with somewhat decent players for 35 mil. Maybe get 7 messiases that should do it. #redbirdout

    1. They made far more than 80mil, i think it was around 130mil. Than add sponsors money too. I hope this is not true, 35mil budget for transfers is something for a team like Monza.

  10. So you earn 135 m from UCL and you save 100m and giving 35 m to compete for cl coppa italia and the league? Hmm nice I predict we aren’t going to finish not even in mid table and crapbird wouldn’t take responsibility and they gonna fire pioli. Where is @Poli now ? And people have faith to redbird nice forlani as it shows he is big fan of AC Milan 🤯😂

  11. Take it easy guys. 35m would bring us 5 Messiases. So that’s more than enough for the ‘young player specialist’ Pioli.

    1. Lol…but true. Pioli’s favourite, imagine if Adli or CDK were as regular as Messias. The only time I remember Pioli not starting or playing him is why he is injured/fully fit.

  12. Considering Maldini stepped in and defended Pioli so he didn’t get the sack before we won the scudetto last season. I am still thinking , why Pioli hasn’t said anything about Maldini’s sacking. I also believed if anyone should have been sacked, is Pioli. Moreover, it is now becoming clear why Pioli gave some players little or no opportunity to play for a whole season and that almost cost us champions league spot not to mention terrible performances against smaller teams.

    1. pioli should resign too, when result goes awful (0-5 drubbing at atalanta) and gazidis starting the negotiation of ralf rangnick and just a step away to sack pioli, only maldini and boban defended him.they fight to giving time and patience so pioli didn’t lose his job. it cost boban’s position, and creates tense affair between elliot and maldini..
      if pioli is gentleman he should resigned too, he owed that scudetto titles to maldini and boban..but i think pioli was only care about his pockets too..which clubs will pay him 3,5 mio/years forsuch mediocre coach like him?

  13. After making over 100m in champions league how can you make only 35m available for the summer transfers? I mean for real, we need a striker a midfielder a right winger and a defender. A good striker alone cost over 40m.

    Nobody is asking to spend 100’s of millions here but how do you expect to take this team to the next level with 35m??

    Alreaey talks of both theo and leao wanting to leave and maybe it has to do with Maldini’s departure or maybe it means they totally don’t believe in cardinale and the future of milan and who’s to blame them? If Maldini was told the budget is only 35m and he went to go ask for more and he gets fired for it this new management has 0 ambition to make us an elite team again.

    All I know is one thing, I want redbird out. Cardinale is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. Dumb American thought that he can walk right into milan and build a stadium no problem. He hasn’t got any further ahead of any others that have tried. You fire the one person that symbolizes every value of milan. Now you want to retain the philosophy of American sports? This isn’t an American sport buddy. At least Elliott kept a budget but when they had to spend they didn’t hesitate, when something had to be done they made it happen and still kept costs in the bracket. We won a scudetto because of it.

    Redbird is about to destroy everything we worked so hard to achieve and to get to the next level and they squashed all those dreams. I don’t see how we get top 4 next year and cardinale will be ok with that. He’s worse than yonghong li.

    It will take a lot to win us fans over but these will be dark days for us fans. Our own players don’t even want to be here anymore

  14. 35m budget and you want serie a champion and UCL champion. Must be a joke. Cardinale & co too much play Sega or nintendo maybe.. hahahahaha….

  15. I know you don’t pay transfer fees in American sports but I’m not sure these guys know that you do in football. Pathetic

  16. ANDDDDD.. this is why I don’t believe anything coming out of news Except if there’s a quote behind it. Wasn’t is between 50-100m based on all the articles we read the last few weeks and I kept saying no one knows for sure lol 😂😂😂well there u go 35m and also still no quotes, it could be 200m all of a sudden too. Who knows 🤷‍♂️
    PS: it’s quite obvious the owners want to keep the profitability status. At 35m I’m guessing they can do so. Remember were still 75m in losses, if we gained 110m in the UCL that leaves circa 30-40m.

  17. 35M??? Hahahahahahaha!!!

    Better off M&M are gone it’s insulting to M&M and all the work they have done and to the fans. IF true – FKN EMBARRASSING and Disgraceful – To say the least.

    It’s also comical to read that Redbird do not want experienced players only young ones lol. Geez I wonder why that is? Could it be because they are cheaper and fit under our WAGE CAP? I mean only a cheap owner who doesn’t want to spend $$ says that because by the time the cheaper talent develops the established stars (Leao, Theo, Mike, etc,,) will leave. So it’s an endless cycle and one that will never need the Owner to spend big $$ to WIN. Just think where we would be WITHOUT Ibra and Giroud and Kajer? They brought experience and leadership and taught the lads how to win. That is priceless. IF we were serious about wining then players like SMS and Berardi to compliment our younger core is exactly what we needed – but that costs bigger $$ and that is something that eats into the PROFIT of Ownership – so that is why it is being abandoned. Shows they have No ambition to WIN.

    It is also hypocritical and extremely convenient Ownership wants all younger players BUT when we get them (adli, Aster, CDK, etc..) and they do not develop straight away – they blame who? Maldini? Surely not the coach who is responsible for developing them or the head scout who recommended them LOL. And the cycle continues. As I said – By the time those young players develop (if ever) the established stars will leave for greater riches in other leagues and clubs that are not bound by a WAGE CAP.

    Perfect system for Redbird/Elliot (who are pulling the strings) BUT not for the fans. In essence we are a feeder club now like Atalanta. BUT hey we are PROFITABLE. And that’s what matters. PROFIT over Titles.

    Welcome to the new AC Milan.

    35M??? LMAO

  18. Republicca is not a reliable source.
    But if it is true.. then I guess it’s our WELCOME TO ‘sustainable’ model.

    With 35 mil, they will buy 10 playes each costing 1mil/2mil.. uses ‘moneyball’ analytics to improve their performances.. then sell them for 20/30/40 mil over the next year because that’s what Milan’s brand value will fetch for players.

    Forza Milan
    F Cardinale.

  19. won Serie A, transfer budget 50m
    4th Serie A & CL semi, budget 35m
    and they said they’re ambitious? ambition to get profit or trophy?

  20. Same here bro, I love AC Milan since childhood and I supported the team through the highs and lows, now I only care about us being in the top 4 in the league and at least round of 16 in the UCL

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