Repubblica: Zlatan receives mandate from Cardinale – second star in 2024-25 the target

By Oliver Fisher -

Gerry Cardinale is putting his faith in Zlatan Ibrahimovic in view of the summer, and he has set the Swede a very simple mission for 2024-25.

La Repubblica (via Radio Rossonera) recalls that in May 2022, when they raised the 19th Scudetto in their history to the sky, Milan scored three goals against Sassuolo at the Mapei Stadium under the eyes of Ibrahimovic and Giorgio Furlani.

The difference lies in the three goals scored by the Neroverdi in the midst of the battle just to keep their place in Serie A, and the fact that the home side led 2-0 and 3-1 in the game.

In a comment on the match in the columns of the paper, the journalist Enrico Currò spoke about Ibrahimovic and the impoact that he will have when it comes to choices for the future, likening his powers to those of Paolo Maldini.

Currò says that the Swede ‘has just received the mandate to win the second star in 2025 from the majority shareholder Cardinale’. The RedBird Capital chief has ‘completely handed over the sporting management of Milan to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’.

The former striker’s first move, he continues, is to make it clear that the management trio of Giorgio Furlani, Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio will remain, with the ‘man of trust’ Jovan Kirovski joining to help run the U23 team.

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      1. That’s not crying, that’s a great insight.
        He fired a man who understood sporting goals, and now he hired another for exactly the same reason he fired the old ones.
        Just because of what??
        You Maldini haters or should I say detractors are an interesting lot.

        1. Sounds to me like crying. He fired a man who couldn’t negotiate a contract to save his life. Maldini was a sheet director, sure he could identify players but couldn’t close a deal. He missed target after target and left us with Vranckx and co…

          1. U mean he didn’t negotiate contracts for Theo, Mike, Tomori, Kalulu, Bennacer, Tonali, Leao etc etc?….
            Oh, I see you meant only the ones that asked for money over the measly salary budget like Snake, Cashie, Dollarama, that’s your comparator? All directors have these issues. Furlani and Moncada couldn’t sign Thuram…on a free ..and gotten taken to the cleaners by Marotta, i guess they are sheet directors too

          2. Was that all Maldini did, or did he also revolutionize the squad and help in not only winning a coveted title, but also laying the ground work we have now. Or are we talking about another Maldini.

            Maldini haters are so knee deep in their own mire, they can’t see facts even if one were to smother them. In it.

  1. is it just me or does our logo look better with 1 star? like obviously i wanna win the scudetto again but the single star looks better lol

    1. I think 7-8 stars surrounding the logo all around could be nicer though. 😉 Such a shame I won’t be here to see it.

  2. Nonsense click bait. And that is supposed to be news? Oh, Ibra now needs to be TOLD to win a second star – AFTER we practically gifted that chance to inter? Why doesn’t he hold a “world” press conference to announce that? Really? Cardinale should give him the grand commission to equal Madrid’s UCL titles while playing moneyball. Crap media handling, total insult. You sack a manager who wants excellence because he was part of history of excellence, spent 25 years at the club and hire someone who spent less than 6 years the club, never won the UCL (no disrespect, but it’s the fact) to do what guy number #1 wanted to do already? It’s only ego talking. Stop the media crap and do stuff that shows we actually want to win something.
    Signing 10 new players and boasting about it, failing to create a backbone of players who fit into a defined system of play shows lack of foresight. If your system was defined, a sub properly trained would fit in. We do not need a public service announcement to inform us we are battling for the second star, it should be a given. One week, we see articles promoting ibra: his influence, power, having the ears of the boss, the “sole representative of the big boss and stuff, the next week furlani comes out to say he’s paperweight with no executive powers to decide. It’s a collegiate thingy, we all decide? So what has changed? what’s all the hype for? These guys should just SHFU and produce results and actions that lets fans know they mean business. If they like they should continue dropping useless stats of Pioli getting more points per game as though that wins any trophies. We once scored only 34 goals in one season AND won a trophy – that’s a stat. Not these useless xG and all data that means nothing when you’re struggling to beat sassuolo. The stats, dedicated physio’s, data analysts, Dr’s, sports scientists, coaches, therapists, dieticians are not there to get a salary: they are there to create the environment and support system TO WIN. FOR A CLUB LIKE MILAN, ITS NOT ENOUGH TO PARTICIPATE.

  3. FIRING a successful sporting director with no budget lead the team to a champion who no one believed even after winning it
    All by a living legend beloved Capitan PAOLO MALDINI
    You can’t fire our capitan and expect us support you
    I couldn’t watch a single game since

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