Repubblica: Milan could go over budget with €25m offer for Roma star – the latest

By Isak Möller -

Following the latest criticism, Gerry Cardinale could go over the budget and sanction a signing for AC Milan this month. The name at the top of Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara’s wish list is Nicolo Zaniolo, a report claims. 

Milan have failed to win in their last four games and it’s safe to say that their start to 2023 has been rough. As such, with the criticism pouring in, the Rossoneri’s owner Gerry Cardinale could sanction a January signing and thus go over the initial budget.

According to La Repubblica, Milan are keeping a close eye on the situation of Zaniolo as Roma want to sell him this month. Brighton and Tottenham are also interested but no acceptable offers have arrived, which is why the Rossoneri could swoop in.

A loan with an obligation to buy at around €22-25m could do the trick for Milan, who are willing to grant Zaniolo a salary of max €3m per year. It remains to be seen what will come of the matter, but the Rossoneri are now seriously considering going over budget.

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      1. That is the same. Milan in serie a will be in same position as Manchester United in premier league with Americans. We should all start praying for another buyer of AC.

  1. I you have Aouar for free in the summer but prefer spending 20+ m on Diaz or sign zaniolo for 25+ wen Aouar is better then both combined!

  2. Why this guy? Why? Why? Why? If Jose is not fighting to keep him, you can already tell he isn’t much of anything so dont, just dont

  3. For a start he’s better than what we have, he’s the classic example of a flair player who before reaching potential found himself under pragmatic Mourinho and his career stalled. For those of you who question it just think back to De Bruyne and Salah who as young players were ruined briefly by Jose. Judging Zaniolo under Jose is pointless…

    I’d welcome the move

    Also Aouar is a central/attacking midfielder, Zaniolo is a forward…can’t compare. I’d love both

    1. Zanilo is crap, thats why inter sold him and thats why in 4 years at roma he still hasnt left.Nobody wants him. Not for that inflated price. Those guy you mentioned had a whole diffrent set of competition in their teams at the time, Nicolo has none at Roma..

      1. Incorrect…not sure where to start..

        Dybala and Pellegrini..! Both world class competition?

        Players like Zaniolo don’t suit Jose’s style. All you need to have to realise that is eyes open for the last 15 years….

        To say he’s crap is just a childish ‘I don’t like him so I’m going to perpetuate a ridiculous statement’…style of reasoning

        He’s better than why we have…as for the Inter argument, I seem to recall them letting Pirlo, and Seedorf go too……

        1. Not wc, they arent even the best at their position in seria a…
          If he doesnt suit Jose’s stlye then he suit ours even less..
          Fact is he is overpriced, made of glass and Milan could get 2 guys for his price with similiar skills, exp.. We have scouts, right? Use them.
          And last but not least, we have CDK. He is crap right now, true, but he will grow.
          Look Kamada from Frankfurt is in his last months of contracts, why not try getting him?

          1. So you say trust our scouts and the. In the next sentence mention CDK….😂 Dybala and Pellegrini are world class. It’s easy to say they aren’t to suit your narrative. Plus Zaniolo knows the league. So Many Milan fans were lauding over the Origi transfer, he’s an awful striker. Then we got Thiaw, Vrancx, Dest, yeah the scouts are doing great! 👍🏻

            Jose prefers older more established players, he also likes more athletic players, Zaniolo isn’t a fit there. Maldini and Conte want him, they are both great at what they do..

  4. Si, ma questo presidente ha comprato almeno un giocatore???? …. Sul tetto del mondo ha detto. Con chi, sul tetto del mondo. Magari non ha ancora capito che cosa e il calcio!!!. Per alzare il livello devi avere calciatori di livello signore cardinale.. Ma va a c……. Sul tetto del mondo!!!!!!

    1. “Injury prone players don’t influence any game by sitting and watching their colleagues play, Ibra is a good example.”

      LOL !!!!!!!!! You picked up the worst possible example to make a point. Zlatan is the exact opposite of what you just tried to say as he has influenced Milan’s play a helluva lot just by sitting on the bench and looking at others play! Who do you think whipped the team into shape last year? Even when Zlatan was on the bench, he was DEMANDING the players to give their all.

  5. This is hilarious.
    Cardinale, the owner, is going to provide 20-25 mil for the winter mercato for new signings.
    The management led by the great Paolo wants to use that money to buy Zaniolo.
    But somehow, Maldini fans are calling Cardinale clueless.
    Cardinale just provides the money, Paolo decides which players that money will be spent on, not Cardinale .

  6. I would take him on LOAN only w OPTION to buy at no more than 20M max if not lower…He isn’t going to Tottenham. Conte won’t be staying and Patrici is banned. Plus like most Italians he will not do well in the EPL. I would gamble on him for a LOAN with OPTION to buy – so if he gets hurt or doesn’t help we don’t lose much. Better than Sales/Messias combo as we won’t win staying as is. If he pans out rather spend 20M on a RW than pick up Diaz option. We should also sign Aouar to replace Diaz. Zaniolo & Aouar would be a nice January market. Bring Kessie back on LOAN as well before he goes to Inter and we are back in title race. If Zaniolo doesn’t arrive nobody will for RW. For whatever reason M&M have a hard on for him so it seems it’s him or no one. I’d rather gamble on him under the right conditions (loan w option) than do nothing and stick w Messias/Sales garbage – that will get us nowhere. A Loan is a safe option.

    1. Milan of course would love that dreamy scenario. However, that would be nonsense from the Roma’s perspective, what do they have to gain? They wanna get rid of him NOW, why accept horrible loan/option to buy condition when they can just take EPL’s money? Even if Zaniolo rebels, he still have a further 1.5years to go in his contract and if he got frozen, his value and salary demands would also dropped significantly by then.

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