Repubblica: Milan captain Romagnoli will not renew as Lazio have secured his arrival

By Isak Möller -

In addition to Franck Kessie, AC Milan risk losing another key player for free next summer, namely Alessio Romagnoli. He’s yet to renew his contract and his boyhood club, Lazio, want him on a free transfer. 

According to La Repubblica, as cited by LaLazioSiamoNoi, Lazio have already secured the arrival of Romagnoli on a free transfer next summer. The Rossoneri captain is currently on the sidelines and won’t renew his contract with the club.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old hasn’t exactly his that he’s a Lazio fan, even though he made his Serie A debut with city rivals Roma. The Biancocelesti now want him for the defence and he could be the first arrival next summer.

He would have to reduce his salary, which is currently €6m per year, but that doesn’t seem impossible as Romagnoli wants to play for the club. For Milan, it could be yet another failure renewal-wise and that wouldn’t look good.

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  1. We pay him 6m? Maybe just sell this winter for the same amount of money just to cover expenses?
    Pretty sure Lazio would want his arrival earlier. And Raiola would be happy as well.

  2. Incompetent management. 26 years old, entering his prime as a defender. Kessie same for mid, Gigio same for GK… wow. This management is awful. Out please!

    Only one who I could care less about it Hakan.

    1. Stupidest reply. How can you renew a player that doesn’t want to renew. All 3 players clearly don’t want to be here. Gigio signed for less money to be backup, Kessie and his agent are playing hard ball and clearly just do this until he goes for free and if Romagnoli signed already with Lazio that tell you everything you need to know. Overpaying players who don’t want to be here to make them stay is dumb cause they will not perform. Better let them go and get players that want to be here like Maignan, Fiako, Tonali and Calabria who take less to play for us.

      1. @Radu – So you would just let every player leave for free?? LOL. You would be bankrupt in a week pal if you ran a club LOL. Gigio signed for LESS?? And is a back-up? Lol. Do you even know what you are you talking about pal?@ Zoro Calcio is correct. Horrible business decisions. It’s not about overpaying players to STAY. Who said they have to stay? You sign them to extensions and begin negotiating before they enter the last year of their deal and if they don’t extend you SELL at that time. You don’t wait until the final year and hope they will re-sign as you have no bargaining power at that point. And in regards to your comment about players taking less to be here makes no sense. Tomori already had contract and didn’t take a pay cut. Neither did Maignan. We offered Maignan and he accepted. Calabria received what he was worth. It’s not as if clubs from all around the world were knocking at his door offering him 5M per season lol. Nobody did. Tonali had a choice stay w Brecisa or take a small pay cut to come to Milan. He had no other offers this summer. So he chose to stay in Serie A and not drop down to the B division where his salary would have been cut for sure. Now let me ask you this question. If Tonali or Calabria out perform their deals and get offers next summer for 8M a season are they horrible people if they want to leave an make more $$? Are they no longer Milan players according to you? Same with Theo and Bennacer? Come on pal – football is a business unfortunately. Every player wants to get paid my friend. No different than anyone else. Sure if Milan offered same as other clubs I am sure they would gladly stay. But if Milan offers a third of what another club offers them, we’ll probably 9 times out of 10 player will leave. It’s just business my friend.

        1. @Juro I think you’re missing the point of his comment. Look at Pique and other Barca player taking cut wages just to stay at Barca, I don’t expect everyone to be like that but it’s unrealistic. You even contradict yourself with Donarunma taking less and have a lesser role. I will agree that management should work on renewal before they enter the final year of their contract which give player more power. Look at Liverpool working on Salah Renewal although he has 2 years left and he’s asking a big increase pay. Liverpool has the option to work on it or sell in the summer and earn get some money.

          1. He is never reasonable, no point in explaining. They can let all the mercenaries go, it would be better to sell them but if Romagnoli can be the difference between us going into CL again or not it will be worth it. I still hope they can get Luiz Felipe swap in January, he also won’t extend his contract.

          2. Donnaruma taking less and is a back up?? LOL. He makes 12.5M? Backup? He will be the starter after the international break. He just joined the club and it would send bad signal to team of he came in and just took Navas spot lol. I’m sorry my friend but you are incorrect. Missing the point of his comment? You just agreed it is unrealistic to expect players to act like Pique did and take a pat cut to stay at Barca. Let’s not forget Pique is a veteran at the tail end of his career who has already made millions in salary over the years. Kessie is young and has not. This is his first big pay day. So comparing the two situations make no sense. You cannot compare a veteran who has already made millions to a younger player just entering his prime looking for his first big contract lol. Anyways I think we are all frustrated by the situation as it is happening again. We are all Milan fans and want what’s best for the club. I just don’t think we can operate a club in this way. It seems we can all agree on that.

        2. Do you think easy to sell them if their salary already very hiGH ???

          For example.
          If you give kessie 8 M plis 2 M bonus,
          Do you think there is a club wanto to bu buy him and then increase his salalsy again ?

          No, there is no club want to that.

          1. You are wrong my friend. To EPL clubs 8M + 2M bonuses is nothing lol. And they will gladly pay a transfer fee as well they do it all the time why do you think every player wants to play in England??? It’s the $$$$

        3. @Juro how many games did Gigio play so far for PSG ? 0. How many did Navas play 5 out of 5. So yes he is a backup. As for taking less than Milan offered it was all over the news

          So yes I know what I am talking about. You talk about selling players like it is so easy. Who do you replace them with? Who would have played in goal last year for us? Tata? Where would we be with him probably not even in Europe let alone UCL. Look how easy it is to sell Conti, Samu, etc. Players we have been trying to get rid of for 2 seasons now.

          As for our management being bad you must be joking. The team this year is better than last in every way and way better than 2 years ago, and all that while still maintaining FPP rules. So hats down to them. Most of the players they brought in are young and with bright future so to say they don’t know what they are doing and they are horrible is down right laughable. And if it is such bad business I am sure the owners would step in but so far they have been supporting what Paolo is doing so its not as bad as you try to make it.

          1. @Juro Tonali too a pay cut to join Milan, Ousmane Dembele took a pay cut at Barca. My point is they don’t want to stay Kessie keep asking for more after management meets his demand. It’s a sign.

          2. @Radu the only thing about management I don’t like is how they wait until they enter their final year to renew which put them at disadvantage and bad spot to recruit. Initiate talk 2 years before it expires so you can sell or replace

          3. You are a good milanise @radu most fans of Milan easily rate players as flop, complain about signing, age and mistake made by players just in one match and also the coach, 8 years ago we are no where to be found, this coach took Milan to where they are to be, then all of a sudden all the players thought the can earn twice or thrice their wages, but thanks to the management and staffs who refuse to bow to them, if the do what do you think others will do, they will follow suit. Gigio is gone, Hakan is gone, Hauge is gone, it may be Kassie next or even romagnoli. There must be departures and arrivals that how it works for clubs, all I need from you fans is full support to the players and the Coach, they are doing well and we are growing as a club. As for me I see surprises this season, leao, krunic, toneli, Diaz have all shown good signs of development, and I bet on Messias he will take Milan by storm but for now I will give patient its place.
            Forza Milan

      2. Are you aware that there are three potential outcomes? You’ve accounted for only two.

        1. Renew
        2. Sell
        3. Expire

        When a player indicates that he is going to leave, it is up to management to extract maximum value for them. Players are literally assets on balance sheets — hence capital gains and residual value.

        1. For all the haters: this incompetent management also led us to qualify for the CL for the first time in 8 years. Could we have gotten there without Gigio last season? The dude probably won us 10 points by himself. Even if he only won us 3 points that would have made the difference. Did anyone know Maignan in the summer of 2020? Who would have replaced him? Tatarusanu? In the middle of the Covid summer with like 3 weeks in between seasons? If you all think running a football club is so easy why aren’t you running one now? Besides, did anyone account for the fact that Donnarumma and Kessie BOTH expressed “love” for the club and said they wanted to renew? How does one anticipate that every time one makes an offer that the player will come back with higher demand? Yes, sign now for whatever and then sell. Ok, so you give Donnarumma his 10 million. You think a year later PSG is going to pay 80 million to sign and a salary of 15-18 million? Even they aren’t that stupid, as evidenced by all the free transfers they made this year.

          1. At the end of the day, he took a lower salary than he was offered as well as a lesser role. Gigio might have taken the salary but management had enough of the waiting game and he didn’t respond in time, this got someone else. Besides Pique, Pjanic and Messi I’d even say showed true love and demonstrate they wanted to stay. Nothing wrong with wanted to leave or earn more is wrong but how it’s done made the whole situation complicated

          2. Juro, you know Mbappe’s contract is up next summer right? So he’s going to walk for free. Also, being able to and wanting to are two different things. Who says they would have paid it? A lot of assumptions here eh?

      3. You’re calling the reply stupid but you don’t seem to understand that there’s another option besides paying them what they ask or letting them go for free, the same option that every other competent management would choose: offer them what you think they are worth, and if they refuse, sell them long before they reach their final year.

        1. You don’t seem to understand 🤣 bro they don’t get it. I only know that if those players would act this way in clubs like Juve or Napoli they would end up cleaning the toilets for one year before to go away for free.

          1. You don’t seem to understand contracts. You pay me for 5 years, I play for 5 years. Nothing compels me to renew. If you make me clean the toilets, fine, but then you’re paying me 6m per year to clean toilets. Seems dumb. A is correct in that ultimately a player needs to be sold in time if he doesn’t want to renew. In football 5 year contracts are de facto 3 year contracts. After the 3rd year, offer a renewal and if they don’t take it sell then at max value. Otherwise in one year there is 1 year left on the contract and then you’re selling for peanuts. Another year and they’re free. It’s kind of unfair on the club. I blame Bosman.

      4. You cannot run a team like that, this is bad business no matter how you put it. The second we have some knowledge that the player doesn’t want to be here and the moment negotiations start to drag or slow down theh have to be sold plain and simple. This should have been done at the beginning of the summer market, not now when Kessie and Alessio now have the power…

    2. Ever heard the expression, you can take a horse to the river but can’t make it drink? That’s what is happening. He probably told them he’s leaving which is why he’s on the bench.

    3. There is two parties in the negotiations. Milan cannot dictate contracts. If he doesn’t want to renew, Milan can’t force him to.

    1. He is too slow for this type of play, everyone saw what Lukaku did to him last year. I hope they could swap him for Luiz Felipe from Lazio. Younger and much better defender that also has an expiring contract. That would be a perfect solution in this situation.

      1. Disagree completely, there are plenty of great defenders who aren’t fast, especially if you have a fast guy like Tomori next to you. This is very near-sighted, fair, but near-sighted.

        1. I did not say he is a bad defender but how many matches has he played next to 31 year old Kjaer? He is too slow for this system, you can’t press that effectively with Romagnoli in the team, that is why he is warming the bench. Luiz Felipe is way better than him anyway, you can’t argue that. The most important thing, he is already paid a lot, if he wants more he is not worth that.

          1. I can argue that actually as it depends on the system. But to each his own, we won’t agree here but good points. Take care!

    2. Player doesn’t want to renew. Obviously it explains why Milan bough Tomori and benched him. Take the hint. He wants to leave for free so he’s warming up the bench nicely

  3. We are losing more money that we are earning on player..really sad milan doesn’t have proper negotiator to do the deal…we are f…d up

  4. why is everyone upset to MalSara, without Singer cheap salary cap, Gigio Calha Kessie Roma won’t leave, even to get Messi or CR7 is easy for them.. just ask Zlatan (most difficult football player) he listen to Maldini (without salary cap)
    Monaco is selling club but still they give big salary to Falcao Fabregas Moutinho etc

  5. Who reads this , sone king comments too lol .. just a game people .. we don’t need the injury crocked overrated player . Tomori all day

  6. Sell him in the next opportunity, promote Gabbia in the ranks, promote the best CB in the primavera to first team.

    I don’t follow primavera and the development, but I really do hope we can develop our youth talents such as Chelsea and Man UTD does.

    Greenwood , Mount, Foden, Saka e.t.c are all from youth teams and are doing outrageously well

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