Repubblica: Raiola furious with Milan’s offer to Donnarumma – risk of new soap opera

By Isak Möller -

Gigio Donnarumma is yet to renew his contract with Milan, which will expire in June next summer. The goalkeeper has been one of the Rossoneri’s best players in recent years and it’s no secret that they want to keep him. 

Today’s edition of La Repubblica (via took stock of the complicated situation. Milan have delivered their first offer to Donnarumma and the feedback wasn’t what they would have liked, but perhaps what they expected.

Mino Raiola, the player’s agent, is furious about the fact that the offer doesn’t include a pay rise. Instead, the Rossoneri decided to put the current salary on the table, which is €6m per year. The negotiations are currently on standby.

As the newspaper concludes, the risk of a new soap opera is around the corner and that is something that Milan should try hard to avoid. That being said, it seems the will of Donnarumma is to remain at the club for many years.

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  1. Martin Bernhard says:

    Just arrange a meeting with both the player and his nasty agent and put the offer forward to gigio himself and if he infact expects 10 mil a year then maybe its time to offload him as we simply cant be dealing with this bs anylonger. The player seems to want extend his stay so it should be fairly doable to get this over the goal line and make him sign a longterm contract and that without a release clause

    1. Gianluca says:

      Do you really think that this nasty agent is doing these requests without Donnarumma knowing it. Obviously this guy doesn’t have any respect for the team “he loves”.
      Guys let’s just wake up

      1. Martin Bernhard says:

        Well lets see, as it is right now its nothing but mere speculation and regardless of what is written donnarumma hasnt officially rejected to sign for us. When that is said i have no doubts that raiola prefers him to leave as he wants to earn his big pay day but that doesnt mean our player actually is rejecting to sign a new contract on pretty much the same terms as before.
        When that is said i would like if our and other clubs took a stance against raiola and make every new signings accept that their contracts stipulates that they cant sign with him.

        1. ag111 says:

          //that doesnt mean our player actually is rejecting to sign a new contract //

          hehe… hdoes that mean he is willing to sign a contract.

          //if our and other clubs took a stance against raiola and make every new signings accept that their contracts//

          every club looks after their own interest. They don’t care what is happening at Milan.. Anyway.. AC Milan has become avg club with no Champions League football for a long time. Don’t know if this club requires world’s best players like Donnarumma.

      2. Digi Man says:

        Agree with you ..Gigio must know it, Zlatan play the negotiation much better. At least he’s the boss for himself, and shows everyone Agent should follow him/players.

  2. Marius says:

    This superagent is a nightmare for every club. Gazidis is a smart guy and will not fall into that trap. Ibra is good bud at his age don’t worth 6m+ salary but i understand the reason for keeping him.. youngsters can grow better around him. But for a goalkeeper to ask 10 milion , you have to be insane.. even if it is Gigio.. If so, you better go after arab money and offload Milan balance.. much more win to Milan than lose… If your squad play a good fotbal, the goalkeeper has less impact in final results.

  3. Paulenes says:

    This mino Riola of an agent is a distraction of a team,most of his players doesn’t win bigger award

  4. Perttu Junnonaho says:

    Raiola simply blackmails us using Gigio as a tool! If Gigio himself wants to leave, then we should let him do so, but if he wants to stay, he should seriously consider dumping Raiola as an agent, because this thing will only escalate in hands of Raiola, and ruin our teams spirit as a result!

    1. Digi Man says:

      Not really… Raiola must have gotten approval or acknowledgement from Gigio, means both player n agent want much more money

    2. Perlat says:

      Every player he manage every player had problem on past. Remember what happened to Ibrahimovic when he went at Barcelona. Remember what he did to Balloteli. Look what he is doing at pobga
      He want to change the player every year from team
      Hi is most disrespectful person on earth
      I hope some one finds him when he leave.
      I hope milan through Doramuna out as goalkeeper and get Plezzari. Plezzari is good goal keeper as long as he don’t get involved with Raiola
      I am afraid from romanjoli He can follow bad path

      1. AG111 says:

        The issue with Pogba is different from the Donnarumma’s.
        Pogba was in a contract with Man U, but Donnarumma’s contract is ending. And Riola wants his client to get max money.. don’t see anything wrong here.

  5. Perlat says:

    Raiola is most bad personal on earth
    Him and Galiani destroy that milan.
    I hope one day they put him on jail forever.
    I hope some stand up against this pi’s of shit

  6. Perttu Junnonaho says:

    I am afraid the same thing will happen with Alessio Romagnoli, so we must cover our stance, and sign other agent”s players in central defense! Best thing to do so, is signing players who are clients with other big agent”s like Ramadani and Mendez, hence they are more likely to not swap agents! And simply put in players contract that he can not swap in to Raiola”s notorious camp, who only want own gain!

  7. popo says:

    sack Raila as some of milan player’s agent

  8. Zum blim says:

    Just sell both players at the right price. We can invest in others players with the money we earn. I am sick of this theatre.
    Milan want to focus on EL,yet the players like donna and roma play the hard ball through his greedy agent

  9. Roy Ano. says:

    After all has been said n done, Gigio will sign for a pay similar or slightly more than Zlatan.
    I just wish he ditches this nasty man for an agent.

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