Repubblica: Spurs willing to meet demands of Milan star as renewal talks proceed slowly

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are battling to try and secure the renewal of Franck Kessie but in the mean time Spurs have inserted themselves into the race, a report claims.

Kessie’s importance to Milan has been well documented as he has become a leader both on the field but also in the dressing room. However, with his contract set to expire next June, he wants a salary increase that reflects such a status and this has led to some friction.

According to the latest from La Repubblica (via MilanNews), the negotiations for the extension of the Ivorian are proceeding slowly and this appears to have alerted some other clubs, who are now sensing an opportunity to sign him.

The interest of Tottenham must be noted, and the English club are even ready to meet the demands of the 24-year-old in terms of salary, which certainly represents a risk to Milan’s chances of getting him to stay.

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  1. Let’s just hope someone is actually willing to pay Milan to get him now and not wait a year to get him for free.

    Money matters most (to these mercenaries) so we won’t be seeing him wearing the Milan shirt again.

  2. if he and his agent isnt willing to budge i’d suggest offering the player in a swap deal of some sorts or straight up 40 mil going our way and then reinvest it in partially buying players like berradi and vlasic as the team overall would improve as we also are about to sign bakayoko. He would be missed though but time to have a meeting with both the player and his agent to sort this bs out before its too late.

    1. Absolutely true, Martin. We need to sort this out as soon as possible. We cannot let it happen that we again lose a player without getting any compensation for it. If he refuses to accept the improved offer, we need to sell him during this transfer window and then use that money to buy new player(s).

      1. Generally im in full support of the management and their decisions but yeah we cant simply afford to lose our most expenssive players two years in a row for free. On the other hand its still just reports but this really should be sorted out before the end of the transfer window as that cash could at least help us in some positions for the coming years to come. In kessies case i also think we can more easily capitalize on him than on donnarumma as theres currently a lot of hype in regard of the player around in europe so 40 mil should be possible to attain for his sale. I would obviously prefer us keeping him though if possible.

    2. This time maldini has to learn from donnarumma and Calha , if kessie and his agent accept to offers from milan, maldini has to sell him this summer. Before letting him go for free. Do not wait until January. But this is depend on maldini response this situation

      1. I think donnarumma was a more difficult entity as mino apparently demanded 20 mil in sign on fees so i doubt that there was much to earn on him in the current market had we resigned him and sold him but kessie seems to have a lot of suitors so either he renews or he should leave. It takes two to tango so it isnt completely down to milans managment only and as kessie has said he wants to stay he should also show some willingness to live up to his own words.

  3. I think his demands are excessive and we cannot afford it at present time. If we bring Bakayoko in, we can sell him to Spurs and reinvest that money in getting a creative player (Vlasic, Bruno Fernandes, etc.). We need players who are committed to our team, not the ones who have their eyes fully fixated upon money!

    1. Absolutely. I personally don’t entertain players who are not willing to sacrifice for the team. Barcelona players are agreeing to pay cuts whilst ours are taking advantage of situation

      1. Agreed. Sell him now.
        None is irreplaceable or above ACM.
        Plus show that the management team learns from any mistakes in the past eg long/ late negotiations with Gigio and Calha leading nowhere and also responds quickly when is required eg instant add of Maignan.

    2. Overall i agree with your assesments but bruno fernandes simply is a pipe dream as he is currently valued at 90 mil at transfermarkt and i doubt utd would even entertain a deal at that fee. Add to that he has an anual salary without bonuses that is right above 10 mil euros a year + we would need to pay large sign on fees.

  4. Why is nobody siding with Kessie, he was our best player last season. He deserves a pay rise if we want to be a top European club again we need to pay our top players good money. This does not look like the Gigio situation, hes asking for reasonable money. Pay the man.

    1. Maybe because milan has a financial structure that can be tumbled if we just accept whatever players and their asgents are demanding. In fact abiding to such demands will just create precedence for other players to demand far more than they are currently getting.

      1. So what?? We wont reward players for exceeding expectations and doing well??? Players deserve to be rewarded for upgrading their performance

        1. So doubling his current salary isnt a reward ? come on man, ive allways supported the player while with us even when more than half of the milan fans wanted to sell him but fact is that he hasnt been that great as recently all the way through his stint with us and whether you like it or not we need to keep our saLalries at a level where the club is actually comfortable going forward, The player said he wanted to stay with us but if he expects us to be able to pay as premier league clubs does then he its better he leaves now even if i would be really sad about that scenario.

    2. You can pay him from your own pocket.

      As for Milan, we should continue doing smart business, with 5 million salary cap for ALL players.

      Look at Atalanta:
      Duván Zapata – € 3,330,000
      Josip Ilicic – € 3,330,000
      Juan Musso – € 2,960,000
      Aleksey Miranchuk – € 2,780,000
      Viktor Kovalenko – € 2,560,000
      Luis Muriel – € 2,310,000

      The rest earn less than € 2,000,000.

    3. Because he’s been excellent for only 1.5 seasons of his entire Milan career and now wants a massive pay rise… he was amazing last year of course but wow, not even 2 seasons in a row of excellence and the guy is already increasing his original demands by a lot…

      Sell, then get Bakayoko and Berardi. Could maybe consider Renato Sanches rather than Bakayoko also.

  5. Sometimes I wonder the kind of Milan fans that comments here, they are very closed minded than the open minded fans in rossoneri blog…….

    Kessie deserve every penny, he was exceptional and highly the reason we even made it to top4, losing kessie is like losing the champions league spot……who you wanna depend on in that mildfeiled >> tonali? Bakayoko?

    Milan should stop acting like babies and get hold of their players and reach an agreement with them. Are we the only ones in the pandemic, how many serie a teams lose their key players like this?


    1. Nah The midfield is never gone. Bennacer is still there. If we manage to sign Bakayoko and probably Kamara for 10M. We can easily play around with the money and get some players that we want. Potentially Berardi or Vlasic. This would improve the team massively. Plus Tonali gets some real game time to develop as well. So IDC. 6M IS MORE THAN ENOUGH. HE WANTS MORE THEN SELL.

      1. No cap, 6m is bloody 115k net weekly apart from bonuses, for a club just returning to champions league after 7 season, Naaah, if he don’t sign, he can go, I love him, but it is a team thing, plus clubs renew players very fast these days, if we get in a better financial situation, another contract easy!

  6. No cap, 6m is bloody 115k net weekly apart from bonuses, for a club just returning to champions league after 7 season, Naaah, if he don’t sign, he can go, I love him, but it is a team thing, plus clubs renew players very fast these days, if we get in a better financial situation, another contract easy!

  7. Mercenary bullsyit. It is human nature to get better payment. Someone offer you same job with better salary and you turned down that offer in the name of love? Wake up, there is no such thing IRL. If you insist this is about love, why milan becoming so cheap? Is there any love from the owner to bring milan back to the glorious day? NO. It is just business. Then why you labeled a player with “sell-out” thing while your owner do not want to sacrifice a penny to make milan glorious again?

  8. Jika dia merasa gajinya kurang , memang piala kejuaraan Apa yang sudah di berikan Kessie? sungguh tidak tahu diri..
    Jual saja untuk 50 juta euro

  9. I’m not going to throw Kessie or Maldini under the bus just yet. If Kassie is being offered 12 million who can blame him for wanting the money. If he has no intention of resigning with Milan he should have his agent help him secure a sale Milan can accept. It would suck to lose him but if he doesn’t want to stay it’s better to preserve good terms and make an opportunity out of the situation.

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