Repubblica: UEFA issue ultimatum to Juve, Real Madrid and Barcelona as Perez plots World Super League

By Oliver Fisher -

It appears that Real Madrid president and Super League chief Florentino Perez has a ‘plan B’ in mind after his project failed, a report claims.

According to a report from La Repubblica (via MilanLive), the UEFA board has given an ultimatum of 7-10 days to  to take a step back and follow the path chosen by Milan, Inter and the other clubs initially involved by leaving the Super League, otherwise sanctions will follow.

However, there is talk of a legal counter-battle that Juventus could carry out against the Milanese clubs for backing out of the commitment too easily. Meanwhile, Florentino Perez – the president of the Super League – does not intend to give up on his vision and is now thinking of a ‘World Super League’.

This would involve expanding the tournament and would include participation from teams who were not in the first project such as major clubs from Russia, East Asia and South America as well. The Super League would turn into a Club World Cup but without the help of FIFA.

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  1. Idris says:

    World super league without fifa? Perez is going crazy

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