Tuttosport: Risk of Romagnoli leaving for free rises as contract talks hit an impasse

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have not made any big strides in renewal talks with Alessio Romagnoli as the possibility of him leaving on a free transfer is growing, a report claims.

Romagnoli found himself dropped to a rotation role not long after the arrival of Fikayo Tomori but given the recent selection issues in the defence he is back to being the first name on the team sheet in that department while the Englishman is out, so Maldini and Massara must be giving thought to extending his deal at an amount both parties agree on.

As reported this morning by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), the negotiations between Milan and Romagnoli for the renewal of his contract continue to be at a standstill. There is still distance between offer and demand as the defender asks for €3.5m net per season plus bonuses to extend, while the management are offering €2.8-3m per year.

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  1. How much does tomori and kjaer earn? they both are a starter when they fit. It feels wrong when you give more money to a rotational player. I think 3mil is generous enough until he proved us wrong by getting back to a regular starting line up.

  2. 3 millions offer for maybe the 4th center back after Kjaer, Tomori, Botman is actually indicates Milan rather need to invest on a younger center back. It’s also not good for Romagnoli to stay, by dropping half of his salary and may also losing his captaincy due no guarantee to be first choice. I guest he will go to Juve.

  3. This is pure stupidity from Milan, I don know how true this news is but if you can not be paying 2.8 – 3m to a player of romagnoli status…this guy have been with us through thick and thin and he deserve better, even if his salary will be reduced then 4m is good….these guys have a family to take care of and have to prepare for retirement……I will not advise romagnoli to accept 2.8m at this stage of his career, that’s pure rubbish.

    This manangement are stupid, they save all these money yet they can’t even spend 15m on a player…..I am a Milan fan but I don’t like how we manage our players, even if we are balancing our account, there are some boundaries that shouldn’t be surpassed…… romagnoli deserve 4m and have been a good captain, even when he was benched and people thought it will affect his professionality, he still kept calm and have been giving his best.

    1. Maybe the reason he’s been with us “through thick and thin” is because he was given too much money to begin with. This is a player who was signed in 2015 at age 20 for 30m and then given a big contract. Somewhere in there he was extended for even more money. Remember this guy’s agent is Raiola. Romagnoli is good, but he’s never been more than a 3-4m per year player. He has a family to take care of and needs to prepare for retirement? That’s a dumb reason to overpay. I’ve got a family too and I don’t make millions per year. Rubbish thing to say. The only real reason to extend Romagnoli is to avoid spending the money on a CB this summer, but I’m beginning to think Botman is going to be really good. Imagine having Botman/Tomori for the next decade? It’s no coincidence that Juventus won 9 titles on the trot with the best defence in Serie A. Also note how Milan’s two best eras coincided with world class defenses: 1988-94- Maldini, Baresi, Costacurta/Galli, Panucci/Tassoti and 2001-2007- Maldini, Stam, Nesta, Cafu (with Kaladze, Costacurta, Jankulovski and a couple of others lending a hand).

  4. If his demands really are 3.5 mil a year + reasonable bonuses and sign-on fees then we simply should pay what his demands are as it isnt too much for a player of romagnolis qualities.
    He is an 25 years old italy international for years to come and If we doesnt renew we will most likely need to buy 2 defenders in july and knowing the ownerships eager to turn every penny for a profit it would most likely affect other moves in the market.
    Giving alessio a 4 year contract at 3.5 mil a year would equate to 14 mil euros and frankly its not many players with his qualities, experience and for that matter loyalty towards the club we can bring in for said ammount of cash + we would again have to pay a transfer fee on top of that which propably would exceed minimum 20 mil.
    Add to that if he potentially joins juventus he would strengthen them while also giving them some leeway in other areas to move. Juventus is in a dire need of raising cash as they have in recent years made investments on players like for example chiesa who they to my my recollection will need to pay 40 mil upfront in july this year. I see no need for us to help them improving that position while giving them one of the better cb’s of serie for free and especialy as romagnolis demands seems reasonable enough if the media reports holds up to scrutiny.

    1. he actually turned 27 in january but that doesnt really change anything in my book as he will have many great years ahead of him and defenders often becomes better in their late 20ies to early 30ies. Either way ait would be a huge mistake letting him go for free,

    2. See my comment above. Also, there may be some things to consider that we’re not privy to. What if the club is actually OK with giving him 3.5 but Raiola is asking for a huge signing bonus? Remember Raiola, his agent? So who knows what is truly going on. If Raiola is asking 10-20m signing bonus then good on the club for not getting extorted by this guy yet again.

      1. I agree to the extent of us not knowing whats going on but i also said “If his demands really are 3.5 mil a year + reasonable bonuses and sign-on fees” which pretty much includes it all. If romagnoli wants to renew then there isnt a thing raiola can do about that as one works for the other and not the other way around. Raiola will have to present whatever offer comes around from the club and as he is a fairly new agent for romagnoli the player really doesnt own him shit, so doubt this would be the question if he were to leave.

    3. Really like Alessio, and he has been the face of the defense for years, however “and for that matter loyalty towards the club” as you state, if he had loyalty towards the club he would sign for an equitable amount, like Theo,Tonali did,and Leao will, for love of the team and the fans. His thinking is like Kessies, sometimes it is better to dance with the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

  5. My Opinion: Management should either present 3m-3.2m in game bonus. Doesnt make sense to allow him join Juve for free. Sign Botman, Sell Ballo-Toure

  6. €2.8-3 million /year + bonus are fair offers for Romagnoli.

    Compare to Tomori who only got €2.5-2.7 million /year while Kjaer got €1.4 million /year and they are Milan BEST CB.

  7. Time to cut losses and see him go – better to let him go for free than pay him a fortune just so he doesn’t go somewhere else. There’s a reason he isn’t starting for Milan when everyone’s fit.

    1. New contract and then sell him next summer – if necessary. That way Milan would actually profit from (re-)signing him instead of losing him for free.

  8. Just give 3.5M per year to the player. He can play for another 2-3 years. If some clubs want to buy at 20M, they will also recoup whatever is given to the player’s salary. The board is just so stupid and never learn from the past two mistakes last season.

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