Romagnoli says ‘there could have been more clarity’ around his failed Milan renewal

By Euan Burns -

Former AC Milan defender Alessio Romagnoli has said that there could have been ‘more clarity’ around his renewal with the club which ended up never being finalised.

Speaking during an interview with Riccardo Montolivo on DAZN (via Milan News), Romagnoli spoke honestly about his final months at Milan which ended with him leaving the club on a free transfer to Lazio, his boyhood team.

It seems that Milan did not negotiate with Romagnoli soon enough or make their plans clear but he also stressed that he only has fond memories of the time that he spent with the Rossoneri.

“Regarding the renewal with AC Milan, there could have been a bit more clarity from the start, in the end everyone took their own path. I had many offers but the will was to go to Lazio. Of Milan I have only fantastic memories,” he said.

Romagnoli signed for Milan for €25 million in 2015 and has spent the bulk of his career so far with the Diavolo.

The arrival of Fikayo Tomori and his sudden form led to Romagnoli’s importance in the team reducing in the past two seasons and Milan felt that they could cope without the Italian and allowed his contract to run down.

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  1. “It seems that Milan did not negotiate with Romagnoli soon enough or make their plans clear”.
    What has the “Maldini haters” been saying all this time about those 4 players that left on free? That Maldini didn’t do his job on time.
    If you neglect players’ contracts and allow them to enter the last year of their contracts, don’t be surprised if another club comes , offers more money, and take them away from you for free.
    Kessie agent said something similar.

    1. Well there is an old interview from the 2022 summer where i believe it was the president of lazio who said it was already in the cards that he would end up with them as they had actually spoken about it for several years so no even if we had acted swiftly he propably wouldnt have stayed beyond the 21/22 season. We shouldnt forget either that romagnpoli was payed a rather exorbitant isalary n his last season with us.

      1. So all that makes it OK to let him leave for free?
        Everyone and their mother knows he was a Lazio fan, but players don’t leave Milan if they are offered a new contract on time to move to Lazio, fan or not.
        Also, it’s not like Lazio pays high salaries to their players.
        And at the end he says there was no clarity, do we want to keep him or not. Should we sell him or extend him. There should be a plan for 2,3 years ahead. Players that are on the team but you don’t see them as part of your future need to be moved. Not keep them and then let them leave for free.
        And it’s not only Romagnoli but 3 other players as well.
        No clarity, no plan

      2. hopefully you do realize you cant force a player out of a club if he doesnt want to leave right ?
        In his last season with us he earned €6,480,000.
        Her now eans 4,662,107 at lazio so are you seriously saying we should have entertained such demands for a player who had become a substitute ?
        Overall im not against the notion of selling players 2 years before their contract ends but pretty sure we wouldnt have found any club willing to pay his salary on top of a fee as he has earned 6.4 mil since 2018/19 season so do you seriously believe that was an option ? If anything you should send a huge thanks to mirabelli and that management for overpaying the player.

        1. Mirabelli didn’t give Romagnoli that contract, it was Galliani.
          We need a player like Romagnoli to start next to Tomori.
          Maldini is already paying substitutes like Florenzi 3 mil, Origi 4 mil, Rebic 3.5 mil, Dest 4 mil and he is donating 2.5 mil to Bakayoko for 2 years now.
          And you should also realize that if you are good at your job you can find a way to convince a player that is best for him to leave.
          Zlatan didn’t want to leave in 2012, was mad and didn’t speak with Galliani for a long time but that didn’t stop Galliani from finding a way to sell him.

          1. Get your facts correct, his contract was renewed on 5th june 2018 so no his contract was not renewed by galliani but even if it had been you cant blame the current management for not wanting to pay as much as you might deem reasonable and romagnoli clearly was paid far more than the players you just mentioned.
            By the way ive liked romagnoli since he got his debut at roma and was more than happy when he joined us. and idealy he would have stayed with us at minimum half of his salary but overpaying him again would be daft.
            You cant compare zlatans deal with psg either with us overpaying romagnoli as zlatan had been a star for roughly ten years and was in his prime before he left us, romagnoli on the other hand is a well respected defender but nothing more and clubs wouldnt line up to buy him regardless of what you think.

    2. Milan didn’t want to pay a backup player 3M€/y so it’s perfectly understandable Maldini wasn’t clear with his intentions. Would have been rude to say to the skipper that “you’re waaay to expensive and you’ll be on the bench anyway”.

  2. We know now everything. Americans calculated that players left for free are not valuable members of team. In that way they saved the money from gross salary extention. But, we are less competitive now.

    Our luck is maybe Juventus this year 🤞😂

  3. well, he changed agents too and was not willing to take a pay cut nor sit on the bench. Tomori was far better in the closing run to the title. what exactly was he expecting? to be paid 6m as a sub?
    it was not maldini’s fault he inherited a white elephant project from mirabelli and co.
    his arrival at lazio has not made them title contenders either.
    he was an unsellable product, if we renewed him at a higher wage, and he refused to leave in the future, Milan becomes indebted. anyone who remembers djamel mesbah can relate to a player stubbornly refusing to go when asked.

  4. I think this year Tomori and Kalulu haven’t really had competition for their spots so their form isn’t challenged. Kjaer has been unfit most times and Gabbia still isn’t trusted. The other option that would have made sense was Romag. That would have kept our current CBS on their toes. But I guess at those wages……
    Oh well

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