Romagnoli sheds more light on Milan exit: “I had an agreement with the club”

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessio Romagnoli has shed some light on his version of events regarding his exit from AC Milan last year, revealing details of an offer that was then retracted.

Romagnoli spent over half a decade at Milan having joined back in the summer of 2015 from Roma, but he left on a free transfer and joined the team he grew up supporting, namely Lazio.

He has become a starter there under Maurizio Sarri, slotting into a three-man defence which perhaps better shows his qualities and hides his weaknesses. Nevertheless, some Rossoneri fans question whether letting him leave for free was the right decision.

Romagnoli was interviewed by Città Celeste about leaving Milan and joining Lazio, and he revealed that there was a deal in place that would have seen him extend his contract but it was pulled back.

“Did I feel abandoned? No, but I had an agreement with the club, then they made other choices and I made mine. It ended peacefully, after seven years in which I felt good. What I spent at Milan was a very beautiful for me, which I will always carry in my heart,” he said (via La Gazzetta dello Sport).

“The 13? It was Nesta’s shirt, it’s normal for a defender to aspire to wear it. I also have other numbers that I’m attached to and that I couldn’t take at Milan, for example the 6, which was retired. Galliani suggested the 13 to me, and I accepted.”

The centre-back also spoke about the differences between the three biggest clubs in Serie A – namely Milan, Inter and Juventus – compared to the Roman clubs.

“Inter, Juve and Milan have been used to competing for the top places for years, they have a better culture of starting from scratch than ours, every year fighting to win or secure a Champions League place. In short, they have a different mentality. But we also have to aim for the Champions League.”

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  1. I just don’t understand the logic of the management, he is still a very healthy and young player, am Italian, you let him go, and you sign old and decrypt players like Florenzi, Messias and also injury prone Kjear, even if you want to balance the books, this is not how to do it

    1. You talk like you are high on something.

      Kjaer was already in the team 2 seasons before Romagnoli departure, what are you saying?
      Messias was already in the team before his departure.
      Florenzi was already in the team before his departure.

      So what are you saying?
      You can shift you blame entirely on the management don’t bring in players that was already in the team before Romagnoli left because you have personal hate for those players.

      1. It’s standard practice on here. Most comments are trolling in nature or ppl who don’t know what they’re talking about… don’t sweat this know nothing

      2. U are an idiot to even say that , I am speaking in general terms about the whole club, why would the team release him in the first place, as for Messias and Florenzi, they were both on loan when he was released after we won the scudetto, we wasted money in buying them and paying their salaries, what contribution did they make..?
        Does it make sense to release a 27 year old healthy Italian, and then buy two players all over 30, who subsequently were injury prone, everytime Messias was on the pitch, we were playing with one less player, as for Florenzi he was injury prone, and subsequently got seriously injured when we bought him permanently, we bought them after we released Romangoli.
        Yes I know Kjear was here before we released him, but did it make sense to release Romangoli when Kjear was still down with a serious ACL injury, can you honestly tell me now Kjear is a better option , what sort of idiocy is that, you release a healthy 27 year old Italian player, someone who happens to be the Captain of the club, and retain a player who is 34 with a serious ACL injury, why should I hate them as you mentioned, the reason I am against them is because they are old, and the weak links in the team, just have a look at all the games Florenzi played last season if you are not blind and an idiot you will see the problems he has caused, and you need to get your facts straight, before you argue with someone and make it evident that you are an idiot.

    2. & Romagnoli’s contract was quite large as it was signed by the Chinese mgmt before Redbird & later Cardinale.

      Milan would probably have kept him if he accepted a 3-4mil, maybe higher with bonuses but Lazio gave him a 5mil salary. For that price, Milan felt they could find a better candidate so they let him go. End of story.

      This article is from 2022 and shows Romagnoli making over 10mil. Is that his worth? Obviously not.

      PS. I like Romagnoli a lot but paying over 5m for him per year to sit on the bench? Mmm.. nope.

  2. Every move the management makes is about cost cutting, I referred to Messias and Florenzi because the money we paid for their loans, salary and subsequent purchase and salaries was a waste…

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