GdS: Romagnoli unhappy with renewal offer as Milan prepare for his summer exit

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessio Romagnoli was not impressed by AC Milan’s contract offer which included the notion of him taking a big pay cut, a report claims.

According to this morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), the future of Alessio Romagnoli is still to be deciphered. His contract expires at the end of the season and there is nothing to suggest at the moment that an extension is imminent, with talks having seemingly stalled if anything.

Regarding the captain’s contract, the paper speaks of ‘uncertainties in the negotiations’ and that Milan are preparing for losing him in June, given that the offer made by the management – which included a pay cut – was not to his liking.

It is for this reason that directors Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara are looking to reinforce the defence, which perhaps explains the links with signing a young defender this month and a long-term option in the summer like Sven Botman.

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  1. Cmon Milan, increase the offer and get this done. then our defense should be in good shape for next season and we can then spend our funds in the summer on areas that need improvement like Attacking midfielder, Right wing or Striker

    1. He isn’t worth over 3.5M per season, the contract he got was when that Chinese owner threw money at average players. Look at Castillejo, the issue with his loan or transfer is that he has high wages that not a single other club would pay for a player of his quality. Buying a player for 30M and him getting on a lower wage with the growth decree takes the whole gross wage cost down and replacing Romagnoli with Botman won’t cost 10M.

        1. I don’t think you really understand how it all works. Botman will probably cost around 35M with bonuses, but the inital cost will be under 30M. Growth decree isn’t out yet, they are just talking about it so the club pays less gross wage for new foreign players in Serie A. So if Romagnoli would get 4M his gross wage is 8M (and he is asking for more from what I read), If Botman gets 2.5M, his gross is 3.75M. That is 4.25M difference, per season. It amounts to 22.5M in 5 years. Botman gets around 1M right now, 2.5 should be enough to get him. So what is flawed exactly, even with a signing on fee for him and his agent it should be around 10M cost for Milan?

          1. Actually I made the wrong calculation here, Botmans wage would be 2.5M or 3.125M gross as the tax goes to 25%, so even less. So the difference would be 24.375M in 5 years.

        2. Even if I did miss the calculation as I’m doing it on the go, you can realize that it can’t cost over 15M to sign Botman compared to signing Romagnoli. I don’t think any club in the world wouldn’t pick a new 21 supertalent over a 27 year old good player, but not spectatular for that difference.

          1. It’s still 15m over 5 years, let me stress that.. over 5 years!…. each year the deal gets better as we save more on salary but initially well be further out of money while we wait to recoup and thats IF Botman never asks for a salary increase over that 5 years… plus if we re-sign Romagnoli and sold him in 2 years he’ll still have solid value and we’d actually gain funds so your whole premise is garbage. Losing a player on a free for this amount of salary he wants is an awful deal for us any way you slice it. This is a complete waste of funds. Go enjoy your “possible” 15m cost in 5 years when we could just resign Romagnoli who is more than good enough and use those funds on positions we actually need that will make a true difference in our team, not CB. (ST, RW, AM).

          2. LOL. That is why they let Donnarumma go, they did what people involved in finances do, not you. So you are saying they should overpay for a bench player while trying to convince Theo, Leao, Bennacer etc to take less? You have to be joking. 😀 The 15M is over 5 years, yes, because the contract is going on for that long, whole value is calculated, not what you like so it suits your point. Resell value of Botman if he will be good is 60M or more. So again, more value. I think they also signed a player that will play AMC along with Diaz Diaz, he is on loan at Bordeaux and will be there next season.

          3. You think other players are stupid to play for 2.5 or 3M while a benchwarmer has 5M? Giving him what he asks and selling him wouldn’t bring in any money because all of it and more would have to be paid to other players. I thought that is basic logic, when you take that into account and getting a new player that won’t ask for astronomical wages you can understand why the club is planning on that and don’t mind paying 30M for a player. As it won’t cost the club even half of that money and they will get a better player with potential to cost 60, 70, 80M, who knows.

          4. I love when people “lol” when they disagree… so childish, very meme-speak of you. We will 100% agree to disagree here. Losing players for free is bad business and there’s always a better way. We need to stop acting helpless.

    2. Sadly he hasnt grown as much as it was expected. He is still very bad in one on one defending and gets dribbled passed with ease. Compared to Tomori, and Kjær he is just not worth the money he is asking. Even Kalulu is quickly becoming a much better option than him.

      maybe Pioli’s style is just not for him and he will grow more under another coach. He has given a lot to the club, but it might be better for both parties if they just part ways.

      1. Better for him to move to juve

        He is strong in positioning and tackling, with juve low defence hes perfect. And they like raiola

        Botman is similar, but better, with higher ceiling

  2. Remider that Romagnoli is our most expensive player

    Ibra has higher net wage, but due to regulations for foreigners Gnoli gets paid..

    9m gross per year

    Bye RAIOLA

  3. If you can’t pay 3.5m for our player, what kind of shit management it will be. We need to fill Italian spots also for champions league. Botman is still young, he needs time like Leao. If we are not aiming Scuddeto for 2more years, then it’s ok by then Kjaer and tomori will leave. Bye bye Scuddeto, with this kind of philosophies we cannot win any cup.
    By end of the season we will not be having any debts, our budget will only grow for next few years. I don’t see a reason why Romagnoli should not be resigned to Milan, he has done very good job every match. Everyone is saying about the last season, he is ready to take 3rd place. You will not get a better player for this salary and if you are obsessed with Romagnoli mistakes even tomori/Kjaer also done this season. So there is no argument to pay him 3.5m as a third choice CB and much better than Botman at this time. I live in Lille, I know how much matured botman is today

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