Romano: Chukwueze to Milan ‘here we go’ – the details of the €28m operation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have got a deal for Samuel Chukwueze over the line and he should soon arrive to undergo his medical, according to Fabrizio Romano.

After weeks of negotiating between Milan and Villarreal, Chukwueze has finally been given ‘here we go’ status by the journalist. The relevant documents are being exchanged and checked by the two sides, meaning it is only a matter of time.

Chukwueze will sign a long-term contract this week – valid until June 2028 – while the Rossoneri management have agreed a fee around €20m plus €8m in bonuses with their Spanish counterparts.

The Nigerian winger has a medical booked for later this week, after which he will sign his five-year contract and then will head out to the United States to join his team-mates on their preseason tour.

Milan have been in the market for a new right winger this summer and Chukwueze has always been the first choice, given he amassed 13 goals and 11 assists in all competitions last season for the Yellow Submarine.

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  1. Caldara, the Donnarumma brothers, Montolivo, Cutrone, Plizalli, Soncin, Felicioli, Bellanova, Acuna, Bellodi, Sala, Mauri, Borini, Maldini, Brescianini, Torassi, Capanni, Olzer, Capone, Forte, Conti. Here is a list of Italian players who have practically brought nothing good to the team in recent years. And when the new directors decide to buy players from elsewhere, some fools whimper because there aren’t enough Italians in AC Milan, as if they were told that AC Milan was a reserve for the Italy national team.

    1. “Here is a list of Italian players who have practically brought nothing good to the team in recent years. ”

      Gigio? Cutrone? I’d argue Gigio got us into the UCL before leaving and Cutrone was the club’s best scorer/striker in one season.

      1. Yes, you have a point, but I’m also talking about certain behaviors. Not only in their footwork, but also in the way some of them have left. We were constantly told that Donnarumma was a child of the club, that he had grit and that he lived only for Milan. Yet, when the opportunity presented itself, he didn’t hesitate to stab us in the back. He left for another club for free at a time when the club needed money the most. His sale would have brought in big money for Milan. But he left without caring that his departure was harming an Italian football club. So why should the new American management care about the fate of Italians and favor them? The Italian Donnarumma, through his bad attitude, gave ideas to Hakan and Kessie.

      2. I agree with you. Donnarumma and Cutrone gave their best to Milan. For me, nationality doesn’t matter; it’s all about the club. A lot of these guys came because we couldn’t afford the expensive ones, not because they are Italians.

    2. Calabria, Bonaventura, Romagnoli, Tonali, Locatelli, Pirlo, Gattuso, Zambrotta, Ambrosini, Maldini, Nesta, Billy, Abbiati, Abate, Bonera, Inzaghi, Gilardino, Lentini, Ancelotti, Rivera, Baresi, Tassotti, etc.

      1. Great list of course.

        I think what people forget (not you necessarily Bartholomeo) is that Italian players who are either in their prime (ready to slot in and start) are always priced at a premium. They already play for clubs who are looking to make their own profit. Look at the original price for Tonali: 35m. Look at the price for Chiesa to Juventus: 42.5m. We were able to negotiate Tonali’s price down (only because he came on loan first and was slightly disappointing his first year), but otherwise those numbers are out of reach for most Serie A clubs to spend on a single player unless they sell another one. It’s cheaper to find the same quality abroad. Look at how Sassuolo prices all of their 20-25 year old Italians who show quality. None below 30m, many at 40m.

        It would be nice to have some more Italians, but by the time they develop at other clubs as players who can contribute for us their price is too high. Then only a few will come through our own academy because only X% will develop into the kind of players we need, and those that do get time. In the modern game clubs just can’t afford to sit around and wait for an academy player to *maybe* finally reach a top level at age 25. Otherwise there would be many seasons where the club would probably underperform and then the boo boys would be complaining about how we never make signings. For every Abbiati, Abate, Ambrosini, Maldini, Baresti, Locatelly, etc., that has broken through from the academy, there are 20 players you’ve never heard of who have left after a few years in the primavera because they just don’t have what it takes.

    3. Our academy was never anything to write home about. You’d have to go back to Paolo Maldini for the last set of great Italian talent to come out of our academy. Then fast forward way to maybe Darmian around 2007ish. And then maybe Cutrone. But we’ve never been like Udinese or Atalanta in terms of developing talent from Primavera

      1. Abbiatti is in the top 5 goalkeepers the club has ever had. Ambrosini is/was more successful than Darmian and Cutrone. Abate too, although he wasn’t world class per se. Donnarumma is a top GK, and Locatelli is a good midfielder who is an Italy player and whom I would have had no issue with being in our midfield.

        I wouldn’t say Udinese actually develops a lot of Italian talent. Atalanta yes, but you’re choosing one of the very best talent developing clubs who basically do that as their model of operation. Atalanta barely challenges for a CL spot in a good year. How do we rate against Juventus, Inter, Roma, Lazio, and Napoli at developing academy grown players? You need compare apples to apples.

      1. Messias and Pioli share the same agent, I wonder if it has any impact. Modern football is clearly impacted by agents, see how PSG’s director Luis Campos is buying almost exclusively players from his friend Jorge Mendes.

      2. Even if he dont leave , the other RW will leave like saladmaker ( permanent sale) , luka romero ( dry loan ) . Pulisic can play RW ,also samuel chukwu presence will make both saladmaker & junior playtime reduced greatly

      3. Dude, we’re just integrating the new signings now. The ink is not even on the page for Chukwueze and Romero just arrived and is 18. Pulisic is being tested all over the front line. Of course you’re going to see Messias in the first and second games of the pre-season. It also serves the purpose of letting other clubs watch him play to drive up interest. We also still need depth. One of Messias and Saelemaekers is going to stay as a backup. And while this may seem crazy to you, backups are going to be involved in pre-season games.

  2. Great news. Should be a fearsome prospect – Leao on the left and Chukwueze on the right.

    Now one more midfielder and LB cover…

  3. Here we go indeed – time to move on some players now, the forward group is a bit bloated at the moment, especially if we’re planning on a front three as a primary formation. This should mean 4-2-3-1 is a good option if the 2 man midfield is viable against some opponents.

  4. We have no proper defence. What about Scalvini. Let’s consider Italians also. If Musah and Dominguez seems tricky. Go for Ricci.

  5. Why is no one talking about our defence?
    We have just Kjaer, who seems weak and already old.
    Thiaw, just building confidence.
    Tomori, who makes some mistakes
    Kalulu is still far away from being a solid backup for the CB.

    Unless we want to take a risk with SImic.

    We need another solid CB to balance up the squad.

    My fear is, we not been hit with repetitive injury cases.

  6. Even if he’s in the last year of his contract, i still think 20+8 is a steal.
    Considering how crazy transfer market has been because of epl clubs and now from saudi arabia

  7. You can see the difference between how Elliot and Redbird run their business. On their era, signed players mostly get 4 years contracts, but on Redbird’s they get 5.

    When players signed with 4 years contract, they wants the players onerous values to be devided by 4, which means that their contractual values annually depleted more than if they had 5 years contracts. So when the player is sold, the margin between the selling value and the onerous value is bigger in the book- which means a bigger profit.

    On my opinion, this scenario means that Redbird has longer projection on Milan project than what their previous owner had. Could be an indication that they really serious about building a new stadium or introduce Milan to a bigger marketing.
    So, like it or not, Redbird gonna be around for quite a while, fellow Milanista

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