Romano: Lille star lands in Italy ahead of completing Milan move – contract signing imminent

By Oliver Fisher -

Lille goalkeeper Mike Maignan is due in Italy ahead of completing a move to AC Milan, according to a report.

Milan secured qualification for the next Champions League last night with their victory over Atalanta and now it is time to start fine tuning the squad ahead of next season. There are still doubts about some of the players who have been the protagonists this season, and Gianluigi Donnarumma’s contract situation has long been a headache for the management.

According to Fabrizio Romano on Twitter, Maignan is set to join Milan on a permanent deal from Lille. The agreement has been reached and the French goalkeeper has just landed in Milano in order to sign his contract.

It comes after reported that Milan have accelerated their pursuit of Maignan, who kept 21 clean sheets in Ligue 1 this season. They stated how agreement has already been found with Lille on the basis of €15m plus bonuses and the player has agreed a five-year contract of €3m per year. The announcement will soon arrive.

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  1. Maignan is going to be excellent but my God is Milan ever becoming non-italian. Disgrace to the club’s history….

    1. If the Italian are not showing loyalty to Milan and they are greedy of money let them fuck out of our beloved Milan

      1. Lol forget Donnarumma, he’s a money hungry person. What I’m talking about is our management for not going after any italian players and selling our for peanuts too soon (like Locatelli). AC Milan has now become the new Inter only we wear red instead.

        1. I have to disagree my friend. The game is global. We should want the best players in the world in our league no matter the nationality. We could have signed Chinese and we passed, but we did sign Tonali. Yes letting locatelli go was horrible. But was letting Cutrone go bad for 17M? No. Caldara, Conti, Romagnoli we supposed to be the pillars of our defense along with Donnaruma, but things change and some players don’t work out. Which young Italian player aside from Locatelli went on to become a star at another club? I honest.y cannot think of any. Cristante? He’s fine but hardly a star…I personally want the best players at Milan – would be nice if they are Italian -but as long as we win that’s fine with me. But it’s not as of we haven’t tried. We have a solid mix and that’s fine with me IMO

          1. The soul of Milan is dying. They can be a good team for sure but we will never get the soul of Milan back without Italian players. They understand the team they grew up watching especially if they are through our youth system they understand ac milan. Now we just get mercenaries who are great cheap value… sounds like a britiah soulless team to me. It’s all the reasons I don’t support english teams and fell in love with milan going away and it makes me sad. Milan used to have a really strong Italian core and world class foreigners. Now we have 1-2 starting italians and the rest foreign players with only 1-2 of them being world class. How far from the ac milan ww used to be and what we are now is disheartening.

    2. GTFO here with that “disgrace to club history” BS. You clearly don’t have a clue about Milan history.

      1. Milan first captain and one of founding member is Herbert Kilpin and he’s a British, not Italian.

      2. Gunnar Nordahl is a Swedish, not Italian, and he’s one of Milan best striker in history.

      Or did you forgot that Dida is a Brazilian and he was Milan goal keeper when Milan won Champions League in 02-03 & 06-07 and Scudetto in 03-04?

      Or Kaka, Seedorf, Shevchenko, Rui Costa, Van Bommel, Robinho, Seedorf, or Ibra? These players definitely are not Italian.

      Milan always have strong history with non-Italian players!

      Also, last time i check Milan still have Calabria, Romagnoli, Tonali, Daniel Maldini, and Gabbia which all of them are Italian. Pioli also an Italian.

      1. Great history lesson there but you wasted your breath. As I don’t debate we have a history of many international players and that’s cool and Inlove that but we’ve always had a strong Italian core even when all of those players you mentioned were playing we had a strong italian core of players and top class foreigners that is milan. What i hate is seeing a starting lineup with 1 Italian… seems more like inter to me but just with red and blacm stripes instead.

      2. Really settle down, cool your head and realize I’m not saying we should only sign italians, that’s outrageous. I’m saying I want many Italians on the team and if we go for a top talent I don’t care where they’re from but why do our regular players or youngsters have to also be foreign..? Guys like meite, krunic, hakan, saelemaekers, castillejo, brahim diaz, mandzukic, leao, hauge are not world class and not special (some could be) so why do we have to make this part of our team non Italian? The only answer is value… it’s a very America business and money only way of seeing the game which is exactly what strips the soul away.. guys like kessie and theo I get it, they’re top talents and have vast potential. Even Bennacer could get there, but the rest… come on.

        1. Bro I understand your point but what point do you make from the one we choose to be our pillar and sacrifice everything for but decided to act like a mercenary like you mentioned.

  2. No choice, Milan have to move and decide soon. AC Milan are important than a player who never winning any trophies yet. Do the same thing for Hakan as well by taking De Paul.

    1. We literally lost tens of millions with these 2 deals. Awful upper management. At the very least resjgn and sell but waited too long. Again, Awful management

  3. Getting Maignan for 15M is a steal as this guy is a fantastic goalie. I am not sad Gigio won’t be with us any longer as I am tired of the yeast soap opera with him – BUT to lose him for nothing is completely unacceptable. Horrible business. First – it should never have come to this – let his contract run down. Do you think Dortmund will let Haaland leave for free if he doesn’t sign an extension this summer? NO. We should have signed Gigio last summer with a year left but now we are paying for Ethan mistake. Second, we should give him what he wants – 10M/year, sign him THEN SELL HIS ASS. But we cannot and should not let him leave for nothing. If Kepa was worth 80M what is Gigio worth? 100M? 120M? Etc…shame on management for not getting this done. Shame also on Donarumma who in one breath says he bleeds the Milan colors yet is constantly stirring the pot. Raiola is doing his job. Yes he’s a snake. But if he’s your agent that is what you want. I mean we deal with Raiola with Ibra and it’s not a problem. Why? Because Ibra tells Raiola what he wants. Period. Ibra decides where he wants to play and what salary he will accept. Gigio has to be a man and say what he wants. I believe he doesn’t want to stay and is hiding behind Raiola. Can’t always blame Raiola. I mean we are talking about signing De Paul. Well who do you think his agent is? Raiola. We want top players well he represents them . Do we boycott all of his clients? I don’t think that’s realistic. I’m not defending the guy as I hate Raiola. But there comes a point where the player puts his foot down and says this is what I want and if that means cutting ties w the agent if he disagrees so be it. I was an agent so I know from experience. End of the day it’s the client that decides. So Gigio is not innocent and is playing games and I think he wants out. We just need to make sure as a club we cannot let this happen again – letting our best players leave for free – as Kessie, Benacer, Romagnoli, etc…all coming up and we can’t afford zero transfer fees.

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t know if I agree with the part where you said the Milan management allowed this to happen. What message do you think they’d be sending to the squad if they give this kid £10m? I don’t think Hakan would be bold enough to ask for £5m if Donnarumma hadn’t asked for £10m. I’d forever rate Neuer as the best goalkeeper cuz the guy does more than keeping. He’s like a last defender. Imagine you were Calabria earning 1.1m and you saw Donnarumma in the dressing room who earns 10m. How would you feel as a player. I think his contract requests were absurd and totally unreasonable and I wouldn’t blame the management that it had to come to this. Let’s not forget that his agent is Raiola. What I feel is that the kid played us from the start and acted like he had no hand in this. OK let’s imagine they gave him the 10m contract but couldn’t find a buyer for him. Most clubs are facing some financial difficulties so I don’t want to assume that we’d easily find a buyer who’d willingly meet our asking price. I totally agree with all you’ve said but I wouldn’t fault the management that it got to this. Forza Milan 🙂

      1. Sczezny for Juve makes 8.5M – so Donarumma who is 22 at 10M isn’t crazy. Market dictates the price not the fans. So it’s not unreasonable if there is a buyer willing to pay the price. What do you think they pay in England? We want to compete against the best we need the best players- and that means paying for them. What message does that send to superstar players we are trying to attract? Come but we cannot pay you what you want. What does it say for our own players who do well and they become stars – we won’t pay them? Of course they will leave because some team (English teams, PSG, Barca Madrid, etc…) will pay them. Do you think Kessie and a benacer will stay if we don’t pay them market wages? English teams are just waiting to scoop them up. Wage policy works to a certain extent but when you become good you have to start paying for all the progress the players made and the stars they have evolved into. Other wise we become Arsenal. A good team but not great that never wins anything. Exceptions are made all the time. We did it for Ibra two years in a row – 7M for a 40 year old who played half a season. was he worth it? YES. My point is there are exceptions always made and to make one for arguably the best keeper in the world who is only 22 and who grew up with the club – you sign him and if you need to sell him down the road and make pure profit. You don’t lose him for nothing. And yes there will always be a market for him even at 10M because in a few years when things go back to normal; 10M may seem like peanuts for a goalie who knows. Again I don’t think he is worth 10M a season right now – but I also don’t think we should let him walk and get nothing in return. That is horrible business. I also think we should sell Romagnoli this summer for as much as we can as we will be in same situation as Gigio and Roma isn’t worth 6M a season extension IMO. So sell him and reinvest in a young player (Lovato, Kabak). Raiola is a snake but he’s doing his job. We are talking about signing De Paul – so we have to deal with Raiola as we deal with him for Ibra and Romagnoli, etc…I honestly think Gigio has had enough and wants to start fresh and is tired of thief and questioning him (although deservedly so) about his loyalty. I think he wants out. So at this point not much we can do. Just hope it doesn’t happen again. If players don’t sign extensions before entering last year of their deals – sell them. All the big/smart clubs do that. It’s smart business.

        1. Bro honestly I love the way you analyze the game but let’s be honest with ourselves, do you think this was really about money? Asking for so much to me was just a strategy because he wanted out. I think the offer Milan put forward was very reasonable but was never going to be enough because they played Milan to the end. Guy needs to remember that not many goalkeepers come into the limelight at 16 and honestly the decision to renew is his prerogative but what hurts is the hypocrisy. Don’t say you want to remain at the club when you don’t and don’t kiss the badge. No money in the world could have kept Donnarumma and I started seeing the possibility of him leaving when the saga went on for so long.

    2. You think everyone will line up to pay 60M+ to Milan like you said he is worth, 20M to Raiola, 10M to Donnaruma as a sign on clause + over 10M/year wages. If that was the case he would have 12M/year offers waiting on the table, he could pick a club from any top league right now as they would save 60M or 80M of the transfer fees. But there aren’t many clubs that can pay that, and most have top goalkeepers so they don’t need to stack players for no reason. They need to let him leave if he won’t sign what was offered, as just his contract extension will cost 20M+ with Raiola fees, he can’t get astronomical wages, 40% higher compared to Ibrahimović, and triple from some players that had a good season. I would also sell Romagnoli if the reports of his asked wages are correct, or better said, get rid of Raiola players. Ibrahimović can stay as he is obviously a man and makes his own decisions. Same goes for De Paul, don’t buy as Raiola will ask for astronomical wages for a player that hasn’t proven himself in a big club. Calhanoglu is also asking for too much for what he has shown, he plays good when others play good, but he can’t push the team forward.

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