Romano: Milan to miss out on Dutch midfielder as Brighton agree €35m+ deal

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will have to look elsewhere for midfielders because Mats Wieffer is now expected to join Brighton and Hove Albion, according to a report.

Milan head into the summer transfer window in search of a more defensive-minded midfielder who can bring some balance to the department given the abundance of more natural box-to-box players like Tijjani Reijnders, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Ismael Bennacer.

Wieffer is one of the names that has been linked by multiple different sources. The 24-year-old has become a star for his club and is now a senior international for the Netherlands, albeit not at the European Championship due to injury.

According to the latest from Fabrizio Romano – who mentioned Milan as suitors – Wieffer will be swapping red and white for blue and white rather than red and black because Brighton have agreed on deal to sign him from Feyenoord.

The final fee will be €30m plus add-ons, which means that the Rotterdam club will be getting a guaranteed €35m. An agreement on personal terms is now being ‘completed’, with the talks moving to the ‘final stages’.

Brighton naturally seem quite eager to back their new head coach Fabian Hürzeler who arrived to replace Roberto De Zerbi after getting St. Pauli promoted from the 2. Bundesliga.

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  1. This dude said he preferred the vast pedigree opportunity and glamor of playing at Brighton and Hove Albion over Milan weeks ago… but I guess we’re supposed to have kidnapped him and forced him to watch Cardi B videos for a week until he signed with us.

    1. Sorry but who cares what he says. If he’s good and we can afford him, then get him. Only one team actually tried to sign him and it’s not Milan. We’re missing out on very good players and we’ll end up regretting it. Look at how Juve and Inter are working on the market and you’ll see how our management and transfer window is in shambles.

    2. This is what happens when you remain calm and monitor your targets for weeks. It’s getting harder and harder to find excuses to this management but somehow you still manage to do it. Keep up the faith!

          1. ah and you are here still pretending like you are a Milan fan when you come here celebrating any time Milan loses

        1. @Pioli!!! I mean @Boulden!!! There u are son! Where have you been kid??? In Gerry’s jock strap? We missed you kiddo!! Hahahahahahaha

          1. yeah thats why you comment way more when Milan loses and vanish when Milan wins

            people like you are the definition of pathetic

      1. B, last summer was similar situation. Some of the targets we were after got signed and management still managed to bring in 10 players.


        1. The premier league pay cheque goes through their head, and the thought process that one good season at Brighton may lead to a transfer to City, Chelsea or Liverpool

          1. If he puts in stellar performances I’m sure he’ll be noticed by City, Chelsea, Liverpool while playing in Italy, Spain or France too, so not sure that’s the main reason. It’s more likely money – but it’s still a head scratcher, to me anyways.

        2. I remember when the prem got its first Stellar tv deal…I think it was talksport said that’s it…except Bayern and PSG, the top 20 wealthiest clubs in the world are the 20 prem clubs…the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth, Sheffield Utd are now more financially powerful than Madrid, Milan, Juve, Inter…..

          1. They are not financially more powerful than Milan,Juve and especially Real Madrid which will hit 1 billion of revenue soon. That’s such a wild claim to make backed with 0 facts.

    3. @dejan10 It’s not even that he prefers Brighton over Milan, but the sole fact that he prefers Brighton over Feyenoord is a bit funny xD

      Premier League is obviously stronger than Eredivisie, but with Feyenoord he will play in Champions League, meanwhile Brighton is just mid-table team that with current disposition can only dream of playing in even Conference League xD

      Really strange move. Really wondering why he would just not wait for any other better club (aside from Milan) to claim him. Guy is actually doing a step backwards in his career, which is wild for me

  2. Soon enough dozens of inconsolable fans will soon appear here, hysterically crying and sobbing over the fact that we didn’t sign the guy, as if Milan had missed the opportunity to sign, let’s say, a Frank Rijkaard, a Xabi Alonso, a Marco Tardelli, a Gennaro Gattuso… the lack of sense of proportion is something truly extraordinary.

  3. Literally 90%+ of the people didnt know who he was before the rumors but now he is the the new Rijkaard Gattuso etc,

    Seriously whats wrong with you people?

    1. At least we are getting Morata, also I would like to differ with you there. I think a lot of us knew who he was before this summer, we have been linked to him last season as well. He is a natural DM with good passing and would fit us better than a b2b midfielder like Fofana. We were looking to pay around 20M for him meanwhile someone offered 30M which we couldn’t match, it’s as simple as that.

      1. and whats wrong with Morata? He has more goals and assists than everyone’s beloved Zirkzee who people think is new Van Basten because he is Dutch such LOGIC,

        1. Did I say there is something wrong with him? I was just being optimistic that we are not overpaying for someone who is not even a striker.

  4. Brighton didn’t waste time. ‘Yeah, you want 35M? We’ll make it work.’

    No negotiations for weeks over 3 million.. boom, done, gone.

      1. Feyenoord doesn’t care if Brighton is relevant or bit. They care they get the mone. And Brighton has it and is willing to pay

  5. People always cry about us not signing Italian players but as an Italian our last big money signings Bertolacci €20m, Conti €25m, Caldara €35m have all been massive wastes of money. €80m and we got 86 league matches out of them joint. Players need to be carefully evaluated otherwise we sit with another mess on our hands.

    1. The people who cry about Italians are the same people who think Fratessi is worth 40m and Milan should’ve matched Inter’s bid

      1. Shooting blanks I see. First go and compare stats between Frattesi and our “magician” Reijnders from past season. Compare their heatmaps too while you’re at it. And then talk.

        1. yeah comparing Rejinders who was forced to play out of position in a totally brand new league to Fratessi, are you just dumb or what? The lengths you people go to put down Milan fans while bigging up every other club is insane

          and then you call yourselves Milan fans

          My ass

          1. Because Frattesi wasn’t put into new team with new teammates, new coach, new formation, new system and role? Yeah you are talking out of your a$$ as usual.

          2. And saying he played out of position is bullcr*p and completely biased opinion because heatmap comparison between Reijnders and Frattesi is factual. Go, check and then talk.

        2. Reijnders is an excellent player don’t know what you’re on, he was our most productive midfielder the entire season. A massive upgrade from the glass man and the gambling embarrassment.

          1. Maybe you should ease on whatever you are. I didn’t say Reijnders wasn’t good although he was nothing special. But the fact is Frattesi topped him in statistics with less games.

            Saying he played out of position is bullcr*p and completely biased opinion because heatmap comparison between Reijnders and Frattesi is factual.

        3. Also frattesi is average at best, unless you’re an inter fan nobody wanted to see him there at the Euros. Spalletti made massive mistakes in his choices for midfield. Don’t overrate players. We’ve done that enough with Tonali, who was basically a less skilled Bertolacci, and Frattesi isn’t even as good as him, Frattesi is more on the level of Sam Dalla Bona

          1. Have you even watched Italy play in Euros? Because Frattesi was deployed on right wing.

            Your counter argument to the facts I post is that I’m an Inter fan. That’s just weak and cringy.

        1. And did it will less than 50% pass completion too!

          He is so good he needs only have the passes of any other midfielder.

          That’s how stats work …. Erm … Right?

          I think we may be on to something here!

  6. The melancholy truth is players now lack ambition, I have watched him play several times he is a good player, it would have been better to stay in Feynoord for another year, play well, and then get to a big club, which his talents deserve, but players and agents now just want money, they don’t care about what the player can achieve in future…

    1. At 24 the good move is to jump into a relevant club. Your physical peak is near. Gotta maximize your performances.

      Not sure Brighton is the right move for him but hey. What do I know.

    2. For the kids these days though, going to the Premier League is ambition. It’s watched everywhere, it has huge TV deals and income. Sad truth is, it’s slowly becoming a Super League by default.

      I am sure Milan currently has more draw to it, but I also think there’s every chance that Milan haven’t been seriously pursuing him and ‘missing out’ is just media nonsense.

  7. Regardless of Wieffer’s ambitions, if he was a legitimate target or not, the truth is, we’re wasting time.
    You don’t wait till July 1st to start talking, you try to get things done as quickly as possible. Juve undestood this, Inter understood this and even Brighton understood this, we didn’t.
    When you have issues regarding negociations or salary or comissions or whatever, you should already move quickly to plan B, C,…. not waste months trying to get something worth 30M€ for 25M€.
    Also, if we’re so “financially stable” and “we don’t need to sell” why are we still trying to get reductions like a cheap club ?
    I guess we will have to wait august to get whatever players other clubs didn’t want.

    1. I would argue the club is financially precisely because they pay 25mil for 30mil players and don’t overpay on demand. Also we tell greedy agents to check themselves before they wreck themselves… 😁

      1. “Also we tell greedy agents to check themselves before they wreck themselves… 😁”
        If we don’t to pay greedy agents (we shouldn’t pay them) then move on to the next target. Why are we still meeting with Kia ?
        It’s one thing to not overpay on demand, it’s another to continue dragging stuff for 3M€ or 5M€ (like with CDK). We lost Thuram this way, we dragged the Taremi stuff until late summer and ended up with Jovic on the last day, heck even for some of the players we got we dragged a bit (Chukwueze).

        1. I think the fee isn’t really 15mil. I think Kia is stalling for PL interest. Once he realizes the demand isn’t there, he’s coming back to NC is senses.

          1. Exactly. Stalling/artificially pricing us out for PL interest. Everyone wants to go to the PL. Hence this article about Wieffer.

    2. Yeah things arent done by July 2nd so it means everything will be delayed till August

      The logic of this place gets worse and worse everyday, its like these people were in a coma last year when a lot of business was done WITHOUT ANY RUMORS HINTING AT IT

    1. It’s because he isn’t worth 35 million – Brighton was only dumb club to shell out that kind of money. Did you see any top teams chasing this guy? No, it’s because he is mediocre player.

      1. Brighton don’t miss very often, to be fair. Ironically, because they’re very data and development driven, all the stuff our owners get stick for in every comment thread. They’re owned by a man who made his money gambling and have an excellent record in buying a player, developing him in a good system and then selling him to Chelsea for absurd money a year or two later.

  8. First of all, he wasn’t one of the targets for Milan unless you believe every media story out there. Second, there were no good teams after him which tells you he isn’t that great. Brighton is crap team and doing what most English teams do – overpay for players by 30-40% and then end up like Chelsea with players they don’t want but can’t get rid of.

  9. This is literally managements fault seems Elliot and Redbird are the same if he’s not an American, washed up Chelsea player, free or old player they aren’t working fast to close the deal.
    We could had gotten Enzo Fernandez moises caicedo Kokcu weiffer Khephren Thuram buongiorno juan Miranda Jonathan David zirkzee raspadori scamacca hamed junior traore zaniolo dybala and really many many more

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