Romano: Milan to miss out as centre-backs close in on Napoli and Marseille moves

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan look set to miss out on two players who have been named as centre-back targets, namely Rafa Marin of Real Madrid and Lilian Brassier of Brest.

Milan are locked in a strange part of their mercato at the moment – even if the window has not officially opened – because they must first resolve the centre-forward issue before turning to other areas and this means they may miss out on some targets.

Over the past few days the Rossoneri have been linked with a move for Marin who spent last season on loan at Deportivo Alaves from Real Madrid, while Brassier is a player that has been mentioned as an option for months now.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Napoli and Real Madrid are in direct contact today to seal Rafa Marín deal on permanent transfer, with the deal ‘almost there’. The 22-year-old has already agreed on terms, while Los Blancos will have a buy back clause with details being clarified.

In another tweet, Romano adds that Olympique Marseille are on the verge of signing Brassier. Talks are underway with Brest while personal terms have been agreed over a five-year deal. The player ‘rejected three other proposals’ – also from Champions League clubs – to join OM.

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  1. Brassier would have been a smart signing. Instead De Zerbi got him. Calafiori or Scalvini would be nice signings to add Italian spine to our team.

    1. “Player excited to join Napoli project under Conte.”

      Romano on Marin. Sincerely hope in this near future we also can read the same thing about players getting excited in joining Fonseca’s project.

  2. No loss there, we need Italians, Calafiori, Scalvini, Buongiorno, forget these cheap moneyball foreign signings, we have enough of them already

    1. Why? Do you want a good team or an Italian one? Let’s face facts, top quality Italian players are few and far between these days, therefore they will inevitably be grossly overpriced.
      Do you think any of the ones you mentioned can be bought for less than an outrageous sum right now? You know the teams that they are on don’t have to sell them to Milan just because you want them to.

      1. Milan is an Italian team and many of its legendary players are Italians. Orsolini or Berardi would have been a better option than Chukwueze. Buongiorno or Calafiori can become top defenders so paying 30-40M for a guy that can become your starter for ten years is not so much, especially when you’re sustainable. There are probably 10 to 20 Italian midfielders who are better than Musah or Adli. This club under Redbird has no identity because moneyball doesn’t value culture, tradition or psychology.

        1. @Bartholomeo I would love to see more Italian in our team but let’s face it. Italy been producing lots of average players lately. There’s a reason the National team failed to qualify the last few world cup. It’s laughable that Torino wanted 100 mil for Beloti compared to a player like Kane or Lewa worth almost the same. Now Chiesa and Bernadeschi cost big money not living to the expectation. Italian club are asking a lot of money that the players aren’t worth.

          1. I disagree, Italy won the last Euro, while some people think that the Euro is even more competitive than the World Cup, and Italy has been harmed by coaching and injuries more than others lately. Of course there is less talent than previous generations but they didn’t become a bad team. Maybe the growth decree has been a problem as well, considering that it was cheaper to recruit foreigners and as you say Italian clubs ask for a lot of money. Maybe the Italian government should introduce rules like Germany or boost the formation of youngsters like France or Morocco lately.

            Regarding Milan now, it’s evident that there is absolutely no interest in bringing Italians. There are many players that we could afford and that could be great additions but, again, moneyball doesn’t value this parameter. I guess that without the homegrown players rule, we would have zero Italian in the team.

        2. Orsolini for sure would have made a good signing to alternate with Pulisic instead of Chukwueze, and we probably could have saved 5-10m on that deal as well.

          Some people will burn me for this, but I’d even consider selling Leao for what someone is actually willing to bid for him (probably more like 125m) and replace him with Chiesa and use the leftover money to allocate to the other areas we need to improve (and renew Theo of course).

  3. The 22-year-old has already agreed on terms, while Los Blancos will have a buy back clause with details being clarified. Smart management wont let go of their talented young players like that, they are always in control but talking bout milan young talented player are struck in between cuz the manage can sell for profit and cant give them playing time

    1. That we didn’t include a buy-back in Kerkez’s sale was borderline criminal (and I’m not a big Maldini/Massara critic normally). Boy we could do with him next year!

  4. Brest and Marin never seemed like concrete targets, more like names in passing. Which there have been many. We move on.

    Kiwior seems more of a concrete interest. Need a left-footed CB.

    1. It’s Brassier. And yes he has been for a while.

      Oh well. Another one gone for a decent price.

      News flash to all: dreams of Italian CB coming like Calafiori, Buongiornio, Scalvini – are just dreams. No way we are spending 40M plus on a CB. We can’t even spend that much on a striker.

      This management team are lost…

  5. i honestly dont care anymore where out here getting beaten in transfers by marseille we stopped being a serious club the moment that americain took over

    1. News flash, players can choice where they sign. Maybe he wanted to stay in France where he knows the language and feels comfortable. Reports are he wanted to play for De Zerbi, and maybe Milan never were interested. Just because some paper that needs content posts something doesn’t make it true. Plus, where is the big loss, he is an international that every club is looking at, ah no.

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