Romano: Milan net resale clause as part of €70m Tonali deal – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan will have a resale clause as part of the deal that will see Sandro Tonali join Newcastle United, according to a report.

According to the latest from journalist Fabrizio Romano, Milan will have 10% sell-on clause included in Tonali’s deal which is ‘done and sealed’ with Newcastle. That means if the Magpies were to sell him on in the future, the Rossoneri would get 1/10th of the revenue.

As per the journalist, Milan will now move on to signing new midfielders after completing Tonali’s exit. The Italy international will be unveiled as Newcastle player later, and not today or tomorrow, given he is at the U21 European Championships.

Romano also stated among other sources that the transfer fee is €70m including bonuses, and Tonali will get a potential €9m net per season for six years. We attempted to break down his exit and what it means for the club in a feature yesterday.

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    1. Why bother I know the boy will be back next summer or even January, he will never settle in Newcastle, anyone who has ever been there will tell you that and to move from Milan one the world’s top 10 cities to Newcastle.

      Sorry Toon Army you guys have gone for a name rather then what you needed which was James Madison, but thanks for the €80M 😂😂

      1. What do you think how did Milan get a “discount” when he was signed? They added this clause. Why would Bresica remove it? 😂😂😂😂

  1. if he is sold for 100 mil we will get 2-3 mil so as ive been saying im not impressed by this deal as we wll end up with something like 54-64 mil + 2-3 mil and the players value is 50 mil according to transfermarkt. His initial loan cost 5 mil and we bought him for 14.5 mil and he isnt on too high a salary,
    This deal doesnt make sense considering his age and value to the club.

    1. No, I think it is 10% of total transfer fee, so Milan would get 10M. Not 10% of the “profit” or whatever that is called.

        1. No it’s definitely 10% of the transfer fee. Whether or not Newcastle sell him at a loss is entirely up to them. We get 10 of wherever that figure is. Standard Practice with these clauses.

          1. Both of you might be right in regard of the 10% but its not just standard practice as resale clauses also can be set so its what that exceeds the initial fee paid.

  2. Yeah only that Newcastle won’t sell him because they’re not fcking broke like us.
    I can’t believe it’s all happening, 10 years of suffering and this motherdcking yankee comes to kill our dreams again…

    1. i also doubt that they will sell him but my hope for tonali though is that he can come back one day on a free transfer after redbird hopefully is gone but he really should have been kept for the remainder of his career,

          1. hopefully before but guess we will just have to wait it out but the stadium will first have to be build so maybe 5-6 years but for what we knows they might stay for 10-15 years,

  3. This is a pretty low amount for a player of his importance IMO, not impressed at all by that. If we end up with only around 50m or even less from the deal then that’s really poor. Especially with the amount Newcastle are paying him.

    1. What are you talking about?? We get 70mil guaranteed plus add in’s AND 10% of the resale fee. We’re good financially, uncomfortable emotionally.

      1. How is 70M guaranteed? 70+10 in bonuses was reported.
        But now it is 70M which is probably 55M + 15 in bonuses, or 60+10 and 10% sale fee. Milan got 55 or 60M + potential bonuses, not 70 or 80M. It is a bad financial return considering the amount he was paid, that is also taken into account.

      2. Unless I’m mistaken, the transfer fee is “70m including bonuses”, so it’s only 70m if all the bonus clauses are met.

        The resale clause isn’t 10% of a sale, it’s 10% of the profit of any sale. So if they sell him for €80m, then it would be 10% of the €10m profit, so €1m.

        And we have to pay a percentage of anything we get in to Brescia too.

        1. The % is 10% of the sale if the reports are right. But 70M is not the fee, it is probably 55 + 15. So Milan gets 55 and bonuses are possible. If Tonali breaks a leg and doesn’t play enough it will stay at 55. Anything can happen. 55M for Tonali after he was paid almost 30 is nothing.

          1. I understood it as 70 guaranteed with bonuses to get to the 80mil Milan was originally asking for him. Plus the resale clause.

  4. We are way way weaker than where we were when cardinale bought this club last year, LOL, now we need 2 CMs, atleast on par with tonali and bennacer, still we need a RW, CAM, CF, and back ups in many positions, LOL, that is if we wont sell again to improve our budget, this idea of selling to improve doesnt work if your team was already lean, lets wait and see the magic they will work, and i dont understand fans who celebrate when we sell a core player, seriusly???, decent players are difficult to find if you dont have money, such that its too important to hold on to the ones you have, lets see, maybe they are easy to find

  5. So basically the 80M€ fee was fake, and it is 70M + 10% of future sale value. They would need to sell him for 100M for Milan to even get 80M. It keeps getting better and better. They will sell Tonali for 70M and buy some random guy no one else wants for 25-30M from Holland. Just watch.

    1. And those 70M is not a flat fee, I’m sure that it is under 60M + bonuses. Let’s be honest, Inter would laugh at their faces for an offer like that.

  6. When tonali, leao, tomori and other players played poor last season :

    We should sell all these guys while we still can!!!

    After milan sold tonali with quite a high price:

    How can milan sell our future captain?!
    This is what you got when you fire your legend!!!


    1. hmm but 8 players played 50 or more games non stop most pf them yh their form will stay up in all 50 games yh bro . these snowfalkes trying to be different isnt working u and @Poli are just bumch of snowflakes trying to be different stop it be more realistic at last that legend bring 80% of this team success also they got award for their as best sporting director . maldini wasnt most experienced SD but he brought very good players if we talking about power then put one of them maldini or massara as a scouter and the other one as the assistant of SD then brought someone u believe is more exp as Sporting Director dont fire them

      1. Hai guys
        I just learned a new word today from the internet : snowflakes
        Now I’m gonna use this word in every thing i say even though i clearly don’t know what it means and use it wrong every single time


  7. The funniest thing is that they accepted this sell assuming the money would directly lubricate the operation of Thuram and Frattesi. My God how hat’s gone wide of mark. Just hope they’re not gonna spend the money on fiasco tho.

    And once again, the first ever official transaction of this new era is gonna be forever recorded as a sell of our key player and the next bandiera. Such a statement isn’t it. Way to go noobs.

      1. that doesnt anything kamada agree when m&m were at milan and kamada reject bvb like it doesnt mean anything they sold a key player that could stay hes whole career at milan and sold him undervalued they could sold 100+m not 70m and only 10% its stupid deal too these americans should have stick in baseball and rugby not football

        1. nah, you cant cherry pick like that. Kamada hasnt signed and thats that.
          And, no. Tonali was not undervalued. His value is 50M€. 70+ add ons is a very good price only a fool would not understand that.
          I dont like him being sold but it is a good price…

          1. 70 WITH add ons. So, 55+15 or 60+10 probably. Take that amount and take xy% of the difference for Brescia, 10-20%. Only a fool would attack other people with fake information.

      2. Kamada is not official yet. We’ll see who’ll be the first that get the official announcement from the club. Him arriving or Tonali leaving.

  8. 10% of the transfer fee, not the net profit. It’s a great financial return, we’ve established that. Now hurry up and reinforce the midfield.

    1. oh you are the new snowflake . you think that they can bring a player with the same quality as tonali? because it doesnt show they are willing to spend enough money to bring quality just cheap deal and random names like el bilal toure Reijnders Wieffer like wtf

      1. By any parameter they have to replace the hole they made. I’m hoping it’s Frattesi and another player. I don’t know on the names – that’s Moncada’s job and he’s been at it for a while. Hopefully his pipeline is full.

        Not that RedBird is concerned with the optics/PR but now would be a GREAT timing for an upgrade signing.

        1. That’s the problem, I know it’s early to judge them but so far it’s all just hope. The way they got gazumped by Inter for Thuram ( who I’m not saying would be an amazing signing but would have been ok on a free) was optically very bad. And suggests it will keep happening for players we have competition.

          The only time the hard negotiating tactic really works is for players who no one else is after, which I guess is in the “moneyball” formula… but we are Milan not Toulouse. Just posting a profit while finishing 6th every season and selling our best players will not satisfy.

          We badly need some quality additions, and quality players will have competition from other clubs.

    2. It is a bad financial return. When you take into account it is 55 or 60M in guaranteed fees and Brescia gets 15% from the profit I think, Milan will be left with under 50M for Tonali.

  9. This is a BAD deal emotionally and for Milan as a club and historically. Just shows RedTurd cares nothing for what AC Milan is and we’re jist a profit vessel. It literally is disgusting..

    This is also BAD financially. 70m… 20% to Brescia so now that is 56m for us. Then take into account amount paid for Tonali from Brescia initially (I think somewhere between 15-20m) so let’s go and say 16ish. You’re left with 30m profit…. lol. AND now you have to pick a player of similar quality to replace him so you think that’s out there for 30m?? No way in he’ll. And nobody out there loved the club like he did and would have stayed if treated properly and backed by the management.

    This is legitimately a wash financially and is incredibly bad emotionally. Probably one of the worst transfers in Milan history. They will lose long term fans over this.

      1. But 70M is not guranteed. You can do 60M + 10 in potential bonuses. You know 2.5 if they qualify for CL next year, 2.5 if they win a title, 2.5 if they reach CL quarter finals. Who knows what the terms of the extra amount is. Milan may never get it. You should calculate with 60M.

          1. Still it’s a crap deal when you look at it. I don’t even care about the money he’s our player and should have never entertained offers but if we have to look at the money like so many losers on here obsess over then it’s still not even good. We’ll probably get his replacement and net only a small profit.. how is that even close to worth it for our most popular player and the current symbol of Milan. It’s a ridiculous move and one that management should have never made. Awful awful transfer.

      2. No, I believe you had it right the first time. I think it’s 20% for Brescia. It was to get the deal over the line

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