Romano: Milan and Spurs ‘on the home stretch’ as defender has heart set on move

By Isak Möller -

Emerson Royal appears to be the primary target for the right-hand side of AC Milan’s defence as negotiations are at an advanced stage, per a report. The player has already started planning for life in Milano. 

After another season with no real consistency, Milan have decided to sign a new right-back who can take the starting spot of Davide Calabria. The captain will remain an important player in the squad, especially for the squad regulations, but his days as a starter appear to be over.

According to Fabrizio Romano in his newsletter, Milan and Tottenham will have new talks over Emerson Royal next week. Both teams have a desire to close the negotiation and they ‘are on the home stretch’. Everything suggests that an agreement will be reached.

Spurs have been asking for around €20m and Milan will come close to this figure, albeit slightly lower as per the report. The main indication that the move is close, however, is the fact that the 25-year-old is already planning for life in Milano.

The Brazilian full-back has agreed on a long-term deal with Milan, most likely five years, and only the agreement between the clubs is missing. Next week will provide more updates.

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    1. Normally the forum has mixed opinions but seems universal that this guy is average at best. And most of us who watch PL would consider him below that level, he’s unimpressive and error-prone.

      This is the moneyball approach? We’re bailing out already wealthy PL clubs here. Make no mistake Emerson is not like Pulisic who was a wonderkid that fell down the pecking order. Even if Pulisic turned out to be a flop (he was obviously a success last season) you could understand the push given his potential.

      Emerson is closer in ability to Origi than Pulisic. This is a dreadful opening to our mercato.

    2. Looks like he’s a direct request from Fonseca. I’d prefer to invest this additional 20mil for a decent CB. But yeah, we’ll see.

  1. No No.9, No DM, massive gap in our CB department.. lets invest 20m in a GARBAGE right back. I can’t deal with these clowns anymore.

  2. Honestly, I’m not upset about this as long as there is competition and different solutions in the team.
    If this move happens, Florenzi will be gone, and Kalulu will play as a CB.

    1. You’re assuming competition is a good thing rather than having a destabilising effect that that prevents solidifying a first team.

      How effective do you think you’d be at your job if someone else was brought in to do the same role?

      (Sorry I knows football isn’t like real life)

      1. Howany of us are world jobs and expected to be on a day in and say out basis

        Football in this aspect is exactly like real life. It’s the reality.of a those who close are.paid handsomely and those who do not see competition brought in relentlessly

        Such Meritocracies exist everywhere in real life. They are simply on full display in professional sports.

        1. Other than the fact that sales is far more individualistic than a team sport, that is actually not how any normal organisation behaves or indeed top football team.

          Most of the top sides have played together for years, and they would never have reached that level had they kept signing players in the same position or penalising players after one mistake.

          Had a player like Carvajal played for Milan or indeed most Serie A sides he’d never have stayed at one club long enough to be the player he is – a pretty average right back who has reached elite levels.

          It’s the Gary Neville effect.

          Surely this Euros has made people finally realise that Serie A is not exactly in great shape?

          And in my opinion the main reason is because Serie A has far more transfers than the other top leagues. In the thousands.

          Teams just constantly move players around like they’re running some Pound Shop rather than trading in luxury goods.

      2. You are assuming that we have a complete team that is winning titles every year. The RB position has been one of our weakest positions for years.

        You’re acting like Calabria is Cafu and we’ve brought in a player to compete with him.

        I’m not saying Emerson is the signing I want. I’m just saying I’m not mad at it because he is a different profile for the position that what we have.

  3. I really don’t understand why the management want to waste money on him. We already have Kalulu and Calabria makes no sense to get a third right back who isn’t better. Jimenez is also a RB and will probably be better than Emerson in few month if given a chance. Would rather the management pay the money for Kia commission then this!

      1. How has Calabria been error prone?

        I mean he’s obviously never reached the levels of Di Lorenzo whose sheer perfection was on full display this summer but what kind of robotic like phenomenon are you looking for at right back?

        1. Minua the sarcasm, I have the same question.

          From game to game Calabria never knew who would line up next to him.

          He was asked to invert and to get very far forward but it was never consistent.

          I’d personally like to see him get a steady set of expectations and team mates. With Kalulu and Jimenez he has enough competition and rotational support.

          1. It’s just a classic case of itchy fan feet.

            Set imaginary expectations that can never be met (Calabria must be the only human being or robot to never make a mistake) and then use that to justify another transfer.

      2. If you want to get a RB in a position where we have like 6 of them, at least get a RB who is better than Calabria/Florenzi. Emerson is literally worse than Calabria, costs 15-20M€, foreigner,…

  4. If he comes I will back him and he isn’t all that bad. But… there are better options out there. If he really wants to play with us, puts his heart into it and loves Milan… I can’t dispute that.

    Still I think Tiago Santos from Lille is a better option for Milan.

  5. Saddest part about this is they’ll push him ahead for gametime because of the “investment”. Kalulu is a better rb than him, and honestly he is wasted on cb. Stupid management

    1. Kalulu was injured twice in quick succession and was a giant bag of question marks last season. Fonseca needs to figure out what to do with him.

      Royal, I don’t know what to make of. I guess they are seeing something in him the rest of us just aren’t – hopefully he shines. I hope he’s fast.

  6. Now I am curious, if there is an agent has been playing a role behind the scene, so that Milan is so convinced to push this deal, on a, sorry to say, average player (but costs basically the same/not so far from as such Reijnders or Puli). I prefer Thiago Santos over him, even utilizing Kalulu (and find a good CB). 16-20 mil for his level seems so much. If Spurs bought him way over that (I haven’t checked), that was their error. And it doesn’t make him worth 16-20 mil.

  7. Why not Thiago Santos from Lille ? Why this guy who is a joke at Tottenham ? One of the worst right backs in Premier League…
    We have no scouting. I’m convinced more and more, day bay day that Moncada it is just an artificially inflated character. A sport media marketing product.

  8. i still dont get d need for this transfer.we have kalulu, calabria and terraciano for the same wing we are getting this guy for.why not convert d money for a central back and rely on those 3 for right back.emerson is not better than kalulu and terraciano is still untested thanks to pioli.we can then get 2 strong with experience and one young dm to learn

  9. This is another “agent” move. We have amazing young talents but no. We bring foreign players just because there is commission to share. FU guys.

  10. IF this is what the coach wants the I’m actually fine with it (but based on that other article they haven’t discussed the Mercato as yet so I have no clue what to make of it). Maybe he sees something that we don’t and he knows what’s functional to his way of work. Otherwise, I have no clue why we’re getting another RB 🤷‍♂️

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