Romano: Milan management tell squad they will ‘invest to remain competitive’

By Oliver Fisher -

The new AC Milan management have spoken to the squad to outline the plan for the future and try to cool any concerns they may have.

It has been a real rollercoaster at Milan recently with the season-ending 3-1 win over Hellas Verona followed by the emotional retirement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and then the sacking of both Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara.

There have been numerous reports suggested that the squad are anywhere ranging from shocked to angered by the decision to sack the two directors. La Repubblica have previously reported that the Milan squad didn’t take the news of Maldini’s exit well and even mentioned a ‘revolt’.

Fabrizio Romano gave an update regarding what is going on at Milan currently during a stream, with his comments relayed on Twitter.

“From what I have learned, Milan have made it clear to the players that the project has not changed and that they do not intend to sell anyone, but rather to invest to remain competitive,” he said.

“This was clear even to those most connected to Maldini, such as Leo, Tonali and Maignan. The Portuguese winger does not change his mind after the renewal, there are no market alarms for Maignan.

“For Kamada it depends on the timing. The player would like Milan, but there have been bureaucratic problems. There is a verbal pact with the Rossoneri. We’ll see if the player waits.

“Milan continue to appreciate Loftus-Cheek, who would like to join Milan but they must negotiate with Chelsea. As for Marcus Thuram instead PSG are ahead of everyone to bring him back to France on a free, the track with Milan is colder.”

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    1. Naah, Cardinale is worse than Hitler and Furlani & co. are here to destroy the club once and for all. At least some “fans” here seem to think so. 😀

      1. Yes. Cardinale only wants Milan to be profitable by spending millions building a new stadium and making sure we finish no higher than 4th place each year. 🙄

          1. What did I tell you about winning?! We don’t want to win! We just want to lose and make money, you idiots!

      2. I dont know why some stupid fans here compared gery /RedBird with hitler . This is just sport & entertainment . Hitler makes million lives gone , causing war , geno etc . Gery/RedBird only do normal business to find profit not war . Later that stupid fans will say gery more worst than lucifer or satan just because sacked one of his employers

        1. Hei

          Are you crazy ?

          Redbird is destroyed Milan following the same thing as Berlusconi has destroyed Milan
          Milan need money innordner to compete in the championleauge

  1. “Milan have made it clear to the players that the project has not changed and that they do not intend to sell anyone, but rather to invest to remain competitive,”

    5 years of a combination of Elliot/RedBird ownership and not 1 important player have been sold by the “money greedy, only interested in profit” owners.
    But that hasn’t stopped people from continuing to spread false narratives.
    They came in when the club was in almost 300 mil debt and they could have easily lower that debt by selling our best players and yet they didn’t sell anyone of importance, unless you count Cutrone and Suso as important players.
    Milan is finally in good hands.
    Back to the top slowly but surely

    1. The hedge funds plan is always to grow the brand, increase the investment value and then sell for fat cheque… selling 6-7 place team won’t get you $$ but selling champions and Simi finalists is a different bracket all together… I don’t think tbe goal is to grow abd harvest players like Ajax or Arsinal but rather grow the brand and cash in at something… if they actually bought it for 1.3B they won’t sell for less than 2B ir even 3B if the stadium getting build

      1. Ajax grows their players and sell them for profit.
        What player has Milan sold for profit?. That’s a false equivalency.
        Milan can’t go and by ready made champions right now, so they wanna grow their own champions.
        When we get our own stadium we can start thinking about buying ready made champions like in the days of Berlusconi, until then this is the best path.
        Patience is needed because Milan is way behind when it comes to facilities and logistics from the top clubs in Europe. And the bureaucracy in Italy just make things more difficult.
        The stadium is essential

      2. Elliott was the hedge fund. Redbird is not. I know it’s tough for people to understand the many nuances if the different types of investment funds that exist. A simple wikipedia search in the first sentence “A hedge fund is a pooled investment fund that trades in relatively liquid assets and is able to make extensive use of more complex trading, portfolio-construction, and risk management techniques in an attempt to improve performance, such as short selling, leverage, and derivatives.” Football clubs ARE NOT the ideal asset for hedge funds. Elliott came to own a football club only because of the type of loan it made to Yonghong Li, which was a non-standard loan (and thus part of one of the functions of a hedge fund), and was secured by the underlying asset, i.e. the club (like a mortgage is a loan secured against the underlying asset (the house)). Instead, Redbird is a “private equity” fund. These types of funds invest in companies, i.e., those that are not public, and are usually composed of funds derived from institutional investors.

    2. To be honest we haven’t really had players worth selling up until now. They were either worth peanuts up until two years ago or left for free!

  2. So management tried to convince the players to stay calm. It doesn’t mean that’s what they intend. Let the summer window decide what the management really wants.

    So far the only concrete transfer link from the new management is Bakayoko 2.0. But even that isn’t convincing because there is no way Moncada’s choice is Tielemans. Leichester lost their Midfield in EVERY EPL game this season and Tielemans played pretty much every game. We made the same mistake with Bakayoko. it shouldn’t be repeated.

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it,otherwise all peopla can claim anyway they want,bluebird can claim they intend to bring mahrez and odegard to Milan lol

  4. See this is where I’m sooooo confused (if what Romano is saying is true). You didn’t fire M & M for sporting or financial results. And if my guess was their inability to sell or move on players and you’re now coming and tell the squad you “don’t intend to sell anyone”, then you’re happy with last year’s purchases by M&M ????🤷‍♂️ Therefore once more why are u firing them again if u were content with their work?? And why are we linked to anyone in the transfer window now? (Granted we have enough players in the team)
    It’s so inconsistent and tbh we know it’s a flat out lie

    1. Gery sacked Maldini because not having same vision anymore. Maldini want full power in buying player without asking furlani,moncada,pioli while Gery want Maldini discuss with Furlani & Moncada also Pioli before buying player. Gery asking Maldini responsibility wasted fund 50m euro especially CDK ( furlani are opposed CDK buying and suggest sign dybala free), Maldini asking more money to invest on lord RLC & arnautovic but gery refuse

      1. You truly believe Maldini wanted ” full power in buying player without asking furlani, moncada, pioli “? Like truly believe that’s how he wanted to operate? You really think Maldini just went out on his own and got CDK? Lol, I have a bridge to sell to you buddy

      2. Dybala doesn’t fit moneyball system advocated by Cardinale, so it is more likely that Cardinale was the one who stop Furlani. Maldini is not against signing experienced players like Dybala, in fact, Maldini’s target which Cardinale disagree with are experienced players.

        As for young players, it has always been based on Moncada’s recommendation as Maldini did not go scouting. An article last year revealed that it was Moncada who recommend CdK to Maldini.

  5. I hope all good players are going for better place .
    Milan has finished .
    All those greedy,stupid and kissing ass like Pioli and Mocada will vanish
    I hope they don’t go restaurant

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