Romano: Pioli’s request and UCL audition key as Milan seal Okafor deal

By Oliver Fisher -

Seemingly out of nowhere, it has emerged today that AC Milan have secured the signing of Noah Okafor from Red Bull Salzburg.

Fabrizio Romano broke the news that the deal was very close to completion, and in his most recent update he has given it the ‘here we go’ status, meaning that everything has been agreed.

The journalist writes that it will be a fee of around €13-14m to Red Bull Salzburg and a long-term deal has been agreed with the player. His medical booked for tomorrow, so he will arrive in Italy before then.

Romano also gave some interesting background on Milan’s pursuit of Okafor, beginning by stating that head coach Stefano Pioli asked for him back in 2022 having been impressed with what he saw.

He also states that there was an ‘excellent feeling’ after the games between Milan and Red Bull Salzburg in the last edition of the Champions League, in which he scored the opening goal in the 1-1 draw in Austria.

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  1. Redbird are proving a lot of points I must say and even eat my own words 😂, over to the coach I just hope Pioli is up to the task ahead. I’d rate this Mercato an 8/10. Forza Milan

    1. Yes, it’s all down to the coach now. This TW has proven to be the one that he ‘participated’ the most. It’ll also be his 5th year. So there’s no other choice than delivering a result.

    2. I’m sure you were over the moon when the Chinese invested 300m and ultimately missed out on CL too?

      These guys didn’t even spend anything. They sold Tonali. Wait for the season to begin then judge. Ihope all these players perform by some miracle. We’ll see.

      1. They spent far in excess for what they sold Tonali for some time ago. Keep crying about it. We had clear upgrades in every aspect, and yet here you are. Whining.

        What you guys forget is Milan agreed to pay a good part of Leao’s penalty. Which was a further 19 million.

        Nobody needs to ask a bitter person like you for anything really.

  2. Wow, this came out of nowhere. I haven’t heard this name in weeks and now it’s a done deal? And for only 13-15m?? I swear when Maldini was interested in bringing him they wanted 30m?

    I must say, they’re not messing around. They’re closing deals quickly. I don’t know much about this guy but i hope he’s the right man to lead the attack

  3. For 14 millions he’s a bargain and not necessarily deemed a starter. He’s a versatile jolly who can easily occupy any role in attack. Same as Pulisic.

    1. And same as Pulisic it seems that he is very injury prone player. It seems that every season he has hamstring injury and other muscle problems. He hasn’t played a full season in years acording to transfermarkt. Red bull sold Benjamin Sesko for 24mil, now that would have been a good promising striker. This kind of reminds me when we got Kalinic+ Silva instead of Audebemeyang for the same money. Quantity over Quality.

      1. The only reason Sesko only sold for 24m is because he is going to Salzburg’s sister club (Leipzig). If he was sold to other team he will be 40m player.

        And try to be more optimistic, will you? You must be a great person at party

  4. Yes I’ve been very critical of Redbird but if they can offload Origi and Rebic, then Okafor is a decent (younger) replacement.

    I still think he’s better as a wide left forward than a true no.9 but as depth, we have Okafor and Pulisic who can cover when Leao is out or rested.

    Two thumbs up for this transfer, given the very reasonable fee.

  5. Wow this milan management is very good 👍 I think dis management is very serious please we still need more signing like singo

  6. Some regular commenters are notably absent recently. Maybe they’re now prepared to give management til the end of the season before labeling them as awful and wanting them out.

  7. Leave it to some cry baby named “milanfan” to write ten paragraphs as to why this transfer sucks.

    This is a great summer. 8 out of 10 already. Okafor was wanted by several top teams. So that says it all. And he often plays as a winger not a CF. But can fully play as a CF. That’s why his numbers are not reflective of a CF. For the price and the fact that he’s a huge upgrade, shut it complainers. Also this will push some players out of the team. Like Origi.

  8. Now I just hope they seal the transfer window with the signing of Nicolás Domínguez for midfield depth and keep Pobega. Hope they keep Colombo as well for depth, He could easily get lucky if Okafor needs to cover on either flank and Giroud is out or in need of rest.
    Left full back for the outgoing Ballo-Toure would also be nice :Þ

    1. If he hasn’t score more than 10goals in Austria while playing for the best team in the league, i dont think that he will do it in a much stronger and competetive league like Seria A either.

    2. So? Giroud or Leao barely score 10 goals. It’s not like we’re getting the next Haaland for 14 mil. We’re just upgrading Rebic and Origi who score 2 goals per season.

  9. The only positive for this striker is that he is a more movable striker who can combine with the wingers. How succsesful will that bee however in Italy will have to wait and see. But when you add his weak goals scoring record and how injury prone he is, it honestly dosn’t look like a good transfer.

    1. His goal scoring record is actually pretty good for the time he played, but I’ll actually agree I’m a bit concerned about his injuries. He’s not by any means a bad signing though, price wise.

  10. Not a bad signing, but he is not a finisher type. I prefer Pavildis of AZ,I think he can be a good addition with affordable price

  11. Yeah just doing a 5 min look through on the player. He isn’t a CF, even though it says he can. That is a worry considering the club is not going to buy any other CF as he is the CF.

    He has a terrible injury record for someone who is only 23. For comparison Leao missed 5 games last season and Giroud missed 1. Okafor missed over 10 games every season with his previous clubs. That isn’t a one of that is a recurring issue.

    It isn’t wrong to critique the management for signing injury prone players. Origi has a better record than Okafor.🤯

    1. His stats are actually quite good for the time he did play, and better than what Origi had as far as goal scoring/assists.

      I do hope he gets pass his injuries. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.

      But I heard we didn’t really sign him as a CF, and some speculate we may still be after a CF. Who knows…

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