Romano: Structure of Fonseca’s Milan contract offer – the key details

By Ben Dixon -

Paulo Fonseca looks destined to be named the next AC Milan head coach, and information has emerged about the structure of his contract, with the coach expected to agree to the terms.

The manager merry-go-round seems to have reached its final rotation, and Milan are about to get off, at least for now. It has been a tedious season, filled with suggestions about the Rossoneri’s stance on Stefano Pioli’s position and his successor, and now it is reaching its conclusion.

As reports suggest, the Diavolo are now set on Paulo Fonseca after an extensive evaluation process, and they will look to confirm him as the next coach shortly. However, there are no guarantees about when this will be yet.

Romano posted on his X account that Fonseca is expected to sign a two-year deal with the Rossoneri, and his salary will be €2.5 million per season. Additionally, Milan will have the option of another year on his contract, and this would come with a pay increase.

Given Pioli earns around €4m per season, this is a sharp decrease, and it is imagined that even if Milan take the extension on the Portuguese coach’s contract, it will not be close to what the 58-year-old currently earns.

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  1. I did not expect it to be that low? That’s not even Fiorentina/Atalanta level. This is his last chance at a big club hopefully he will prove doubters wrong

    1. Were u expecting his wages to be higher than that of Pioli?

      What you just read should tell u why he was hired not that he’s any good. Low wages so he’s ours.

    2. Yes.. He is cheap, we be more profitable team. Now we can compete with midtable serie a team. Next season will be our surprise season.

    1. Lopetegui must’ve been asked for higher salary. That’s the real reason why he’s dropped. Certainly not because the voice of the people.

  2. Maybe keeping it so low so they won’t have to pay too much when they sign klopp next year? I don’t know, I’m here picking at hopes and dreams.

    1. Klopp? =)))) see how much he was earning at Liverpool, unless he comes to work for free I don’t see him at Milan. Don’t worry before Christmas they will bring back Pioli

    2. Are these guys trying to spite the fans for rejecting Lopetegui, or taking us back? I don’t understand the reasoning behind picking Fonseca, despite his record. I can only hope it works out well, for the sake of the club, but, I doubt it will.

    3. Klopp might be too ambitious for us but you may have a point. With wages this low it does give the impression he’s a stop gap, would be relatively cheap to sack him next summer if he proves disappointing and/or a superior alternative emerges.

      Annoying for us fans to have another “transitional” season but it is the nature of finding value /aka moneyball. Most of the time we will try to stay afloat I’m hoping it’s not like Glazers at Man United, where the management basically stopped completely challenging for UCL or league title.

    4. If we can’t pay Conte money, we won’t pay Klopp money.


      If we know we go for Klopp when he’s available, then what’s the point of hiring a good manager now? Just need to bide our time on a cheap…..


  3. OMG this management is embarrassing.
    De Zerbi Motta Conte Pochettino Zidane Tuchel Sarri Amorin Xavi are available and they hire this mediocre manager.
    Milan under Redbird feels like Stoke City.

  4. The ambitious for this management is ridiculous… Juventus got Motta and De Grigorio soon Caliafori, Inter got Tharemi and Zelinki , Napoli got Conte. Even Leverkosen go t Alexis Garcia a good mildfielder from Girona. And look at us… bringing a Cagliari level coach, and for people who defend this guy saying he didn’t had a strong squad I just want to say that Lille finished 4th on ligue 1 a position that goes to UCL play off not group stage and Brest finished 3th, Lille has a squad of 250 mil and Brest 100mil value, I don’t understand what exactly is recommending this guy for Milan but seeing the other teams getting stronger and we get weaker we might not even get UCL place next season

    1. lol do you know why Lille have a greater squad value? All young players who Foncesca developed Bafode Diakite, Leny Yoro, Angel Gomez. Lille also has the 6th most expensive squad in France so please stop talking non sense.

      1. And that’s exactly why Fonseca was hired. To elevate the value of the team. And that is why we can expect more cheap moneyball signings. He’s a product manager for RedBird. Their whole business plan is to elevate the value of the team because value of the brand rises with it. That’s why they’ll continue to buy low and sell high.

        So forget the likes if Zirkzee and co.

        1. I like my version better. Fonseca is a cheap duct tape until Klopp is ready to take over. We just need to look beyond the length of our nose. Long Game.

          RIght? Then all of a sudden makes sense that no “serious” coach was brought in, or that they will only pay Fonseca 2.5mil. And IF they terminate his contract, his severance won’t be high either.

          I wonder if Fonseca knows what he’s getting into.

          Conspiracy Theory all the way.

          1. Your version will be logically better if we keep Pioli for another season. Exactly ‘till his contract runs out. We don’t need any hustle n bustle regarding Pioli (and his team) severance payment. And with Pioli, we can at least guarantee our spot on UCL the next season ahead.

            And that theory will make sense if Fonseca was offered shorter contract terms. 3 years, be it 2 + 1, certainly not a short term basis.

          2. I say this will all Respect @ACM1899 – can you please send me whatever you are smoking?? lol

            I would love to have such insane dreams as you my friend

  5. Bayern muenchen hiring vincent kompany, Chelsea hiring enzo maresca. Young coach seems favourable now. Cannot judge yet , he still not coaching ACM yet. Sachi,capello,ancelotti,pioli before coming to ACM also not winning even one major trophy like scudetto or champion league . Management give fonseca just 2 years contract with low salary. If he fail , just sacking him. While napoli have high risk with conte, ACM go low risk with fonseca

    1. I’d prefer new and exciting names such Maresca, or even Van Bommel, rather than half experiences coach with mediocre achievement.

  6. Conte will get 6.5mil plus 2 mil in bonuses from ADL of all people!

    This is the only parameter that makes sense in Fonseca’s hiring. Because why would Milan ever pay Leao level money to a coach?

  7. When maldini gone, this team just trying to be a mid team. From many coach you just sign fonseca??? No ambition, no big goals, just a cheap profit mindset.

  8. Hahahahaha

    And there it is – 2.5M season – down from 4.5M with Pioli.

    Way to save that money Gerry!!!!!! Now we can sign that amazing striker from the Bulgarian C division for 500K and develop him into the next Halaand!!


    1. ACM hiring giampaolo & pioli with just 2m euro nett at beginning . It is maldini who give pioli 4,5m euro nett contract for 3 years to renew pioli contract. So it is fair if new coach get the same salary with pioli before scudetto. You get salary rise after getting one major trophy

    2. ACM hiring giampaolo & pioli with just 2m euro nett at beginning . It is maldini who give pioli 4,5m euro nett contract for 3 years to renew pioli contract. So it is fair if new coach get the same salary with pioli before scudetto. You get salary rise after getting one major trophy . Why you must sign striker from bulgarian league for 500k if you already have amazing striker in your academy ( camarda already fix renew contract with ACM source fabrizio romano ) ?

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