Romano: The truth regarding rumours of Chelsea buy-back for Milan star

By Oliver Fisher -

Chelsea do not have any kind of buy-back clause as part of the deal that saw them sell Fikayo Tomori to AC Milan two years ago, it has been confirmed.

In his latest column for CaughtOffside, Fabrizio Romano reports that Chelsea fans have asked him about their chances of re-signing Tomori after his superb performances for Milan in the Champions League.

His market value has ‘more than doubled’ since he left Stamford Bridge for the San Siro, according to the journalist, while Milan made a ‘smart’ decision to sign the Englishman given the defender that he has become.

Romano adds that there is ‘no buy-back clause’ for Chelsea and at the moment the 25-year-old is 100% focused on the Milan project, as showed by the fact that he signed a new deal a few months ago.

Therefore, if Chelsea or any other Premier League side want to try and sign Tomori they will have to make an offer that Milan deem too high to refuse.

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  1. If he is able to build on his performance against Newcastle and recover his form from 2 years ago, then hopefully it will be another reminder to fans not to just give up on players.

    Players are human and they have good days and bad days. Top players have fewer bad days but bad days still exist. For defenders bad days are particularly dangerous.

    Form is a thing. And the focus needs to be on getting the players playing in their best form. That can only happen if there’s stability.

    The last thing a player needs when they’re trying to recover form is having to look over their shoulders. Anyone who has ever been performance reviewed (I was in a job I hated) knows that it can really affect your confidence.

    When I was being performance reviewed I was making basic mistakes. I’m now in a far more important role doing far more challenging work but with a manager who supports me and I feel like I can tackle the world.

    Motivation matters or else there wouldn’t be people who make a fortune out of being motivators.

    1. I completely agree with you, at the end of the day they are just human beings like all of us flesh and blood, maybe his child is sick, he is in an argument with his wife, a death in the family hits them hard just like everyone else from us, and it’s normal that his performance in those days can’t be like the fans and the coach expects

    2. Meh. The get paid massive amounts of money, they ask for that money. Either handle the pressure of what you asked for or move the f’ on.
      Obviously if a player does not perform up to standards you find someone who will.
      Does that mean you gave up on a player? Or does that mean the player did not deliver what was expected?
      I’d also like to see Fik get his old form and stay at Milan for many years.. But what we/I seen from him last year doesnt look like it will happen. Should we wait for him for 5 years to start playing like he did for that one season? Will you feel better when Milan doesnt win sh!t becasue our cb will make mistakes game in game out? Hey, hes only human

      1. Try and forget about money for a second….

        Money doesn’t change the fact that they’re human.

        The season before Shevchenko won the Ballon d’Or he scored 10 goals in 39 games.

        The following season he scored 29 in 45.

        Benzema’s 14 years at Real Madrid didn’t start very well as he only scored 9 goals in 33 games. Of the 252 games that Ramos and Pepe played together over the course of 10 years they both made plenty of mistakes and got a number of stupid red cards. But they played together in that many matches and built up this incredible understanding.

        This is what we are up against.

        The top teams have been together for YEARs. We are literally years behind them because our players have not been together long enough.

        Of course we need to try and improve the squad each summer (top teams generally don’t sign players in January because no top players are available in January and January signings are generally a sign of a lack of clear strategy when a team needs to change things midway through a season (except for some injury or striker for that last minute push)).

        But we also need to build long term partnerships. And to do that we have to give players time and accept that will have drops in form. Regardless of how much they get paid.

        1. We are all humna, more or less. So what?
          If you get paid to do a job you do the foking job. At least where i come from. Regardless of what is goin on in your private life… Its called being profesional.

          Youre talking about Sheva, Benz, Ramos and Pepe like that focking matters. It doesnt. For every example of someone who made it I can counter with a flop and we go round and round…

          I dont think you need years. We bought players in 19/20 some more in 20/21 and we’re champs in 21/22. Is that years?
          Doesnt seems like it took years.

          Back to Tomori. He came in 2021. By now he should be the leader of def.. But most of the time he is so-so. Maybe its just me but more is expected. Will he deliver or will poor Heir write another of his manuscripts when Tomori is sold in the summer

    1. It’s not a Panini Sticker swapping session, dude.

      Why do we need to replace Tomori? His downturn last season just so happened to coincide with the shape of our midfield changing. He’s a world class defender who has some work to do regaining his best form. Also he could do with shaking the habit of being a little bit ‘last ditch’ but he’s young(ish) for a centre back, plus literally every footballer on the planet – bar maybe 10, could be better at some aspect of their game.

      The two players you just mentioned are in no single way better than Tomori so I have no idea what your thinking is beyond “I’m bored of this player now, lets sign a new one”.

      1. He is nowehre near world class.
        He has good passing and is fast, thats about it for his qualities.
        World class speaking he doesnt even come among top 30 cb that are active. Sh!t he deosnt even play for his nation, man..

        1. Yeah I probably regretted ‘world class’ because that’s an elite club, but he’s in the next room over in my opinion.

          He doesn’t play for his national team because his national team is managed by someone who still thinks Maguire and Henderson are his best players. After John Stones, Tomori was Englands best defender 2 years ago and still didn’t get a sniff under Southgate so that’s not a fair benchmark.

          But let’s be honest, you’re deflecting my point, which is that it’s absurd to suggest we should be looking to offload and replace with Disasi or Colwill.

          1. That’s true.. random names won’t cut it. Maybe someone to grow into it like pirola or an already established and expensive boi like scalvini.
            Also, Southgate is an idîot

        2. Tomori is our best CB at the moment in Pioli’s formation. So if we lose him we need to adapt strategy wise. Kjaer is good defender, but being on the middle of the picth and chasing back running strikers is not one of his strengh

          So i hope if tomori’s gone, its not in the middle of the season and high enough value to buy new quality player(s)

  2. The truth remains that upon his arrival Fikayo Tomori has been Milan’s best CB till date and that’s the fact many will never agree to…

    If there’s a better CB at Milan since his arrival, name him.

  3. I believe it’s the best decision for both Milan and Tomori. Milan surely will got bunch of money from PL teams. For Tomori as long as southgate still in charge, he will got the better chance to national teams if he plays in PL.

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