Romano: Why Milan are the ‘absolute favourites’ to land Zirkzee despite Man Utd enquiry

By Oliver Fisher -

Fabrizio Romano has claimed that AC Milan have the ‘match point’ when it comes to Joshua Zirkzee with just one final issue to be agreed upon.

We reported earlier this week that the discussions have reached a make-or-break point between Milan and Zirkzee’s entourage and it is solely because of Kia Joorabchian and his Sport Invest UK agency.

After suggestions that the gap on commissions was being reduced, Zirkzee’s entourage – led by the British-Iranian businessman – have made it clear that they will not budget on their €15m demands.

That has left Milan with a choice to make: they must either pay up and sign the player they have been working on for over two months, or continue to take a principled stance against agent extortion and potentially miss out.

Romano spoke on Playback about the Zirkzee negotiation involving Milan and his agent, with his comments relayed by MilanNews.

“I can confirm that Manchester United are simply asking what Joshua Zirkzee’s situation is in terms of salary, release clause, how to activate the release clause, and how it works with Bologna. So, United, after the renewal of Šeško with Leipzig, began to ask about the situation of Joshua Zirkzee,” he said.

“On Zirkzee, we must reiterate today too that Milan are the absolute favourites, because Milan has a salary agreement with the player for less than 4 million euros, bonuses included. So the salary is there, the contract is ready, the player is enthusiastic about staying in Italy and going to Milan.

“Milan started working on this agreement months ago, not today, not yesterday, not last week. That was always the main goal. We saw Benjamin Šeško in the rumours, never close, never concrete. We have seen many attackers linked to Milan. The main focus has always been Joshua Zirkzee.

“But now it’s about closing the deal. Milan must be quick if they want to close because other clubs, with Šeško no longer on the market, can activate the option for Zirkzee. But Milan are the absolute favourites, let me repeat it once again.

“And they have the opportunity to close the deal with the player’s entourage because they are discussing the commissions, they are discussing the details of the deal with the agent. So now everything is in Milan’s hands. Milan has a match point, so to speak, on Zirkzee.”

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  1. “So now everything is in Milan’s hands.” I’d say it’s on Zirkzee’s hands, if he really wants Milan, he’d deal with his agents issues.

    1. Agreed, if he really wants the move, he will tell Joorabchian to lower his insane demand to what Milan is willing to pay, and what is resonable. He will get way more the the 10% he should be getting anyway. Probably around 20% (8 mil).

      1. 8 million still makes me nervous. I want Zirkzee to join, but what other issues will we be facing from Kia in the future? Milan has had their share of problems with agents in the past.

        1. I think this will bring very much problem not just with Kia but other players agent, especially Mike’s who are still in negotiation

      2. We all forget that Zirkzee must have a contrite Kia, so he can not just walk away without incurring litigation and consequences in the form of financial penalties!!!,

        We are getting him cheap, their is the principle aspect, but this should be the exception to the rule, because of the transfer fee or rather lack of it (they could easily have requested Hojoland type value) and the salary is less (not just on a monetary level but less then the top 3 players if MM renews – which keeps the dressing room harmony).

        So let Kia win this battle, seal the deal and move onto Bounjourno before Conte wraps up a deal for 35m.

        Zirkzee, Boungernou and Waifer/Fofana are what we are all dreaming off…

        1. “We all forget that Zirkzee must have a contrite Kia, so he can not just walk away without incurring litigation and consequences in the form of financial penalties!!!,”

          Milan could say Zirkzee to dump that b@stard and pay him what he’d have to pay the f*cker + 1M€. Win-win. You think Z would have to pay him 14M€? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    2. This is not how things work.

      In the last few days, you are acting like Milan is the prize and Zirkzee wants to win it lol

      Milan wants Zirkzee more than Zirkzee wants Milan.

      There is something called ‘contract’ between agents and players too.
      It’s not like you wake and suddenly part ways with your agent or ask him to accept whatever club you want to play for.

      In reality, Milan offered a contract to Zirkzee and he is willing to accept it. If not, he will simply move like other players.

      I don’t know why everyone is crying about agents… Agents didn’t come up yesterday, they have been in business for decades. Every club knows how to deal with Agents except Milan probably.

      Romano is saying Milan is working on Zirkzee deal for months… So how come they didn’t do background check and ask about player’s will, salary and agent commissions in the first place?

      The more Zirkzee story continues, it gets worst to Milan board for being unable to make the deal. His agent already told f**k off when we ask reduction on his commission.

      Now Milan has 2 ways:
      1. Accept or reject the deal and move forward.
      2. Wait till 15th of July, hope his agent shows ‘mercy’ or some joke club from overrated league (Premier League) will come up and close the deal. If second case happens, another big embarrassment will take place.

      Look how inter has been closing the deals, public is finding out almost after completing the deals (Iranian striker and Zielinski)

      Meanwhile Milan is making too much noise before even closing any deal

      1. “So how come they didn’t do background check and ask about player’s will, salary and agent commissions in the first place?”

        And your legit source for Milan didn’t do that?

      2. “Look how inter has been closing the deals, public is finding out almost after completing the deals (Iranian striker and Zielinski)”

        LOL. There were rumours already since last summer.

  2. Guy has a simple release fee, he stated that he wants to stay in Serie A. What they have been “working on for months” if still they don’t have agreement with agent?

    For me this is all bs, like Zlatan said on the conference media throw out names to have something to write about. They have Zirkzee and few other names on shortlist and they’ll see probably after Euro who would be available to be signed for what total fee and they’ll decide then.

  3. Everything is up to Milan. They have the ball in their hands. They already knew what was at stake, and, if they truly want the player, they have to negotiate well. Zirkzee will not do that for Milan. He has made it easy for us by stating that he wants to stay in Italy, and he likes the idea of going to Milan. So, Milan, do your thing, to get an agreement with his agent. Nothing good comes cheap in the modern world, especially, in football.

  4. Who else is banging on the doors at Bologna for Zee? There have been no official offers from clubs otherwise it would have been in the media, as well as Romano would have reported it.

    So we’re not vying for a surreal in-demand striker. I like Zee and the functionality he would bring up front at Milan. But I would be completely OK walking away from this because of the idiotic commission kia is asking for.

    1. No one is really interested and the idea that EPL clubs, who have been crippled by the PSR, shows people are out of touch. The EPL spending last winter was €100 million, in Serie A it was €91 million. The gap has closed greatly. Aston Villa, Chelsea, Newcastle and Man United have to sell before they can buy. Only Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool are cash rich and they’re not interested in Zirkzee, nor do I see Arsenal paying €15 million in commission. They paid something like €30 million in agents fees and for renewals last season, that’s for 8 players. They’re not going to spend half that on a sub!

      As for his parasite of an agent, Zirkzee and Doughlas Luiz are his only high profile clients. He only has 30 clients, about half of them are young players no one has heard of. Milan should call his bluff. Don’t pay €15 million and where’s he making money this window? From Doughlas Luiz, if he’s lucky.

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