Romero confirms intention regarding future after Almeria loan: “I’m a Milan player”

By Oliver Fisher -

Luka Romero has confirmed that his plan is to return back to AC Milan at the end of the season once his loan spell with Almeria is done.

The Argentine arrived at Milan last summer on a free transfer from Lazio but he was one of three right wingers to arrive, meaning that he found himself behind both Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze in the pecking order and thus struggled for minutes.

The teenager was loaned to Almeria in the January transfer window in order to try and get more consistent minutes, and the decision was made for him to stay in Europe rather than accepting an offer from Boca Juniors.

Almeria were unfortunately relegated to the second tier as they are currently 19 points adrift of safety, but Romero managed to get three goals in 17 appearances including a brace against Atletico Madrid.

Romero spoke during an interview with Marca and he summarised his time at Almeria while confirming his plan for after the final game. PianetaMilan relayed his words.

What did the loan to Almería bring you?

“We are already thinking about the next match and we hope to give joy to the home fans because they deserve it. I am very grateful to the club and the fans because they welcomed me.

“I felt very comfortable, I met a spectacular group and I felt very at ease, I arrived to add minutes, which for me was the most important thing and that’s what I take away with me.”

Your best moment as a red and white?

“The best memory is against Atlético because of the two goals I scored. I always try to give my best when I enter the pitch and then it’s true that we only have the last goal left. We want to achieve our first win at home and continue to add points.”

Do you know if the club are interested in a permanent deal?

“I’m only thinking about the next match, that’s my goal. After all, it’s true that I felt very good here, but I’m a Milan player and I have to go back there. The clubs would have to agree, it’s not just my thing.”

Would a league like the Spanish one be better for you due to your characteristics?

“I don’t know. I’m a Milan player and I have to go back there. Then it’s not up to me to make a deal. The clubs are looking for the best solution for me.”

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    1. Ha ha 😂.
      Maldinisti tears.
      That’s a pathetic attempt to criticize the signing of a 18 year old for free on probably less than 1 mil salary.
      Let’s look at the Maldini special divock origi. 4 mil a year salary, highest on the team when signed, 2 years after signed has scored a total of 3(THREE) goals between Milan and Nottingham Forest.
      Luka Romero, the moncada special, 3 goals in half a season with Almeria.
      No Maldini special? No? Anyone? That’s what Milan management is telling all of the clubs around the world when they call them to try to give away Maldini’s special Divock Origi.

      1. Ah yes ….of course bubbles will show up 😂😂😂…with the failure to understand the underlying point and prove the exact point I’m making. Hold this L.

        1. Sure thing buddy 👍.
          The underlying point is that you are butthurt that Maldini got fired and you have to hate on everything the people in charge do.
          But, cry some more.

          1. Failed again. Smh
            The point was literally you couldn’t keep it a stack. Always attacking Maldini by talking about bad signings but when it comes to Moncada somehow he could do no wrong when he literally sent his own scouting and managerial work away after 6 months (let’s be real he will not be playing a major role for Milan). You’ve basically played your own self and you didn’t realize 😂😂😂
            Why don’t u just admit this wasn’t one of his best work, just as I have said in the past that Origi was a bust by Maldini (oooh 😯 shocker right? I said something ‘bad’ about Maldini…..I guess that makes me anti-Maldini now, Phew). U go on and on about Origi as if I don’t agree that he was bad signing 😂😂😂
            Btw before u get your p.anties in a bunch, u can search up that I had Romero as my breakout player prediction prior to season start because I had high enough expectations of him. Am I pro-Moncada now? I can’t tell 🤷‍♂️😅

        2. Like I said nice try buddy.
          Romero was bought for the future. He was behind Pulisic and Chukwueze in the pecking order. He was signed from Lazio on a free transfer as an 18 year old where he barely played. Young players get send on loan to develop.
          No on says that Moncada can do no wrong. People like you think that Maldini can do no wrong
          Thats why I told you it was a pathetic attempt of criticism based on the signing of an 18 year. They saw an opportunity to sign a young player who might turn into something.
          Just because you picked an 18 year old to be the breakout player when 2 other players were signed in his position, shows that you don’t know jack. Not to mention Pioli’s track record of not using young players.
          Keep crying 😢.
          Also, you played yourself and your underlying point again was proven, criticize the people in charge because you are mad Maldini got fired.

          1. Can’t come up with your own diss? LMAO 😂
            “No on says that Moncada can do no wrong.” Yet here you are defending away and pretending ur in the middle. If not the case then name a few things he’s done wrong? I’ll wait. All directors have faults.

            Scouted a player and send them away after 6 months. It’s a failure in planning. Why buy 3 right wingers knowing very well one or two won’t get sufficient game time? I also noticed how Origi is not his work according to you but solely Maldini’s yet you’re always quick to retort the same thing you yourself are guilty of .. Maldini has all the bad signings, Moncada good…which , if you haven’t gotten by now is the point. The hypocrisy of the whole thing.
            How about Moncada’s work on Vranckx and Pellegrino? I’ve said here in the past they all made the decisions together yet you will obviously say it’s only Maldini like you did above here and elsewhere. That’s your bias.

            “Just because you picked an 18 year old to be the breakout player when 2 other players were signed in his position, shows that you don’t know jack” what???? What does that even mean? What does signing two other players at RW have to do with pre-season predictions on who I think would be a break out player? Genuine question.. Do you know what a breakout player is or did I miss something? I thought you’d be happy that I gave him props but seems it doesn’t even register with you that I did. Or you’re so bent on your hate, you overlook even the times when I’m literally siding with u.

            “People like you think that Maldini can do no wrong”. This is patently false when I’ve literally said:

            IKWYDLS 11 December 2023, 5:03 at 5:03 am
            “….I don’t mind saying Maldini got Origi wrong …. and a couple other transfers I didn’t like but I also give respect that the backbone and strength of the current team are players he signed.”
            IKWYDLS22 October 2023, 17:07 at 5:07 pm
            “Terrible terrible signing (Origi)🤦‍♂️”

            And other occasions I’ve said he was a bust. So that proves your statement wrong. See I have receipts to show I’m critical of Maldini as I am of the current set of directors. You on the other hand can never say anything good about Maldini (if u can show receipts I’ll gladly take that back).
            Your so far up ur a$$ in Maldini hate it’s incredible. I critique the ppl in charge (meaning I also give them their merits…. Yes even the current ones…and their minuses).

  1. Sell Leao, move Pulisic to the left, play Chuckwese on the right, keep Romero as a back up RW AND get a GOOD striker

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